Honeywell IS215T Installation Manual & Setup Guide

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Honeywell IS215T - PIR Motion Detector
Honeywell IS215T
Long-range Motion Detecting Wired PIR Sensor

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IS-215T Passive Infrared Motion Sensor Installation Instructions

Select the mounting location.

❷ Separate the sensor housings and remove the printed circuit board (PCB).
• Use a small screwdriver to push in the housing latch at the bottom of the sensor, and gently pull apart the housings.

Mount the unit.
Wiring Knockouts

Corner Mount

Corner Mount

Wall Mount Wire Channel • Slide the wire through the wire channel and wire access in the back housing. • Mount the back housing flat against a wall or in a corner. • Replace the PCB.

Mounting Location Guidelines • 2.3 m (7’6”) mounting height • Avoid direct or reflected sunlight • Aim sensor away from windows or heating/ cooling devices • Sensor must have a clear line-of-sight to protected area

• Push outward on the PCB latch and lift the PCB out of the housing.

Wire the unit.


Configure the sensor sensitivity.

Walk-test the sensor. High Sensitivity: 2-4 Steps
(Pulse Count 1)

Switch Alarm LED



Low [Normal] Sensitivity: 3-5 Steps
(Pulse Count 2)

• Connect wires as shown using 0.64 - 1.63 mm2 (14 to 22 AWG) wire size. Observe proper polarity.

• Configure the IS-215T for the sensitivity best

suited to the application.
SENSITIVITY SWITCH SW2 POSITION High (pulse count 1) ON Low [Normal] (pulse count 2) OFF

After walk-testing the sensor, disable the alarm LED by turning Switch S1 to the OFF position.

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IS-215T Passive Infrared Motion Sensor Product Information

Range: 12 m x 12 m 40' x 40' Power requirements: 10 - 14 VDC, w/LED - Alarm: 10mA max.; w/o LED - Alarm: 7mA max.; 12 VDC 3V peak-to-peak at nominal 12 VDC Alarm relay: Form A SPST, 90 mA, 16 VDC, 15 Ohm protective resistor Tamper switch Closed with cover in place 0.5 A, 30 VDC RFI immunity: 30 V/m 10 MHz - 1000 MHz PIR White light immunity: 6,500 Lux PIR sensitivity: Switch selectable low [normal] (pulse count 2) 3-5 steps high (pulse count 1) 2-4 steps Important: For UL Certificated installations, the IS215T must be connected to a UL listed power supply or UL listed control unit capable of providing a minimum of four hours of standby power. Suitable for connection to an EN 60950 Class II Limited Power Source.
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PIR fields of view: dual element, 44 long range zones 14 intermediate, 8 lower, 4 look-down Operating temperature: -10o C to +55o C (14° F to 131° F) Relative humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing Dimensions: 8.57 cm x 6.03 cm x 3.81 cm (3-3/8" H x 2-3/8" W x 1-1/2" D) Weight: 66.62 g (2.35 oz) Packaged Product is 92.14 g (3.25 oz) Approvals/listings: CE cULus C-Tick EN 50131-1 Security Grade 2 Environmental Class II

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