Honeywell LYRICLTE-A

AT&T LTE Cellular Communicator for the Lyric Controller

Honeywell lyric lte a at and t lte cellular communicator for the

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The LYRICLTE-A is Honeywell's first LTE cellular communicator to be released across their wide range of security systems. The LYRICLTE-A ...
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The LYRICLTE-A is Honeywell's first LTE cellular communicator to be released across their wide range of security systems. The LYRICLTE-A offers a way to further future-proof your advanced Lyric security system. Instead of relying on the 3G networks for Verizon or AT&T that will eventually be phased out, Honeywell has decided to offer this device as a means to acquire faster cellular speeds and look toward the future.

Honeywell customers who purchased a 2G cellular radio were not very pleased to hear that the AT&T 2G sunset would render their 2G alarm radio useless. Do not end up in this situation on a future 3G sunset. This is probably a ways into the future and there have been no dates set. However the Lyric Controller is built with the future in mind when it comes to its ability to receive firmware upgrades. Why not fully situate your alarm system today with the technology of the future?

Similar to the Lyric-3G which relies on the 3G network, the LYRICLTE-A transmits to and receives signals from the AT&T cellular network. Cellular communications ensure that your alarm system has a reliable path to Honeywell's AlarmNet server regardless of local power outage or ISP issues that may affect local internet connections. The Lyric's integrated WIFI communicator in tandem with the LYRICLTE-A is the industry's most advanced "dual path" configuration. The possible speeds of your 2.4GHz WIFI network backed up by AT&T's LTE network. Technology continues to change and develop at an increasingly rapid pace. This product will put you on the front of that wave. An alarm system offers a Homeowner/Business Owner peace of mind. You will have peace of mind with the LYRICLTE-A knowing that it is operating on the most advanced cellular network in the nation.

Anyone with an AlarmNet radio like this are capable of using the advanced Total Connect 2.0 app. Honeywell continues to develop TC2 to offer more complex and customizable ways to notify alarm owners of important events on their alarm system. Although the Lyric supports WIFI communications most home and business networks are not reliable enough to fully depend on without a cellular backup like the LYRICLTE-A.

NOTE: The LYRICLTE-A requires firmware revision v01.03.06548.482 or higher. The LCP500-L Lyric Controller can be firmware upgraded using the built-in WIFI communicator. The upgrade can be requested to the Honeywell dealer that configures the Lyric with AlarmNet service. Check out our no contract monitoring plans.


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If you have a Lyric CDMA unit that's active now, it should continue to work through the end of 2022 as detailed at You shouldn't see a difference in how your alarm monitoring and/or Total Connect 2.0 service works when switching from CDMA to LTE so you certainly don't need to switch until the end of 2022. We hope the Verizon LTE will be out in the coming months and you could use the AT&T LTE now if you wanted to and had sufficient AT&T network coverage at your property.
It has been several months since this discussion took place. Does Alarm Grid have any updates on this new LTE communicator and when will we be required to update/purchase it? I purchased my Lyric system w/Verizon CDMA comm a couple years ago. I didn't expect to be living with a phased out system so soon.
The LTE module comes with a sim that the alarm company has to activate.
Does this lte module uses regular sims or does it have to be activated by an alarm company???
The data map is the recommended way to determine the best service in your are. If you're not too fond of using the map I suggest getting someone who has a service opposite to yours and checking their signaling.
I see elsewhere on the site the suggestion to select between Verizon and AT&T based on which one has better signal at your home's location. Do you have any suggestions how one might do that? Since I only have service with one of these providers, that is the only one I have any knowledge of. How would I determine what kind of signal I would actually get with the other provider? Their coverage map shows full 4G LTE coverage, but there's the map and then there's reality.
Yes it is the new LTE based cellular communicator for the Lyric Controller. We are currently beta testing it with Honeywell. It should be out in the next few months. We can tag your account if you are a customer. Feel free to send us an email to
Is this the new Lyric LTE unit? Any news on when it will become available?
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