Honeywell 6460

Premium Alphanumeric Alarm Keypad

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The Honeywell 6460 is a premium alphanumeric alarm keypad that is compatible with nearly all Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panels ...


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The Honeywell 6460 is a premium alphanumeric alarm keypad that is compatible with nearly all Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panels like the VISTA-20P or VISTA-21iP. You can order the 6460 in white (6460W) or silver (6460S) to match any decor. Unlike fixed English keypads like the 6150, the 6460 has a custom alphanumeric display that shows custom zone descriptions and can be used for advanced system programming.

The premium alphanumeric alarm keypad has an updated design that sets it apart from all other Honeywell alarm keypads. Honeywell keypads in the past have all had a very similar design distinguished by an LCD screen and numeric keys set off to the right side of the keypad. The new 6460 premium alarm keypad has a symmetric design and a sleek negative display. Even the actual keys of the 6460 alarm keypad are black with white writing. The negative display and keys give the 6460 a futuristic look and make it easier to use and read the keypad when it is dark. With an available silver option, the 6460S is great for stainless steel kitchens which are very popular.

The design of the Honeywell premium alphanumeric alarm keypad is its biggest selling feature but the 6460 is also an extremely functional keypad. You can fully control nearly any VISTA Series alarm control panel and, as the 6460 is an alphanumeric alarm keypad, you can even navigate the more complicated programming menus such as the *56 zone programming fields. Once you enter the *56 zone programming menu, you need an alphanumeric keypad so that you can read which field you are editing. If you attempt to program zones using a fixed English keypad, one keystroke error can completely ruin your system’s programming as you will then be making edits that you did not intend to make. We recommend including at least (1) alphanumeric alarm keypad like the 6460 or 6160 with every Honeywell wired security system.

Aside from the standard keypad keys, the 6460 also has (4) programmable function keys that run horizontally below the alphanumeric display. These (4) function keys are normally programmed to trigger different panic alarms but can also be used to program macro system functions. Each 6460 premium alphanumeric alarm keypad includes adhesive function key labels so that you can identify how you have programmed your function keys. Please note that if you do choose to program the function keys to activate panic alarms, you will need to press each function key for (2) seconds to trigger the alarm.

After you wire your Honeywell 6460 keypad to your VISTA Series alarm control panel, you will need to address the keypad before you can use it. The 6460W white and 6460S silver keypads both come set to address 31 by default which is the non-addressable mode. You will need to address each 6460 to an individual address between (00) and (30) that is setup as an alpha console address within your alarm control panel’s device addressing menu. You can always view the programmed address of a Honeywell wired alarm keypad by pressing the [1] and [3] keys together for (3) seconds. However, to actually change the address, you will need to power down the keypad and then press and hold the [1] and [3] keys together for (3) seconds within (60) seconds of powering the keypad back up. If done correctly, the keypad will enter the device address mode and will display the current address. You simply enter a new (2) digit device address and then press the [*] key to program a new address. Once you have pressed the [*] key, the 6460 should automatically exit the address mode and show you the standard alarm keypad display.

Brand: Honeywell


Submitted on 02/07/2014 Dan

Can't seem to turn off the back light. should go off with inactivity but does not. don't install in bedroom.

Honeywell 6460
Submitted on 10/10/2012 Georgia

I always hated how our panels looked but my husband wanted me to be safe so I put up with it. Once I saw the 6460 I made him replace all 3 panels with these instead. These go much better with my stainless steel appliances.

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Jen I believe the 6280 has event log display that you might find usefull.
You would have to have your openings and closings set to log to the event log and then you could check the panel's event log. If you are monitored, you could also call your central station to ask them.
How can I view when the system is turned off at night?
You're welcome. Let us know if you need anything else.
Was trying to simplify the install. As always, thank you.
You can add a standalone wireless receiver if you prefer this keypad but unfortunately Honeywell doesn't have this style in the RF version at this point.
No mention of RF capability to use the wireless sensors. Too bad I would have liked to use this on another system I need to put in. I'll stick with the RF keypad's for that.
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