Honeywell LynxR24 and LynxR-EN - AAV (2-Way Voice) Programming Instructions

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Tech Support
Updated 4/5/10
AAV Programming and Operation

1. Enter Program mode, Installer Code (4112) + 8 + 0 + 0. If this key sequence does
not work, or you do not know the insta
ller code you can power down the system
(AC & DC) then power back up and within 50 seconds press & hold the [*] + [#]
keys simultaneously for about 5 seconds. This should get you into program mode.
If not, the panel may have been locked out of keypad programming.

2. Press [*] 41 and enter the Primary Phone Nu
mber, if fewer than 20 Digits press [*]

3. Press [*] 43 and enter the 4
digit Primary Account number

4. Press [*] 48 and enter [7],
[7] for contac
t ID reporting

5. Press [*] 49 and enter [0] (you cannot
have dual/split/paging when doing AVM)

6. Press [*] 68 and enter a report code for t
he cancel report. NOTE: If this is not
programmed the sirens will continue
to sound through the AVM session.

7. Press [*] 91 and enter [1] if using AVM
and Remote phone control or [4] for AVM

8. Program all Reporting codes for zones
to be reported to central station

9. Press [*] 99 to exit program mode.

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Tech Support
Updated 4/5/10

The LYNX series panel sends the "alarm me
ssage" followed by a "Listen-in-to-Follow
message" (Contact ID code E606), on all bur
g and panic signals, except duress. The
Listen-in-to-Follow message causes
the Central Station's digita
l receiver to temporarily
hold the phone line for approximat
ely 1-minute after kiss-off of
the triggering signal. When
the LYNX panel receives the "kissoff" from th
e central station, indicating that the alarm
message has been received, the Two-Way Voice feature is activated in the (default)
'Listen Mode' and sirens and keypad sounds are discontinued and will remain off, even if
the AAV session is ended before bell timeout. The LYNXPLUS transmits a beep
acknowledgment to the Cent
ral Station, once per second.
The beep alternates between
two different tones and indicates that the
LYNX panel is waiting for a session command
from the Central Station
operator. Once a command is issued the beep acknowledgement
is discontinued, however, if a command is not
issued within two minutes the system will
'time out' and the call
will be terminated.

Fire and CO alarms will not trigger an AAV
ion, and a new Fire or CO alarm
will end a session that’s in progress.


- Talk Mode: Pressing the [1] key
on the touch tone phone enables one-way voice
communication from the central
station to the violated prem
ises, and allows the operator
to talk through the LYNX s
peaker. In this mode the AR
MED (red) and READY (green)
LEDs blink alternately.

- VOX (Voice) Mode: Pressing the [2]
key on the touch-t
one phone enables two-way
voice communication between the central stati
on and the violated premises. In this mode
the ARMED (red) and READY (gr
een) LEDs blink alternately.

- Listen Mode: Pressing the [3] key on
the touch-tone phone enables one-way audio
from the violated premises to
the central station. The listen
mode is the start up default
mode of the voice feature and allows the operator to listen through the LYNX
microphone. This mode will not change the
pattern of the ARMED (red) and READY
(green) LED’s.

- Extends the session 5 minutes
without changing its
operating mode

- Ends the session and disconnects the phone line.

If the session is not terminated properly
, the panel may not report subsequent
alarms for a full 5 minutes!