Honeywell iGSMV-TC2

AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 Upgrade Kit

Honeywell igsmv tc2 alarmnet total connect 2 dot 0 upgrade kit

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The iGSMV is the discontinued dual path communicator for the VISTA series systems. The-TC2 version comes with a 15P and 20P upgrade chip that will make certain that your system can function with AlarmNet's Total Connect 2.0.

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The Honeywell iGSMV-TC2 is an AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 upgrade kit for a Honeywell VISTA-15P or Honeywell VISTA-20P alarm control panel. The iGSMV-TC2 upgrade kit provides compatibility with AlarmNet’s advanced Total Connect 2.0 interactive service. To be able to use Total Connect 2.0, your Honeywell VISTA-15P or VISTA-20P must have a software revision of 9.12 or higher and your Honeywell iGSMV dual path alarm monitoring communicator must have a software revision of 2.6.42. The iGSMV-TC2 AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 upgrade kit includes (1) iGSMV with revision 2.6.42 or higher, (1) micro-controller chip (PROM) with revision 9.12 or higher for a VISTA-15P and (1) PROM with revision 9.12 or higher for a VISTA-20P alarm control panel.

You can locate the current revision of your Honeywell VISTA-15P or VISTA-20P alarm control panel by looking for a small black chip towards the middle of the green circuit board inside your metal alarm cabinet. The black chip will have the model number and revision of your alarm control panel printed on its front side. You should only purchase this iGSMV-TC2 upgrade kit if you are looking for a new iGSMV dual path alarm monitoring communicator and you want to bring your current VISTA-15P or VISTA-20P alarm control panel up to speed with the new Total Connect 2.0 service.

Before swapping the PROM chip on your Honeywell alarm control panel, make sure to completely remove power to your home security system (including the backup battery). With your VISTA-15P or VISTA-20P powered down, use a paper clip to carefully pry up a corner of your existing PROM chip. You’ll notice there are notches towards the upper right or lower left corners of the PROM socket which allow you to get the point of your paper clip underneath the seated PROM. Before inserting the new Total Connect 2.0 compatible PROM, make sure to observe the correct orientation. You should have the beveled edge on the bottom of the PROM and the angled corner should be in the bottom right corner of the PROM socket. Once you have it oriented correctly, gently push the PROM chip into the empty socket until it is seated firmly. You can then reapply power to your Honeywell home security system. All of your security system programming settings will stay the same after swapping the PROM chips as that information is stored somewhere else on the VISTA-15P or VISTA-20P alarm control panel.

Total Connect was the first interactive alarm monitoring service ever developed. It allows you to remotely arm or disarm your security system using any web browser or internet enabled smartphone. You could also have your AlarmNet dealer setup your Total Connect account to send your instant email and/or text message notifications based on various security system events. Total Connect was an amazing service when it was released. Unfortunately, nowadays the service is considered somewhat slow to connect and limited in features. However, AlarmNet is always looking for new ways to revolutionize the alarm monitoring industry and released a new version of the Total Connect service called Total Connect 2.0. Total Connect 2.0 connects much faster than the original Total Connect service and offers many more features. Some of the feature highlights are that the security system notifications are more detailed, the user interface is much easier to use and all settings can be setup by you instead of having to rely on your AlarmNet dealer. The detailed security system notifications are the most important feature upgrade. With the older Total Connect service, you could receive a text message when your security system went into alarm mode but you would not know which zone caused the alarm. Also, you could have your security system send you a notification every time someone armed or disarmed the control panel, but you would not know which user code was used to arm or disarm the security system. With Total Connect 2.0, the zone number and user code number are displayed on the instant notification so you know exactly what is happening with your home security system at all times. Upgrade your existing VISTA-15P or VISTA-20P alarm control panel with the iGSMV-TC2 to take full advantage of all that Honeywell, AlarmNet and Alarm Grid have to offer!

Brand: Honeywell

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