Wireless Alarm Sirens

Alarm sirens are loud noise-making devices that are frequently used with security panels. Sirens are used for scaring off intruders and for alerting others about a potentially dangerous situation. Wireless sirens are very easy for users to install on their own. Buy a wireless alarm siren right here.
Honeywell SIXSIREN - Wireless Siren for the Lyric Controller
Honeywell SIXSIREN
Wireless Siren for the Lyric Controller
List Price: $100.00
Our Price: $65.99
Honeywell 5800WAVE - Wireless Siren for LYNXTouch Series Panels
Honeywell 5800WAVE
Wireless Siren
List Price: $166.00
Our Price: $109.99
Qolsys IQ Siren - Z-Wave siren for Qolsys IQ and IQ Panel 2 (QZ2300-840)
Qolsys IQ Siren
Z-Wave Siren for Qolsys IQ and IQ Panel 2
List Price: $114.00
Our Price: $74.99
DSC PG9911B - PowerG 915MHz Outdoor Siren Blue LED W/Batt
PowerG 915MHz Outdoor Siren Blue LED W/Batt
List Price: $224.00
Our Price: $145.99
DSC PG9901
Wireless PowerG Indoor Siren
List Price: $124.00
Our Price: $81.99
2 Way Wireless Outdoor Siren With Blue LED
List Price:
Our Price: $121.99
DSC WT4901
2 Way Wireless Indoor Siren
List Price: $88.00
Our Price: $58.99

When deciding on an external alarm siren, a user can choose between a wireless siren and a wired siren. The advantage to wireless sirens is that they are easy to set up and use with alarm systems. They don’t require any wires to be run, and they can usually be entirely set up and programmed right from the panel itself. The only thing the user will have to do is change the battery every few years so that the device remains powered. Some wireless sirens, like the Honeywell SiX Siren, are encrypted so that they are impossible to be taken over by hackers.

A siren is one of the most useful additions you can provide for a security system. If an intruder were to break into your home or business, you would want them to leave before they can damage your property or steal your belongings. A siren can help ensure this. As soon as the intruder hears the siren, they will want to get out as quickly as possible, limiting the amount of damage that they can cause. Some sirens are so loud that it will be physically uncomfortable to remain on the property. Additionally, other people in the area will also hear the alarm siren so that they can respond accordingly. For example, a trusty neighbor might contact the police if they hear a burglary siren while passing by. All of this makes alarm sirens very worthwhile.

But sirens are used for more than just alerting the police. They are also great life-safety devices for alerting people about serious dangers. If there’s a fire or an outbreak of carbon monoxide, a wireless siren can immediately let everyone in the building know about the situation. This will help ensure that they are able to evacuate the premises in time. Most deaths related to a fire occur at night when people are asleep. Their house might not have a properly working smoke detector, or they might sleep through it. A siren in conjunction with a smoke detector will be plenty loud enough to wake everyone in the household up so that they can escape. Most internal sirens that are built into alarm systems can produce sounds up to 85 dB. However, some external sirens can produce alerts that are up to 120 dB in volume. This is roughly the same volume as a loud rock concert. Needless to say, nobody will sleep through that sound. Please note that wireless sirens, while very loud, are typically not as loud as hardwired sirens.

Another great add-on to use with a wireless alarm siren is a strobe light. Some sirens already include these, while others can have one added separately. Strobe lights are bright, flashing devices that trigger in conjunction with a siren. These devices are very useful for visually identifying an alarm event when one has occurred. People who suffer from hearing loss depend upon these devices for letting them know about a possibly life-threatening situation. They can also help the authorities properly locate your home or business in the event of an emergency.

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