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Direct Wire #136

Products: IPCAMs and Wireless Access Point (WAP) Subject: Mixing indoor and outdoor IPCAMs with a WAP

We have discovered and addressed a limitation that prevents mixing IPCAMs using multiple 802.11 standards. This would result in cameras frequently disconnecting from the network. IPCAMs operate wirelessly using Wi-Fi, 802.11 standards for wireless local area network communication. The current indoor models (IPCAM-WI and IPCAM-PT) utilize the 802.11g standard, while the outdoor model (IPCAM-WO) utilizes the 802.11n standard. Honeywell’s wireless access point (part #WAP) has the ability to accept both 80211g and 802.11n standards. We have taken corrective action within the wireless access point (WAP) firmware to address the mixing limitation. Wireless access points with serial number 1104YN7001001 or higher have the firmware required to allow mixing of multiple 802.11 standards to accommodate indoor and outdoor IPCAM applications.

As required, wireless access points purchased prior to the firmware modification will be exchanged at no charge. Please contact Honeywell customer service at 800-573-0154.

If you have any questions or comments: Customer Service: 1-800-573-0154 Technical Support: 1-800-645-7492 AlarmNet Support: 1-800-222-6525

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