Honeywell L5100 Garage Door Zone Programming Guide

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Honeywell L5100
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How to Programming Garage Door zones for ‘Alarm’ or ‘Monitor’ on the L5100
The L5100 (Rev 6+) provides 3 zones (46, 47, and 48) specifically for the Supervision of garage doors Intrusion Detection and Status Monitoring. The first step in this process is to program in the transmitters used to detect the status of the Garage Door, ie: 5816, 5822T, etc.

Panel Programming Instructions:
1. Enter panel programming and press “Program”, next press “Zones”. 2. When programming the contact for the garage door zone you must use zones 46, 47, or 48. Scroll down to zones 46, 47, or 48 and press the zone you wish to edit. (Other zones besides 46-48 are programmable as Garage Door, but these three zones are set aside for garage door monitoring).

3. Learn in the transmitter serial number by pressing “Serial Number”. Fault and restore the Garage Door Transmitter once and wait for a single beep, fault and restore again and wait for a double beep. The serial and loop number should appear on the display. Fault and restore the transmitter a 3rd time, you should hear three beeps, confirmation the wireless zone. The screen will go back to the Zone Screen.


Updated: 5/13/13

4. Press “Device type”

5. Scroll down and select “Garage Door.”

6. Press “Response Type” a. Choose “Garage” for an Alarm protection point or “Garage Monitor” if you only want to monitor the garage door status. b. Set choice for ‘Alarm Report’, ‘Chime’, and Transmitter ‘Supervision’ as desired (‘Garage Monitor’ does not report). c. Finally, press the save button to complete zone programming.

Garage Zone Type = Uses entry delay #2 time when armed in AWAY or STAY modes. Can be armed with the door faulted and will automatically be included in the protection zones when shut. Selectable for Chime and can be bypassed. Report CID code E134. Garage Monitor Zone Type = For monitoring of the garage door open/close status, will not initiate an alarm, report to C.S., or Log. Zone will chime if selected, and the panel can be armed with the zone faulted, and can be bypassed. -2Updated: 5/13/13

Compass programming instructions
1. Access the Zone Configuration page located under the Zones tab, scroll down to zones 46, 47, or 48.

2. Click the Device Type drop down and select 3- Garage Door.


Updated: 5/13/13

3. Click the Response Type drop down and select:  50-Garage if programming the zone for Garage door Alarm protection  53-Garage Monitor if programming the zone for Garage door monitoring only

4. Set choice for ‘Alarm Report’, ‘Chime’, and ‘Input Type’ as desired. (‘Garage Monitor’ does not report)


Updated: 5/13/13

5. Enter the correct loop number utilized on the transmitter

6. Final step is to enter the correct serial number for the transmitter and download to the panel

Add voice descriptors if desired. Your Garage zone is now programmed.


Updated: 5/13/13