Honeywell 702 Installation Manual and Setup Guide

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Honeywell 702 - Self Contained Electronic Siren
Honeywell 702
Self Contained Electronic Siren
List Price: $36.00
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Document Transcript

FEATURES *Siren and Driver Combined or

*Extreme *6 to I y Loud 12 Volt Wires Sound


*Dua I Channe I - Yelp *Attractive *Easi Appearance


DC Operation for Tamper Protection

*Enclosed *Weatherproof

I y Tampered

The No. 702 Electronic Siren is a combination driver and speaker that emits an extremely loud sound. Dual channel capability allows field selection of yelp or steady sound with the steady sound having priority with both activated. The 6 to 12 volt DC operation makes the No. 702 compatible with any burglar alarm system, fire alarm system, auto, truck or boat alarm system having 6 to 12 volt DC output . The weatherproof, high impact plastic construction gives the unit the flexibility of being used in interior or exterior applications without a steel housing. The base of the No. 702 is designed to slip over a No. 19 tamper switch offering additional protection if the installer elects to mount the unit without a box. Should the unit be removed from the wall, the No. 19 is activated, triggering the alarm within the premises. The unit the is also available with a No. 716 cabinet. the No. 702 are at the rear of the unit on

Installation Instructions for decal and they are as follows: White wire negative Yellow wire (steady) Steady has priority. t-1, red



Electrical: Voltage: Current Draw: 6 or’ 12 volts 400 milliamps, 1.2 Sound Output: amps, DC 6 volts DC DC (for best result power supply) use filtered DC

12 volts 12 volts

118 dB,


The unit will in the latter by a filtered

operate on the case the sound power supply. 9-l/4” 5-3/4” 8”

However, new 1023 or 330 series controls. is not as pure as if the unit were driven


in length in height wide lo