Honeywell L3000

LYNX Plus Wireless Alarm Control Panel

Honeywell l3000 wireless alarm control panel

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The Honeywell L3000 is a LYNX Plus wireless alarm control panel with an integrated alarm keypad. The L3000 is an all-in-one or self-conta...
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The Honeywell L3000 is a LYNX Plus wireless alarm control panel with an integrated alarm keypad. The L3000 is an all-in-one or self-contained wireless security system so it has a built-in alarm keypad, alarm siren, alarm dialer and speakerphone in addition to the wireless alarm control panel. If you are looking at the LYNX Plus, you may want to consider the Honeywell L5000 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel instead as it has all the same features of the L3000 plus many more including a bright graphic touchscreen keypad. The Honeywell LYNX Plus revolutionary design makes it an ideal choice for do-it-yourself (DIY) installers. Installation of the L3000 wireless alarm control panel is as simple as mounting the plastic enclosure on your wall and then plugging the control panel into a standard wall outlet using the included AC transformer. Even the programming of your wireless sensors to your LYNX Plus control panel is easy using the voice prompt programming feature. The L3000 control panel features voice annunciation that will guide you through programming each sensor with clear English instructions.

The LYNX Plus alarm control panel is compatible with all Honeywell 5800 series wireless devices including bi-directional devices like the Honeywell 5828 or Honeywell 5828V wireless alarm keypads. The Honeywell L3000 will monitor up to (40) wireless zones. Each Honeywell wireless device will take up (1) wireless zone once it is programmed to the L3000. Please note that wireless keypads, wireless sirens and wireless repeaters do not take up a wireless zone but that each individual wireless key fob button takes up a wireless zone.

You can program up to (8) user codes to control your Honeywell L3000 wireless alarm control panel. The first user code is the installer code which is used to access all programming menus. The installer code can only disarm the LYNX Plus control panel if the installer code was used to arm the system. The second user code is the master code which is used for user menu programming. The master code is also used to assign the other (6) secondary codes which include a babysitter code and a duress code. User code (7) is the babysitter code which can only disarm the control panel if the babysitter code was used to arm the L3000. The duress code is user code (8) and will trigger a silent panic signal to the central station. You should only use the duress code in emergency situations that require immediate police dispatch.

The Honeywell LYNX Plus alarm siren is an 85 dB internal sounder. When an alarm is triggered, the L3000 control panel will use its voice siren to speak the number (or zone description if programmed) of the zone that was activated. Some people find that the L3000 siren is not loud enough. Unfortunately, the L3000 wireless alarm control panel does not have an auxiliary power supply to power external alarm sirens. However, if you want louder alarm sirens, you should add Honeywell 5800WAVE wireless alarm sirens or use the Honeywell 5800RL wireless relay module to trigger wired external sirens.

You can connect an active POTS telephone line to your L3000 control panel without needing to purchase any additional modules. Your control panel would use its built-in dialer and your home phone line or approved VoIP service to communicate all alarm signals to Alarm Grid’s central station. If you don’t have a home phone line or you are looking for a more secure alarm communication path, you should add one of the AlarmNet alternative alarm communicators that are supported by the LYNX Plus wireless alarm control panel. The AlarmNet 7847i-L internet alarm monitoring communicator requires broadband internet service and an Ethernet connection from your router to the 7847i-L module which installs conveniently inside the LYNX Plus wireless alarm control panel. The AlarmNet GSMVLP cellular alarm monitoring communicator requires no wire runs and utilizes AT&T’s wireless cellular GSM network. If your LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel has been upgraded with a 7847i-L or GSMVLP, you are eligible to sign up for AlarmNet’s Total Connect interactive monitoring service. The optional Total Connect service provides remote control of your L3000 LYNX Plus using any web browser or internet enabled smartphone. There are free applications for the iPhone®, iPad®, Blackberry® and Android™ devices so you can stay in touch with your LYNX Plus from anywhere.

Most Honeywell L3000 LYNX Plus wireless alarm control panels are not compatible with the newer Total Connect 2.0 service. If you are interested in the Total Connect 2.0 service, you need a L3000 with revision 20.1 or higher and the AlarmNet communicator (GSMVLP or 7847i-L) needs to be revision 2.6.42 or higher. You could choose the Honeywell L5000 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel along with an AlarmNet ILP5 internet alarm communicator or GSMVLP5 cellular alarm communicator instead, as all L5000 systems are compatible with Total Connect 2.0. The LYNX Plus is also compatible with the Honeywell 5800ZBRIDGE if you are interested in home automation functionality. The 5800ZBRIDGE allows you to wirelessly connect Z-Wave® thermostat modules and light modules to your LYNX Plus wireless alarm control panel. These Z-Wave modules can then turn thermostats and/or lights off when your LYNX Plus is armed and then turn them back on when the L3000 is disarmed.


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