Honeywell IP Communicator Bandwidth & Port Info

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Honeywell VISTA-21iPLTE
Internet Alarm Control Panel
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Document Transcript

7845i-ENT is a T10 based device half duplex
7847i is a T10/100 base device half duplex
7845iGSM is a T10/100 base device half duplex
Vista21IP is a T10/100 base device half duplex

Devices communicate outbound to one of three predet
ermined IP addresses on port 443 and all data is en
crypted use AES encryption.
Devices are capable of using DHCP or Static IP

Devices in the field send a MAC ping out on port 44
3 every 20 seconds.

All inbound and outbound traffic between the Device
and AlarmNet NCC is fully encrypted

Each device MAC has a unique encryption key in it a
nd AlarmNet has the matching key at it’s NCC no ke
y is transmitted between the two points.

For a session to occur the end user logs into a sec
urity HTTPS web site that is hosted at the AlarmNet
NCC. Once the device checks in we tell the
device to establish a socket connection with a serv
er at a predefined IP address based on what functio
n the end-user is requesting.
The use of this method allows the device to establi
sh connection outbound but we can not establish a s
ession inbound to the device.

The device is operating with a private written code
set and is not vulnerable to attack by hackers or
Bandwidth is 25 byte per second for standby
Bandwidth is 1 Kbyte per second in Alarm

Outbound MAC
pings and Data
encrypted with
unique key on
Port 443(SSL)
Data is decrypted using the unique
key and then sent to the Central
Station or a communication session is
No outbound requests or connections are
originated by AlarmNet
No inbound Ports are
required to be opened
CS/End user logs into https AlarmNet
web sites for Total Connect/Compass and
programmerless registration sessions