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Honeywell K10145WH - LYNX Plus L3000 AC Transformer 9VAC, 25VA
Honeywell K10145WH
L3000 LYNX Plus AC Transformer 9VAC, 25VA
List Price: $18.00
Our Price: $13.99
Honeywell L3000 - LYNX Plus Wireless Alarm Control Panel
Honeywell L3000
LYNX Plus Wireless Alarm Control Panel
List Price: $244.00
Our Price: $159.99
Honeywell L3000PK - LYNX Plus Wireless Security System
Honeywell L3000PK
LYNX Plus Wireless Security System
List Price: $378.00
Our Price: $227.99
Honeywell L3000-SIA - LYNX Plus Wireless Alarm Control Panel
Honeywell L3000-SIA
LYNX Plus Wireless Alarm Control Panel
List Price: $244.00
Our Price: $159.99

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LYNX Plus Security System


Protected and Connected

Stay Safe, in Touch and in the Know with LYNX Plus
For peace of mind, you need to know that what you cherish most—your family and your home—are safe and secure. Look no further than Honeywell’s LYNX Plus security system. LYNX Plus provides superior, round-the-clock security—protecting your property and the people you love. But LYNX Plus does so much more than keep you safe. When used with Total ConnectTM Remote Services, LYNX Plus enables you to receive important alerts, keep a close eye on your home and control your security system remotely via the Internet and the same mobile devices you use each and every day.
• Arm, disarm and check the status of your security system via your PC, laptop, smartphone, BlackBerry®, iPhone®, iPad®, Android or any compatible wireless handheld device

• Receive e-mail notifications about important events, including: - When your children arrive home from school - When flood or extreme temperatures are detected - When a safe, liquor cabinet or doors to restricted areas have been opened - When motion is sensed in a protected area indoors or outdoors - If a protected valuable is moved (e.g. a painting, flat screen TV, etc.) • Multiple account capability—great for vacation homes and investment properties • Receive event-driven video clips or view live video on up to six cameras at a time on your PC or compatible mobile device

Isn’t it time you got connected? Ask your security professional for details today!

For more information about Total Connect Remote Services, visit iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

Security and Energy Savings Made Simple
The user-friendly LYNX Plus puts security and convenience at your fingertips. The vibrant, easy-to-read display is easier to use than traditional security systems—announcing the exact type and location of an alarm in plain English and giving you the information you need so you can react quickly. Sleek, stylish and portable, it blends with any décor and can be placed on a wall or tabletop.

Two-way voice communication with the central station operator through the alarm system helps ensure that the proper emergency response personnel will be dispatched to your home.

The “Follow Me” feature enables the system to call and alert you to alarms and important reminders.

Turn on lights automatically and save energy and money every time you arm or disarm your security system! Ask your security professional for details.

Compact, stylish sensor housings can be custom-painted to match any décor. You can also protect doors, open areas and windows with contacts, glassbreaks and motion sensors.

Monitored wireless smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors protect you and your family from life-threatening hazards.

The Family Message Center lets everyone record and playback voice messages for one another.

Wireless keypads announce system status in clear, spoken English.

Wireless Theft Prevention Sensors can alert you when an attempt is made to move or disturb valuable objects within your home.

For Peace of Mind
Insist on Honeywell
When it comes to security, comfort and convenience, homeowners look to Honeywell. In fact, more homes in the United States and Canada are protected with Honeywell security systems than by those of any other manufacturer. At Honeywell, we recognize that true security comes from knowing you’ve made the very best choice for your family’s protection.

Award Winner!

For more information: Automation and Control Solutions Honeywell Security & Communications 2 Corporate Center Dr. Suite 100 P.O. Box 9040 Melville, NY 11747 1.800.467.5875
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