Honeywell L5100

LYNX Touch Wireless Alarm Control Panel

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This is the most advanced Honeywell security panel. The beautiful AUI display makes it so simple to use, program and install that you can easily do it yourself.
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The Honeywell L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel is the newest most technologically advanced wireless alarm control panel available today. The L5100 has all of the great security features of the Honeywell L5000 but also boasts integrated Z-Wave® control and WiFi enabled alarm monitoring communications. The L5100 LYNX Touch brings you everything you’ve ever wanted out of a wireless alarm control panel and many other things you never even dreamed were possible.

The new LYNX Touch from Honeywell was designed with the do-it-yourself installer in mind. The L5100 is a self-contained wireless alarm control panel acting as both the “brains” of your wireless security system and the keypad to control the system. The keypad is actually a 4.7” beautiful color graphic touchscreen with (16.7) million colors and a 470 x 256 resolution. With intuitive icons and a user friendly interface, you can control, manage and program your LYNX 5100 wireless alarm control panel with a few taps of the screen. The wireless control panel supports up to (64) wireless zones and is compatible with the full line of Honeywell 5800 series wireless devices. Simply mount the L5100 on your wall, plug in the included AC transformer and install your wireless sensors throughout your house to enjoy the advanced security protection provided by the new Honeywell LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel.

The L5100 has all of the great features you have come to expect from a Honeywell wireless alarm control panel, but what really separates the LYNX Touch from its competitors are the different alarm communication paths that it supports. You can simply plug in a live telephone or approved voice over internet protocol (VoIP) line for the same traditional phone line alarm monitoring that all wireless alarm control panels support or you can make the leap to the next generation of AlarmNet alternative alarm communicators. The Honeywell L5100-WIFI module is the first AlarmNet internet alarm communicator to offer a WiFi enabled connection back to your wireless router. You no longer have to deal with wiring an Ethernet cable from your router to the installation location of your Honeywell L5100. The Honeywell GSMVLP5-4G is a 4G capable GSM alarm communicator that can act as a backup to the L5100-WIFI internet communicator or can stand alone as a primary cellular alarm communicator. The L5100 LYNX Touch is the only wireless alarm control panel boasting wireless based internet communications and 4G cellular communications bringing you the most advanced alarm monitoring services in the industry. When equipped with the wired ILP5 internet alarm communicator, the wireless L5100-WIFI interent alarm communicator and/or the GSMVLP5-4G cellular alarm communicator, the L5100 LYNX Touch will also support AlarmNet’s advanced Total Connect 2.0 interactive service.

While the L5000 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel does support local home automation using the Honeywell 5800ZBRIDGE Z-Wave controller, the L5100 has an available L5100-ZWAVE home automation controller that can be added for remote home control. The new LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel can control up to (3) Z-Wave thermostats (Honeywell ZWSTAT recommended), up to (4) Z-Wave lock modules and up to (40) Z-Wave light, switch or lamp modules. You can control these Z-Wave devices through the L5100 touchscreen keypad or, if you have upgraded to one of the AlarmNet alarm communicators and signed up for Total Connect 2.0, you can even control the Z-Wave devices from any web browser or from a free application on the iPhone®, iPad®, Blackberry® and Android™ devices. The Honeywell LYNX Touch L5100 wireless alarm control panel gives you complete control over your home’s security and automation.

Brand: Honeywell

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Submitted on 11/18/2013 Travis Krabal

Just wanted to drop a note to the Alarm Grid folks!! I have been in the alarm industry for a little while and actually install for a well known National Brand. I have to say that the service from Alarm Grid is second to none!!! I am very impressed with how everything was handled when I called to have my system activated. The service I received gave me a sense of comfort that you simply don't see anymore!!!

Thanks Guys!!!

Honeywell's Best Panel
Submitted on 10/14/2012 RJ Dunk

I am a security system enthusiast, and I've been one for a long time. The Honeywell L5100 is the best panel that Honeywell has ever come out with.! I love love love it. Easy to install, easy to use, and wonderfully functional.

