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Honeywell lt cable lynx touch power supply cable from above

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The Honeywell LT-CABLE is a 18AWG 2 conductor cable made of aluminum, designed to make the connection between a transformer and any alarm...
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The Honeywell LT-CABLE is a 18AWG 2 conductor cable made of aluminum, designed to make the connection between a transformer and any alarm system's power input. This cable offers a way to power cycle an alarm system without disconnecting the transformer from the wall nor having to use any tools to loosen screw terminals at the panel. Tracking down the transformer can be tricky and it is often times screwed into the wall plate. Also, if you disconnect power at the panel without removing the transformer you risk the possibility of shorting the board and damaging the panel and/or transformer. The compatible systems include but are not limited to the Honeywell L5210 or L7000 LYNX Touch, the Lyric Controller and any VISTA panel. It will also work with other brands like 2GIG, GE/Interlogix, DSC, and more.

Originally, the LT-Cable was just an 8 foot cable with spade connectors on one end and a right angle DC plug on the opposite end. The updated LT cable has the same configuration except now it includes a 7 inch dongle. This dongle is what allows the LT cable to interface with any system; Whereas the original LT-Cable only interfaced with panels like the LYNX Touch that are equipped with a DC port. Since most alarm systems do not have a DC port Honeywell created the dongle as a way to connect your LT cable to the more common screw terminals.

The key is the female DC port on the back end of the dongle. The male DC barrel connection on the end of the 8 foot cable connects to this female DC port on the dongle. This offers a way to kill power to your system by simply disconnecting the barrel connection. On the other end of the dongle, there is a red and black raw lead. These are heat-shrinked and pre-stripped at a perfect length for landing them under the power input connections on your alarm system.

The LT-CABLE was the first real sign that Honeywell is beginning to notice and cater to the do-it-yourself (DIY) alarm market. The LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel was the first Honeywell alarm control panel to include a DC plug built into the circuit board. A DC plug connection is much easier to work with than traditional screw terminal connections like the ones found on a Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panel. The dongle now integrates a DC port into any system you want!

The LT cable's spade connectors are a real benefit to the DIY alarm installer as you don’t have to deal with stripping wire and they offer a sturdier material for the transformer's screw terminals to tighten down on. You will need to use a small Phillips head screwdriver to loosen the terminal screws on the backside of the transformer. With the screws loosened, you will be able to slide the spade connectors at the other end of the LT-CABLE underneath the screw heads. DC power supplies (i.e. Honeywell 300-0475 ) require that you connect the proper polarity. Be very careful to put the red wire’s spade connector under the screw labeled ‘+’ and the black wire’s spade connector under the ‘-’ screw terminal. If you have a power supply that outputs low voltage AC power like a Honeywell 1361 there is no polarity so just land one spade on each terminal. Make sure to tighten the screws to secure the connection. You can then plug the power supply into a standard wall outlet.

The cable itself is in-wall rated which means it can be snaked in your wall cavity to avoid dangling wires from the panel. Removing your panel from AC power may come in handy when enrolling new Z-WAVE® devices. This may require that you bring the panel closer to the peripheral item during the inclusion or exclusion process. In general, Alarm Grid highly recommends adding the LT-CABLE to any DIY security system installation. It makes your DIY install safer and easier and who does not want that!

If you prefer to work with copper wire, check out our other alarm wiring options!

Brand: Honeywell

Submitted on 01/19/2013 Randy

I'm not an electrician, I don't know anything about stripping wires. I wanted to install my own security system because I didn't feel like paying an installer big money just to come in and do something I could do easily on my own. This made the entire process super super easy.

Submitted on 11/07/2012 Arun Samuel

My Lynx 5000 came without the power supply and power cable. So, I ordered the cable from Alarm Grid. The installation was a no-brainer. Pretty straight forward. Alarm Grid's service was excellent. Also, the company wrote me to find out about the product and the transaction.

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Each panel has specifications for power wiring in the installation guide, however, I've never seen any power wiring recommendation for an alarm panel that exceeds 50 feet. The Lyric panel, in particular, is very finicky about power wiring and only allows a total of 20 feet using 18AWG. I would not recommend a power wire run that long.
I’m installing our system and would like to connect the LT cable to the UPS that powers the network. My concern is that it is on the other side of the building from the ideal spot for the panel...about 100 feet if you account for distances in the walls. Any issues with extending the cable to cover that distance?
Yes you can certainly use stranded 18/2 speaker wire to connect the panel to the transformer. I recommend keeping it shorter than 25 feet in total length.
The LT-Cable is a bit too short. Can I use a longer 18AWG low voltage stranded LED 2 conductor jacketed In-Wall speaker wire?
Yes, you can use the LT-CABLE to connect the L3000 AC terminals to the two AC screw terminals on the back of the included power supply for the L3000. As it's an AC transformer, there is no polarity on the connections.
Will this work with a lynx l3000?
what size of this dc jack 2.1*5.5 or 2.5*5.5 mm
Yes, the cable was changed so it now has two connectors connected to a female barrel plug and another length of wire with a male barrel plug and the two spade connectors on the other end so it should work with any system.
will this work with 2gig Gc3??
Yes, it's a low voltage cable and it's in-wall rated.
Hi, is this cable up to the electrical codes? I thought running a power cable behind drywalls violate electrical codes.
Actually, we just found out the center pin is positive. Hope this helps!
Unfortunately, I'm not sure as Honeywell doesn't provide that information in any of their documentation. Why do you ask?
Is the DC plug on this cable center positive?
You can also use the Security Products drop down to navigate to each sensor category page (door/window sensors, motion sensors, smoke and heat detectors, etc). Any Honeywell wireless sensors will be compatible with the LYNX Touch panels.
Hey Neil. We have compatibility pages for exactly this purpose. Here you go!
Could you list all the accessories for this system on your site, i.e. co detector, smoke detector, heat detector
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