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Learn Mode
Shock Sensor
Wireless Door/Window Sensor
Designed for use with all Interlogix control panels, the Learn Mode
Shock Sensor is an excellent fi rst line of defense for detecting the
possibility of an intrusion due to forced entry. Featuring a unique,
advanced microcontroller, the wireless sensor detects vibrations
made by an intruder when trying to break or open a window or
door before they enter the premises. The sensor also contains two
internal reed switches allowing it to be used like a standard door/
window contact.
When the sensor detects vibrations, a momentary open circuit is
triggered in the shock element of the sensor. The circuit closes
again when the vibration stops. The sensor microcontroller “sees”
the open/close action as a pulse, causing the sensor to transmit an
alarm signal. The sensor has two different detection modes: Gross
Attack, which detects a violent blow suffi cient to trip the sensor; and
Pulse Count, which detects a suffi cient number of less violent blows,
such as repeated rapping and tapping.

Shock sensor microcontroller can detect both violent blows, as
well as continual tapping or rapping

DIP switch settings offer convenient adjustment of pulse count,
violent blows and the ability to enable and disable the reed switch

Tamper switch detects potential disablement or damage to the
sensor by an intruder

A wide range of installment options are ideal when either door/
window sensors or motion detection devices are not practical
• Two internal reed switches
• Designed for vertical or horizontal mounting
Ordering Information
Learn Mode Shock Sensor, White
Learn Mode Shock Sensor, Brown
All wireless Interlogix control panels
1.4 x 6.0 x 1.25 in. (3.5 x 15.2 x 3.2 cm)
Operating temperature
32ºF~122ºF (0ºC~50ºC)
90% relative humidity
DL123A or Sanyo
Transmitter frequency
Transmitter range
500 ft. open air
Dimensional Diagram
6 in.
(15.2 cm)
1.4 in.
(3.5 cm)
1.25 in.
North America
T 855-286-8889
Latin America
T 561-998-6114
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