Honeywell LYRICLTE-A - Installation instructions

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Honeywell Lyric-LTE-A - AT&T LTE Cellular Communicator for the Lyric Controller
Honeywell LYRICLTE-A
AT&T LTE Cellular Communicator for the Lyric Controller
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Installation Instructions
General Information
The Communication Modules allow the Lyric Controller to communicate with the Central Station via the cellular radio
network. The Lyric LTE series includes the following models:
LYRICLTE-A (US, AT&T network) [NOTE: use LYRICLTE-A in Lyric Controllers with firmware ver v01.03.06548.482 or later]
LYRICLTE-V (US. Verizon network)
FIRST TIME INSTALLATION NOTE: Before performing the first time installation of the communication
module, make sure power (both AC and battery) is removed from the controller and follow the Installing the
Module (First Time Installation) steps.
Installing the Module (First Time Installation)
1. Install the provided FCC/IC label on the control's case back,
LYRICLTE-V: 800-22830-1
2. Remove bezel from right-hand side of control to expose the
communication module slot. To remove the bezel, push
upward then slide it out.
3. Insert the module into the slot. Push firmly to mate the edge
4. Replace the bezel.
5. After all other connections are made, power up the controller.
6. Program and register the module during the controller's initial
association with its AlarmNet 360TM account. Refer to the
controller's Programming Guide for details.
Removing the Bezel
Typical FCC/IC Label Location
Installing the communicator Module
Check the signal strength before permanently locating the Lyric Controller. See Checking Signal Strength section.
Test the communication paths.
Master user: Security - Tools - [Master code] - Advanced - Comm. Test
Installer: Security - Tools - [Installer code] -Program - Comm. Diagnostics - [ X/ ] Test Communication
Press Send Cellular Message. Wait for "Ack Received" message.
Press Send Ethernet Message. Wait for "Ack Received" message.
"Ack Received" indicates successful communication.
[f acknowledgement is not received, try one of the following:
a. Use an external antenna (see Using an External Antenna section).
b. Replace the radio with an alternate technology radio (ex., try 3G or CDMA).
c. Set the communication path to Wi-Fi-only.
Checking Signal Strength
When choosing a suitable mounting location, check the
communicator's signal strength to ensure proper operation. For
most installations, using the module's internal antenna, mounting
the Lyric controller as high as practical, and avoiding large metal
components provides adequate signal strength.
Use the Lyric Controller "Cellular Information" screen to display
signal strength (in number of bars):
Security - Tools - [installer code] - Program - Comm. Diagnostics -
Cellular Information
Compare the signal strength number of bars displayed to the
Signal Strength Guide values at right to ensure adequate signal
If using AlarmNet 360, check that the display is minimum 2 bars.
If necessary, relocate the Controller to obtain better signal
Sianal Strength Guide
Panel display signal strength: range of 1-5 bars;
should be minimum 2 bars
AlarmNet 360 Display:
Must be minimum 2 bars lit.
strength (press Cellular Information again to refresh the reading).
If adequate signal strength cannot be achieved, an externÃ…l antenna should be used. See Using an External Antenna
section on the other side.

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