Honeywell Total Connect Video Elderly Care Brochure

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AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 Upgrade Kit
AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 Upgrade Kit

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See your loved ones while you are away!
View live video from almost anywhere.
How often have you wanted a way to keep in touch with an elderly parent or check on the caretaker of an infirm relative?
With Honeywell Total Connect™ Video Solutions, you can check in any time you want from almost anywhere. With our video system you can look in on your loved ones by viewing video clips on any supported PC, smartphone or other web enabled device. You will never again worry that a member of the family is leaving home without appropriate supervision; you can receive a picture when they leave the premises! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can look in on the caretaker and follow your loved one’s treatment plan throughout the day. Like more and more members of two income families, you’ve had to rush from home to the office trying to be in two places at once. With our system, you can handle all of your responsibilities without the stress of running back and forth.

Several portable indoor and outdoor cameras available— can be placed virtually anywhere!

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Everyday between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. you want to be sure that your elderly dad is up and about.
Honeywell Total Connect™ Video Solutions are perfect for those of us who are concerned about independent elders. Receive notice when your loved one passes a doorway, or for any other event you choose to program. Knowing that your loved one is up and about can be a mind saver. Knowing that something is wrong if they are not up and about could be a lifesaver!

Around 8:10 a.m., you receive notification and see that your dad is in his kitchen.

Total Connect Video Solutions make it easy to see your loved ones while you are away. So what are you waiting for? Call now for a FREE in home demonstration!