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Is the system in an armed or disarmed state? If its disarmed, you may be able to get into programming by following these instructions: If you would like additional help, feel free to send an email to or give us a call at 888-818-7728. Our office hours are 9am to 9pm EST.
Greetings I have a honeywell L5200 and it is totally blocked and does not want to be armed with any password and on screen I design Armed Away-Bypass I need help thanks
If you did get the system monitored, we would be able to pull up the programming and check/edit any codes for you. Here's a link to our monitoring plans: If you aren't looking for monitoring, you could backdoor into system programming. Here is a link showing how to backdoor into system programming: This will let you update the installer code and factory reboot the system if you like. Without the master code or monitoring, there isn't a way to update the master code. By defaulting the system it will reset it back to the default 1234. Send us an email to if you want more info on how to factory default the system.
I just bought a house with a Lynx Touch L5100. But - the prior owner did not give me any of the codes to arm or disarm or the master code, so it just sits on the wall doing nothing. Help!
If you'd like to get remote notifications from Total Connect, you'll need to sign up for a monthly plan. We have a basic self bronze plan which gives you the remote notifications for $10/Month.
hi I want to buy a 5100 panel but my question is if I get notifications on my phone when something happened via z-wave ? or I have to pay a montly payment ???
Can you give me an example of "flipping between screens" and when and how this poses an issue?
I have a 5100 panel that was installed by my builder. It has had nonstop problems. The system is only 3 years old. The big issue at the moment is that the panel keeps flipping between screens by itself. I tried rebooting but it still keeps going crazy. I canceled my monitoring service because when I had problems like this or couldn't get the panel to respond and turn off, they could not help me. Do I need to replace the panel? If so, which panel will communicate with my sensors? I do not want to have to replace 60 sensors.
The L5100 is a resistive touchscreen, not a capacitive touchscreen, so it shouldn't matter what you use to press the screen to have it respond to the touch. I suppose it's possible the touchscreen is failing or defective in some way. I would contact whoever sold you the panel to see if they can troubleshoot the issue with you. If it is a failing screen and the panel is out of warranty, you could always consider upgrading to the new Lyric system ( which is Honeywell's latest and greatest all-in-one wireless system. The Lyric works with all existing 5800 Series sensors.
HI, I have a problem in that my L5100 touchscreen does not seem to be sensitive to fingertips. My husband used a ballpoint pen cap and was fortunately able to shut system off. Hesitant to try putting it on again. That pen cap may not work the next time! Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!
The L5100 panel doesn't have the Video option to view the IPCAMs from the touch screen. However, you can use them with a TC2 account that's associated with the panel so that you can use the L5100 and the IPCAMs together with one TC2 account. You can do up to 6 IPCAMs per location on TC2. We look forward to working with you and your family.
Good morning! I have two of these for family members that are going to connect to your service. I configured both of them and shipped them to their houses. I installed the z-wave module as well as the wifi chip and 4G gsm. I want to add the IPcam cameras to one. I have an outdoor camera, an low light camera, as well as the WAP unit. I'm trying to find out how many cameras can be viewed through TC2 on this unit. I read that the newer 5200 only support one, and the 7000 series supports 4. What about Honeywell L5100 LYNX Touch version 2? Thanks! Chris
The bar at the top should show red when armed. What light is staying green?
When I arm my Lynx 5000 keypad to away it shows its armed but light stays green. Why does it not stay red? My arm is indeed armed. Is this a setting that needs to be changed? Help please?!
Check out the final paragraph of this FAQ:
just moved into a house with a L5100 and am unable to access programming.. Tried default user code of 4112 with no do I change installer code ?
A wireless motion does not light up with every fault as that would drain it's battery. It only lights up if you just installed a new battery and then it only does it for the first 10 minutes.
One More Question for You.motion sensor red lights suppose to come on when you go in front of sensor motion sensor wont come on.
Try that process again but this time, wait 3 full minutes after the system is fully armed before you walk in front of the motion. Let us know if it works.
Right but when i test the system .i did armed away then open the door and closed.and i stay inside and when its set to armed away mode .i step by the motion sensor .but no reply or nothing that i have to change anything in the panel?
Right, so you would need to open and close the door if you want the system to arm to Away. If you stay inside and arm to away, and you don't open/close the delay door, then the system will revert back to Stay mode since you never left.
When i armed system then after i usally leave from garage door and motion its in front door entrance by 5200 panel.
Was the zone you opened after arming the system, a zone set for Entry/Exit 1?
Hey Frank.i tried to do that but still my motion wont come on when i armed my system and i go front of motion dont do anything
You are very welcome. Let us know if you need anything else.
Thanx for the answers i will try that tonite frank
This is part of the "auto stay" feature which automatically arms the system stay if you do not open and close an entry/exit door after you arm away. It is designed to revert to arm stay so that if you do not make it out of the house in time the motions will not be active. Simply open and close an entry/exit door after arming away and it will show arm away after the delay period.
I just install an 5200 system at my house and when i try to armed away the system its counting seconds and when its done it says system armed stay instead of system armed away.can you help me out on this plz.
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