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Honeywell IS2500LT - Low Temperature PIR Motion Detector
Honeywell IS2500LT
Low Temperature PIR Motion Detector

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IS2500 PIR Series


One size fits all

A dealer’s best friend.
Finally, a breed of sensor perfect for any installation. Ideal for small pets, large pets or no pets, Honeywell’s versatile IS2500 Series has everything you’ve been looking for. With versions featuring selectable immunity for animals weighing up to 80 lbs., global compliance, reduced false alarms and exceptional catch performance, they provide an unmatched level of versatility and convenience. And since it’s ideal for residential and commercial installations, it’s the only one you’ll ever have to stock.
Selectable Pet Immunity IS2500 sensors feature selectable pet immunity,* providing incredible convenience. Choose from the high-security non-pet setting, the intermediate 40 lb. setting or the robust 80 lb. setting—all in one sleek, easy-to-install unit. Reduced False Alarms Honeywell’s patented black bug guard totally seals the optic area—preventing bug access and reducing false alarms. A special microprocessor control improves accuracy by distinguishing real signals from false sources. Sensitivity DIP switches make it easy to adjust the sensitivity up to four different levels in order to adequately protect the premises.

The IS2500 Series. Truly a dealer’s best friend.

Versatility IS2500 Series sensors are ideally suited for use in both residential and commercial applications, with three available coverage patterns to satisfy each and every installation. Flexibility IS2500 sensors mount virtually anywhere—on walls, in corners or on ceilings.

Reliability IS2500 sensors are so reliable they satisfy many of the world’s motion detector standards, including SIA, CE, EN, TS, UL, CUL and more. And features like dual slope temperature compensation, a special microprocessor based design and patented look down mirror ensure superior catch performance. Low Temperature Version The IS2500LT can be used in extreme temperatures as low as -40° C (-40° F). Applications include detached garages, sheds, cold storage warehouses, etc.

*Versions featuring selectable pet-immunity: IS2535, IS2535T and IS2535TC

Style Meets Technology Honeywell’s IS2500 PIRs feature a modern, leading-edge design that’s simple, uncluttered and blends with any décor. Whether choosing versions with pet-immunity, tamper or Form C relay, all sensors share the same sleek, sophisticated look.

Designed with the installer in mind.
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Large Wiring Area Makes wiring more convenient DIP Switch Makes installation and set-up simple, with no jumpers to drop Selectable Pet Immunity 0, 40 or 80 lbs. all-in-one unit with the flip of a dip switch Black Bug Guard Gasket Prevents bugs from gaining access and improves performance when bright lights are shined into the PIR, minimizing false alarms


Spare EOL Terminal Blocks Makes wiring zones simpler. Available on TC models only 45° Terminal Block Makes installation and testing a snap Patented Look-Down Mirror Improves coverage in the vulnerable area directly underneath the sensor, for an added level of security Surface Mount Design Reduces susceptibility to RF interference

Large wiring area on the back of the PIR allows for quick and easy mounting.






IS2500 PIR Series
Selectable Pet Immune PIR Detector
IS2535* • 35' x 40' coverage • 0, 40 or 80 lbs. selectable pet immunity IS2535TC* • Form C relay • Alarm memory • Case and wall tamper

Wide Area PIR Detector
IS2560* • 60' x 85' coverage IS2560TC* • Form C relay • Alarm memory • Case and wall tamper

*Available accessories Swivel brackets



Long Range PIR Detector
IS25100TC* • 100' x 20' coverage • Form C relay • Alarm memory • Case and wall tamper


Low Temperature PIR Detector
IS25100LT Includes all the features above plus: • 35 ft., 60 ft. and 100 ft. lenses • Can be installed in low temperature applications down to -40° C (-40° F) • Operating temperature 55° C – -40° C (131° F – -40° F)

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