Honeywell IS215T

Long-range Motion Detecting Wired PIR Sensor

Honeywell is215t pir motion detector

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The Honeywell IS215T is a passive infrared (PIR) motion detector. The IS215T is a fully featured flexible motion sensor in a white housin...

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The Honeywell IS215T is a passive infrared (PIR) motion detector. The IS215T is a fully featured flexible motion sensor in a white housing ideally suited for both residential and commercial applications. The IS215T is compatible with Honeywell’s wired security systems such as the Vista series, and is compatible with all 12V hardwired alarm control panels.

The IS215T can be mounted flat on the wall, or in a corner with easy corner mounting knockouts. A large wiring channel makes connecting the Honeywell IS215T easy. A four wire connection is necessary, two wires for the zone data, and two for the control panel’s auxiliary power circuit. The ideal mounting height is 7.5’ high for optimum detection.

Honeywell’s patented look-down mirror provides an optimum detection pattern, even right below where the motion detector is mounted. The IS215T is equipped with 44 long range, 14 intermediate, 8 lower, and 4 look down detection zones, and has (2) fields of view per finger to cut down on false alarms, and provide the broadest coverage pattern possible. The IS215T has a 40’ by 40’ range which extends in a 90 degree angle out from the motion sensor. The Honeywell IS215T can be configured for selectable sensitivity. Adjust dip switch two (SW2) on the circuit board to the ON position for high sensitivity (pulse count 1), and adjust it to OFF for low or normal sensitivity (pulse count 2).

The Honeywell IS215T motion detector should be mounted to avoid direct sunlight, away from windows, doors, heating devices, and cooling devices. The PIR motion must have direct line of sight to the protected area. After installation, make sure to walk test the IS215T to ensure that the motion is adjusted to the intended coverage area. The Honeywell IS215T is a good choice for a cost effective hardwired PIR motion sensor to protect the interior of your home or business.


I like the way it looks
Submitted on 10/15/2012

This goes pretty discreetly in the corner of my room. I put it in my living room, and it does a great job of detecting motion. You can't really even see it because it's on a white wall, and it just sort of nicely blends in. It took about 15 minutes to install, and I'm happy with how it functions, and I'm sure I could have instaleld it more quickly if it weren't the first time I was installing one.

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