Honeywell VISTA-21iPLTE

Internet Alarm Control Panel

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The Honeywell Home VISTA-21iPLTE is the replacement for the VISTA-21iP. The panel includes built-in IP capabilities, and it supports the new plug-in LTE module from Resideo. By adding a compatible plug-in LTE module, the system will be dual-path ready. Buy the VISTA-21iPLTE from Alarm Grid.
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The Honeywell Home VISTA-21iPLTE is an internet-ready hardwired alarm control panel. This panel is just like the existing Honeywell VISTA-21iP Alarm System, except that its board offers support for the new Honeywell LTE Plug-In Communicator, the Honeywell LTE-21V.

With the VISTA-21iPLTE, you get a hardwired panel with the equivalent of a built-in AlarmNet 7847i Internet Communicator for connecting with the AlarmNet360 Servers. You can get the system online with a hardwired ethernet connection. This will allow you to activate the panel for monitoring service and access to Total Connect 2.0. You can access TC2 from your phone or a web browser at any time to arm/disarm, check status, control Z-Wave devices (added Z-Wave controller required), and more.

Of course, the internet may go down from time to time. That is why it is super important to have a cellular backup. And the VISTA-21iPLTE makes adding one as easy as possible. The VISTA-21iPLTE is the only system to support the new plug-in LTE module from Resideo, the LTE-21V. The easiest way to imagine these communicators is to think of the old Honeywell VISTA-GSM4G Communicator. This communicator has a simple connector that connects with a port on the VISTA-21iP Panel.

The LTE-21V is just like the VISTA-GSM4G, except that it communicates across the Verizon LTE network. This is important because cellular service providers are expected to support their LTE networks well into the very distant future. LTE stands for "Long-Term Evolution", and it offers faster speeds and better reliability than older 3G networks. By getting an LTE communicator, you are providing a long-term solution for your system and ensuring the best possible performance.

As far as general performance goes, the VISTA-21iPLTE is just like a VISTA-21iP. Both panels are virtually the same as a VISTA-20P, but with a built-in communicator. The system can support up to 64 total zones. However, only eight (8) hardwired zones are built into the panel. You can use Zone Doubling for Zones 2 thru 8, but that only adds up to a total of 15 hardwired zones. If you want to use additional hardwired zones, then you will need one or more Honeywell 4219 Zone Expanders. Note that Zone 1 is specifically designed for 2-wire smoke detectors. You can add up to 16 2-wire smokes on this zone. This feature is why Zone 1 cannot be used with Zone Doubling. Keep in mind that Zones 49 thru 64 are designated as Key Fob Zones. They can be used with other wireless sensors, but not with wired sensors.

You also have the option of using wireless sensors with the system, but you will need to add a wireless receiver. A great option is to add a Honeywell 6160RF Keypad w/ Integrated Transceiver. This Transceiver will allow the system to support all 5800 wireless devices. This includes both bi-directional and uni-directional sensors. You will need a keypad to program and operate the system anyway, so you may as well get one that serves a dual role. By adding a standalone wireless receiver, the system can support uni-directional 345 MHz sensors from the Honeywell 5800 Series. Just remember that the total number of wireless and hardwired zones cannot exceed 64.

You might also consider adding a Z-Wave controller so that you can start pairing Z-Wave devices with the system. This will also allow you to control the paired Z-Wave devices with Total Connect 2.0 for remote operation. There are a couple of different Z-Wave controllers you can choose from. The Honeywell Home Tuxedo is a Z-Wave Plus (500 Series) controller and will also double as a touchscreen keypad.

Note: This panel comes housed in a tough metal enclosure for protection. A Honeywell 1361 Transformer comes included, but you must provide your own wiring. We recommend using a Honeywell LT-Cable. You will also need to supply your own backup battery. The UltraTech IM1250F1 works great for this purpose.


  • Panel Type: Hybrid (Hardwired & Wireless)
  • Total Zones: 64
  • Max Hardwired Zones: 48 (Expansion Modules Needed)
  • Max Wireless Zones: 56 (Wireless Receiver Needed)
  • Key Fob Zones: 16
  • Keypads: Up to 8
  • Partitions: 2 (Partition 3 is Common)
  • AUI Keypads: Up to 4

Brand: Honeywell

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