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Honeywell 6460 - Premium Alphanumeric Alarm Keypad
Honeywell 6460
Premium Alphanumeric Alarm Keypad
List Price: $268.00
Our Price: $175.99

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6460S and 6460W Custom Alpha Keypads

Top Reasons to Buy the 6460 Keypad Family

Additional Applications

The stylish silver and black color scheme (6460S) has an exciting, contemporary flair that will appeal to aesthetically conscious consumers. It can help open up residential opportunities in households with stainless steel appliances, home theaters and stylish, modern décors. It even looks great in finished garages! The keypad is also ideal for a wide range of commercial settings including warehouses, technical shops and much, much more. A version in white and gray (6460W) is also available. You can opt to emblazon your dealer logo on the customizable plug—a great way to build your brand and promote your business. It’s also an excellent referral tool.

Increase Advertising Exposure Close More Sales

The striking, aesthetic design will make more end-users want these keypads on their walls—giving them more overall value in their security systems. The negative-etched keys, vivid, negative mode display and modern aesthetics add a “cool factor” that helps drive sales (similar to the cell phone industry in the younger markets). Four one-touch function keys can be custom-programmed to quickly arm the system, send a panic for police, fire or health emergency, open a garage door or even control a light. You can customize zones so the end-user can understand the exact nature and location of a system event (e.g., “Jennifer’s Bedroom”) so they can react quickly in an emergency situation. There are two appealing color options (black/silver or white/gray) to choose from—letting you easily match your customers’ home or business environments. The keypads blend with Honeywell’s new 6271C TouchCenter family for a seamless look in any residential or commercial environment.

Cool Factor

Simple to Use

Easy to Understand