Leviton VRP15-1LW Installation Manual and Setup Guide

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Leviton VRP15-1LW - 15A Appliance Z-Wave Plug-in Module
Leviton VRP15-1LW
15A Appliance Z-Wave Plug-in Module

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1. Scene Capable Plug-In Appliance ModuleCat. No. VRP15Incandescent: 1800W Fluorescent: 1800VAResistive: 15A Motor: 1/2HPRated: 120VAC, 60HzInstallation InstructionsDI-000-VRP15-02AINTRODUCTIONLeviton’s ViziaRF +TMcomponents aredesigned to communicate with each othervia Radio Frequency (RF) to provide remotecontrol of your lighting. Using RF technologyallows Leviton to provide the greatest signalintegrity possible. Each module in Leviton’sVizia RF +TMcomponent line is a Z-Wave®enabled device. In a Z-Wave®network, eachdevice is designed to act as a router. Theserouters will re-transmit the RF signal from onedevice to another until the intended deviceis reached. This ensures that the signal isreceived by its intended device by routing thesignal around obstacles and radio dead spots.The Scene Capable Plug-in Appliance Moduleis compatible with any Z-Wave®enablednetwork, regardless of the manufacturer andcan also be used with other devices displayingthe Z-Wave®logo.CAUTION:Remember to exercise good common sensewhen using the Timer features of your remote,especially when scheduling unattendeddevices. There can be some unexpectedconsequences if not used with care. Forexample, an empty coffee pot can be remotelyturned on. If that should happen, your coffeepot could be damaged from overheating. If anelectric heater is turned on by remote controlwhile clothing is draped over it, a fire couldresult. DO NOT USE the remote for the controlof high power heating appliances such asportable heaters. This device will not controllighting that is used with electronic low-voltageand high frequency power supply transformers,nor high pressure discharge lamps (HIDlighting). This includes mercury-vapor, sodiumvapor and metal halide lamps. DO NOTchange location after unit is enrolled in Z-wave®network.NOTES:• If using a non-Leviton Programmer/Remote,refer to the Programmer/Remote instructionsheet for including a device.• If using VRCPG install checklist go directly tostep B.A) If using a Leviton Z-Wave®Programmer/Remote, Cat. No. VRCPG, press the Menubutton and scroll down to System Setup. Pressthe center button to select System SetupMenu. Choose Advance Settings. Press thecenter button to select Network.Including Scene CapablePlug-In Appliance Moduleinto Z-Wave®Network:Step 3Attaching Scene CapablePlug-In Appliance Module toWall Receptacle:Step 2• Plug the Scene Capable Plug-in ApplianceModule into wall receptacle. Verify thatreceptacle is live. If controlled by a wall switch,the switch must be kept ON at all times.Attaching Load to SceneCapable Plug-In ApplianceModule:Step 1NOTE: In order to use your Vizia RF +TMSceneCapable Plug-In Appliance Module in a Z-Wave®network, it must be included in the network usinga Primary Programmer/Remote, such as Leviton’sCat. No. VRCPG. Before including your module,please refer to the Primary Programmer/Remoteinstruction sheet for complete information. Referto Step 3 for further details.• Locate load to be controlled by Scene CapablePlug-In Appliance Module and ensure it isfully operational. Attach load plug into modulereceptacle noting proper polarity of blades.NOTE: Use check boxes when Steps arecompleted.INSTALLING YOUR APPLIANCE MODULEB) While standing close to the module(approximately 2-5 ft.), press the centerbutton to device in the network. NOTE: Only one device may be includedat a time. DO NOT put multiple devices intothe Inclusion mode at any time.C) While the Programmer/Remote is in theInclusion mode and the LED is ON onthe Scene Capable Plug-In ApplianceModule, press the ON/OFF button on themodule. The Programmer/Remote will verifyinclusion and the LED will turn OFF on theScene Capable Plug-In Appliance Module. If the Scene Capable Plug-In ApplianceModule is flashing Amber while in theInclusion mode, the Programmer/Remote isstill trying to communicate with the SceneCapable Plug-In Appliance