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I have monitoring set up with my local municipality. I self installed my LYRIC system myself that I bought from this site, so don't really have an alarm company beyond the municipality that is monitoring my system. Is the HomeKit setting something I can re-enable through the Total Connect 2.0 web portal or app? If so I can't find the option. This was previously enabled and working flawlessly prior to the software update. I'm just a bit confused on where this feature is toggled on/off
Hi Bret, In regards to the Home app, I'd suggest verifying that both the panel and smart device you're using are on the same wireless network. This will need to be the case in order for the two to communicate. There is the Total Connect application that can be used as well, this app does not require you to be on the same network as the panel and can be used anywhere. The total connect app does require your panel to be registered with honeywell servers in order to work however. We do offer monitoring plans that include this application: In regards to Homekit, the option to use this has been added back to the Lyric. However, this also requires you to be linked to honeywell servers as well. By default the option is disabled, if you have the panel registered your alarm company will be able to enable the option for you. If you're interested in monitoring and registering the panel to those servers, you an review our plans in the link previously provided.
My lyric control panel and connected sensors are showing no response in the home app all of a sudden. There is also no option for reset HomeKit available in the settings. Any ideas? App reads I’m on SW Rev 1.07
The camera's motion detection cannot set off the alarm. When the camera picks up motion it will record a clip of the event.
Using the Homekit feature: Can motion detected from a security camera trigger the siren?

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Supplement – Apple


the Lyric Controller
the Lyric Controllerthe Lyric Controller
the Lyric Controller

for using Apple’s HomeKit
for using Apple’s HomeKitfor using Apple’s HomeKit
for using Apple’s HomeKit

The Lyric Controller can be used with Apple’s HomeK
it system for remote arming/disarming and
notifications of Lyric system events. You can also
set up HomeKit’s Automation feature to respond to L
Lyric must first be paired with HomeKit, using an i
Phone® or an iPad® running the Home
Home Home
Home app.
For more information on HomeKit, visit


Apple devices
Apple devicesApple devices
Apple devices

iPad & iPhone: iOS® 10 or later

Apple TV®: tvOS™ 9.0 or later
Lyric Controller
Lyric ControllerLyric Controller
Lyric Controller

The Controller’s software must be up-to-date.

A full-time internet connection is required for Lyr
ic software updates.
Pairing Lyric with an iOS device
Pairing Lyric with an iOS devicePairing Lyric with an iOS device
Pairing Lyric with an iOS device

Pairing requires an iPad or iPhone with iOS 10 or l
ater and the Home
Home Home
Home app. The Lyric Controller appears to
HomeKit as an Accessory

Your iOS device should be within a few feet of the
Lyric Controller.

The device’s Wi-Fi® must be turned on.

The Lyric Controller’s Wi-Fi must be operating.

Launch the Home
Home Home
Home app. If prompted, turn on the device’s Wi-Fi a
nd/or Bluetooth
and/or Bluetoothand/or Bluetooth
and/or Bluetooth.

The app identifies any available accessories. Selec
t your Lyric system.
If your Lyric system is not identified, rebo
ot the Lyric Controller and repeat this

A keypad appears on the Lyric Controller’s touch sc
reen. Enter the 4
digit digit
digit Lyric

Master User code.
The 8
digit digit
digit HomeKit setup code then appears on the Lyric
touch screen.

On the iOS device, use the camera window in the app
to capture the setup code. (If you wish, you
can enter the displayed code manually.) The device
recognizes the Lyric Controller and the
Controller beeps 3 times.
If you need to confirm pairing, press Identify Acce
Identify AccessoryIdentify Accessory
Identify Accessory on the app, and the Controller w
ill beep 3

Press Done
Done; Lyric appears in the app under Favorite Acces
Favorite AccessoriesFavorite Accessories
Favorite Accessories and Lyric is ready to use with

Apple HomeKit.
If pairing fails, reset your HomeKit in the
Security > Tools > [enter master
user code] > Advanced > Reset HomeKit
Reset HomeKitReset HomeKit
Reset HomeKit

and repeat the steps above.
When Lyric is paired with HomeKit, it is initially
associated with HomeKit’s “Default Room”. You may w
ant to
change this to reflect the location of the Lyric Co
ntroller. Typically, the Controller (seen below at
far left) is
designated by the room where it is installed. Lyric
’s sensors are also displayed as accessories.

- 2 -
Using the Home app with Lyric
Using the Home app with LyricUsing the Home app with Lyric
Using the Home app with Lyric

To operate Lyric Controller via the Home app, press
and hold

the the
the Lyric icon as seen in the previous
illustration. Arming options appear as seen below.

At left
At leftAt left
At left:
Lyric’s current security status
is displayed at the top of the

Tap one of these
arming/disarming options
(they’re described in the next





Tap Details
Details at the bottom to review information about y
our system and customize the way it interacts with
HomeKit. The Location
Location Location
Location setting allows you to label the Lyric Cont
roller with the name of the room where it is
If only part of the Details screen (shown above rig
ht) is displayed, you can scroll to see all the set
tings and
other information.

Arming/Disarming from the Home app
Arming/Disarming from the Home appArming/Disarming from the Home app
Arming/Disarming from the Home app

The Home app’s arming commands correspond with Lyri
c’s Arm/Disarm modes as follows:
Home Home
Home app
Arm Stay
Arm Away
Arm Night

Alarm and Arm/Disarm notifications appear on the iO
S device whether the Home
app is running or not.

No Lyric user code is required for any of these com
mands sent from the app.
* The Home app command Night
Night is inactive unless Arm Night
Arm NightArm Night
Arm Night is enabled in Lyric Controller. [See the
Controller User Reference Guide (P/N 800-18078 or h
igher) for more information on Arm Night.]
- 3 -
Using Lyric
Using LyricUsing Lyric
Using Lyric

sensors and alarms with HomeKit
sensors and alarms with HomeKitsensors and alarms with HomeKit
sensors and alarms with HomeKit

When an
When an When an
When an Alarm
Alarm Alarm
Alarm condition occurs
condition occurscondition occurs
condition occurs: A notification appears on the dev
ice whether or not the Home app is
When there is no alarm condition
When there is no alarm conditionWhen there is no alarm condition
When there is no alarm condition: If the Home app i
s running, notifications appear on the device when
Lyric sensor is faulted (open door/window, low batt
ery condition, etc.).

Using Using
Using Lyric
Lyric Lyric
Lyric with other HomeKit
with other HomeKitwith other HomeKit
with other HomeKit


While pairing must be performed with iPad® or iPhon
e®, Apple TV
Apple TVApple TV
Apple TV®
® can also be used with Lyric via HomeKit.
Apple TV users must log in with the same Apple ID a
s the device initially paired with Lyric; use of ot
iCloud features may be required.
Devices with a different Apple ID can access and op
erate your Lyric/HomeKit setup. However, an iPhone
iPad with the original Apple ID must originate an “
Invite” from the Home app to new users.
Remote Access
Remote AccessRemote Access
Remote Access: An iPad or Apple TV on the same Wi-F
i® network as the Lyric/HomeKit pair can be set up
as a home hub
home hubhome hub
home hub, allowing HomeKit to be operated remotely
via the internet.
Information on setting up a home hub can be found a

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