L5210 L7000 Power Supply Change

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Document Transcript

Direct Wire #190
Technical Updates Directly To You
Direct Wire #190 3-2-16

Subject: Power Supply Design Change
Products: LYNX Touch 5210 and 7000
March 2016
Dear Valued Honeywell Customer:

Honeywell has made a design change to the LYNX Touch 5210 and 7000 home and business control systems
that removed the built-in barrel-type power supply connector from the circuit board. In order to continue to
provide a quick-disconnect capability, a new power connector adapter has been added to the LT-Cable kit.
Additionally, as a result of customer feedback, the color of the accessory cable has been changed to white. The
new accessories are more appropriate for these systems and aesthetically pleasing for your customers. The LT-
Cable kit now consists of a power supply cable and adapter.

The LT-Cable is now an 8-foot long, white power supply cable, which is better suited for desk-mounting. The
adapter is a shorter (pigtail) DC cable that connects to the LYNX Touch terminal block. The opposite end of the
DC cable adapter is equipped with a receptacle that connects to the plug on the power supply cable.

Additional benefits of the LT-Cable kit include a simple power connection that end users can control, along
with the option to use the LT-Cable on Lyric controllers* and other power cord applications. To follow, please
find images of the connections and cables for further clarification.

The LT-Cable is available at your local ADI branch.

*When available
If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact Honeywell Technical Support at
1(800) 645-7492 or your local District Manager.

Thank you for your continued support for Honeywell products.