Module. Waituntil the device stops flashing, then pressON/OFF button. NOTE: If the LED on the Scene CapablePlug-In Appliance Module turns solidRed while including, there has beena communication error. Refer toTroubleshooting section.D) The Primary Programmer/Remote willassign a node ID number (Name) for thismodule. NOTE: This ID number (Name) will bestored in the controller to be used for futurereference. NOTE: You may name or edit the node ofthis device at this time.E) The module is now installed in thenetwork.Note: If the module has been successfullyincluded in the network and the user tries toinclude it again without first excluding it fromthe network, the modulewill retain the first node IDit had received and ignorethe second.• Switch ON/OFF• Scene capable• ON/OFF LED• Two way communication• RF reliability• Ease of installation – No new wiring• Compatible with other Z-Wave®enableddevicesFEATURESStep 2 cont’d Step 3 cont’dProgramming andON/OFF Button1 ON2 ON3 ON4 ONOFFOFFOFFOFFProgrammer/RemoteCat. No. VRCPGCenter ButtonMenu ButtonWARNINGS AND CAUTIONS:• To be installed and/or used in accordance with appropriate electrical codes and regulations.• If you are unsure about any part of these instructions, consult a qualified electrician.WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS:• Unplug unit when servicing fixture or changing bulbs.• Save this instruction sheet. It contains important technical data along with testing andtroubleshooting information which will be useful after installation is complete.
2. LIMITED 5 YEAR WARRANTY AND EXCLUSIONSLeviton warrants to the original consumer purchaser and not for the benefit of anyone else that this product at the time of its sale by Leviton is free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal and proper use for five years from thepurchase date. Leviton’s only obligation is to correct such defects by repair or replacement, at its option, if within such five year period the product is returned prepaid, with proof of purchase date, and a description of the problem to LevitonManufacturing Co., Inc., Att: Quality Assurance Department, 59-25 Little Neck Parkway, Little Neck, New York 11362-2591. This warranty excludes and there is disclaimed liability for labor for removal of this product or reinstallation.This warranty is void if this product is installed improperly or in an improper environment, overloaded, misused, opened, abused, or altered in any manner, or is not used under normal operating conditions or not in accordance with anylabels or instructions. There are no other or implied warranties of any kind, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, but if any implied warranty is required by the applicable jurisdiction, the duration of any suchimplied warranty, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, is limited to five years. Leviton is not liable for incidental, indirect, special, or consequential damages, including without limitation, damage to, orloss of use of, any equipment, lost sales or profits or delay or failure to perform this warranty obligation. The remedies provided herein are the exclusive remedies under this warranty, whether based on contract, tort or otherwise.OPERATIONTROUBLESHOOTINGDI-000-VRP15-02ANOTE: It is very important to accurately excludedevices from the network when moving orremoving a device from a Z-Wave®network. Thisensures that all information has been removedfrom your PrimaryProgrammer/Remote’s information table and isnot counted on to be a part of the mesh network.A) If using a Leviton Z-Wave®Programmer/Remote, Cat. No. VRCPG,press the Menu button and scroll down toSystem Setup. Press the center button toselect System Setup Menu. Choose AdvanceSettings. Press the center button to selectNetwork.B) While standing close to the module, press thecenter button to device from thenetwork. NOTE: Only one device may be excluded ata time.C) While the Programmer/Remote is in theExclusion mode and the LED is ON on theScene Capable Plug-In Appliance Module,press the ON/OFF button on the module. TheProgrammer/Remote will verify Exclusion andthe LED will turn OFF on the Scene CapablePlug-In