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Honeywell wap plus wireless access point

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The Honeywell WAP-PLUS is a wireless access point designed specifically for the Honeywell IPCAM Series IP security cameras. You can alway...
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The Honeywell WAP-PLUS is a wireless access point designed specifically for the Honeywell IPCAM Series IP security cameras. You can always wire an IPCAM-WI2, IPCAM-PT or IPCAM-WO security camera to your router with an Ethernet cable, but it is much easier to wirelessly connect the security cameras to your router using the WAP-PLUS. All of the Honeywell video cameras feature WiFi and can connect wirelessly to a router that has WiFI Protected Setup (WPS) and a one touch encryption button. However, certain routers have issues connecting to the Honeywell IPCAM Series security cameras. If your router does not have a WPS encryption button, or you are not able to successfully connect your Honeywell security cameras wirelessly to your router, we recommend trying the WAP-PLUS.

Unlike the older model Honeywell WAP, the WAP-PLUS will also work with a Honeywell L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel that has been upgraded with a L5100-WIFI wireless internet alarm communicator. The original WAP only supported WPS security but the WAP-PLUS supports WPS and WPA2-PSK wireless security. You can now easily connect a Honeywell security camera and a Honeywell L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control to your wireless network.

Installing the Honeywell WAP-PLUS wireless access point is very easy. First, you should screw in the (2) included antennas to the ports on the back of the WAP-PLUS. With each antenna connected, bend the antennas upwards so they stick up vertically from the back of the wireless access point. Next, use the included Ethernet cable to connect Port 1 on the back of the WAP-PLUS to an open port on your wireless router. Finally, plug the DC connector of the 12V, 1A power transformer into the port on the back of the wireless access point and plug the power transformer into a standard unswitched wall outlet to power the WAP-PLUS. After completing these steps, your Honeywell wireless access point is ready to wirelessly and securely connect a Honeywell security camera to your wireless network.

When connecting a Honeywell security camera to your WAP-PLUS, all you need to do is press and hold the WPS button on the front of the wireless access point for (3) seconds. Releasing the WPS button after (3) seconds puts the WAP-PLUS into WPS enrollment mode. You then have (1) minute to click and release the WPS button on your IPCAM Series security camera. If done in time, the IPCAM-WI2 and IPCAM-PT video cameras will show a steady green power LED and a network LED that blinks green slowly. Since the IPCAM-WO outdoor IP camera only has one LED, a successful wireless connection is indicated by a steady green or slow blinking power/network LED. Assuming you have signed up for a Total Connect video account, your IPCAM Series security cameras will then transmit all video footage wirelessly back to your router.

When connecting the WAP-PLUS to a L5100 LYNX Touch control panel, you need to first install and register the L5100-WIFI internet communicator. Next, you need to setup your WAP-PLUS for WPA2-PSK using the steps described in the WAP-PLUS quick install guide. If you have already connected a Honeywell IP security camera to your WAP-PLUS before setting up the WPA2-PSK wireless security, you will need to reset the wireless access point by depressing the reset button with a paperclip for (10) seconds. After configuring the WPA2-PSK wireless security and setting up the wireless connectivity between the L5100-WIFI and the WAP-PLUS, you can connect your Honeywell security cameras using the steps from above.

Brand: Honeywell

Only the AlarmNet IP cameras ( ) work with the LYNX Touch systems. There is no dome option but the IPCAM-WO ( ) is an outdoor camera. If you already have Foscams, you should just use the Foscam service to access your cameras. You won't be able to integrate it into the L7000 system unfortunately.
Lynx 7000 : I need to find a dome outdoor camera for my system. I purchase a wireless IP camera, but my Lynx can't find it when it scans the wifi network. Do I need to buy the honeywell WAP plus ? This does not make any sense to me. What exactly is the Lynx 7000 scanning ? Do I need to have my IP address set to a particular sequence? Ican access the Lynx 7000 from my I-Phone, so the wifi is working fine. The Camera that I am using is made by Foscam. I would rather use a wifi dome camera for protection against the weather in frozen Ohio.
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