Appliance Module. If the Scene Capable Plug-In ApplianceModule is flashing Amber while in theExclusion mode, the Programmer/Remote isstill trying to communicate with the module.Wait until the device stops flashing, thenpress the ON/OFF button.Excluding Scene CapablePlug-In Appliance Modulefrom Network:Step 4This equipment has been tested and foundto comply with the limits for a Class B DigitalDevice, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCCRules. These limits are designed to providereasonable protection against harmfulinterference in a residential installation.This equipment generates, uses, and canradiate radio frequency energy and, if notinstalled and used in accordance with theinstructions, may cause harmful interferenceto radio communications. However, there isno guarantee that interference will not occurin a particular installation. If this equipmentdoes cause harmful interference to radio ortelevision reception, which can be determinedby turning the equipment OFF and ON,the user is encouraged to try to correct theinterference by one or more of the followingmeasures:• Reorient or relocate the receiving Antenna.• Increase the separation between theequipment and the receiver.• Connect the equipment into an outlet ona circuit different from that to which thereceiver is connected.• Consult the dealer or an experiencedradio/tv technician for help.FCC COMPLIANCE STATEMENTFactory Default:If your module is not responding, or you areunable to control it after you have tried toInclude/Exclude it multiple times, it may benecessary to reset the module to its originalfactory settings. To accomplish this, proceed asfollows:• Unplug the module and wait 5 seconds. Plugthe module back in and within 20 secondspress and hold the programming button untilthe LED turns Amber and then flashes Red.The module is now reset. Once the module isreset, it will be necessary to Re-Include it to anetwork before it can be used.CAUTION: SETTING A DEVICE TO AFACTORY DEFAULT DOES NOT EXCLUDETHAT DEVICE FROM A NETWORK. THEEXCLUSION PROCEDURE MUST BEFOLLOWED TO REMOVE THE DEVICE FROMTHE PRIMARY REMOTE’S INFORMATIONTABLE. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT INSYSTEM THAT IS SLOW TO RESPOND, ORMAY FAIL TO RESPOND TO SOME DEVICES.Step 3 cont’d Step 4 cont’dPress ON/OFF ButtonWallReceptacleLoad plugScene Capable Plug-InAppliance ModuleNOTE: Remote must be in close proximity toScene Capable Plug-In Appliance Module whenincluding in the network.VRCPGProgrammer/RemoteNOTE: For complete details on operating thePrimary Programmer/Remote, refer to theindividual device’s instruction sheet.ON: Press the ON/OFF button on the SceneCapable Plug-In Appliance Module orappropriate addressed “ON” button on theapplicable controller. The Load will turnON.OFF: Press the button on the Scene CapablePlug-In Appliance Module or appropriateaddressed “OFF” button on the applicablecontroller. The Load will turn OFF.If the Scene Capable Plug-In Appliance Moduleappears to be functioning improperly, proceedwith the following steps:1. Confirm that the device is being supplied froma 120V, 60Hz AC source ONLY.2. Confirm that the Load being controlled is inproper working order. Local switch, ON (checkfor burned-out bulbs).3. Confirm that the Load being controlled doesnot exceed the module limit.4. Confirm that unit is programmed properly.Repeat “TO INSTALL” section to verify that ithas been included in the Z-Wave®network.MANUAL OPERATION OUT OF NETWORK:The Scene Capable Plug-in Appliance Modulecan control the Load before being included inthe Z-Wave®network. After powering up theScene Capable Plug-In Appliance Module, wait20 seconds then use ON/OFF button to turn theLoad ON or OFF.NOTE: If a power interruption should occur whilethe module in ON, the light load will return to itsprevious state when power is restored.For additional information, contact Leviton’sTechline at 1-800-824-3005 or visit Leviton’swebsite at www.ViziaRF+.comProtected under U.S. Patent Number 6,388,399and patents pending and licensed underU.S. Patents Numbers 5,905,442, and 5,982,103Including SceneCapable Plug-InAppliance Moduleinto Z-Wave®Network: