Honeywell Lyric Controller

Encrypted Wireless Security System

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system
  • Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system
  • Honeywell lyric controller wo backplate encrypted wireless secur
  • Honeywell lyric controller w backplate encrypted wireless securi

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The Lyric controller is the most advanced security system that Honeywell has ever made. Compatible with all SiX, 5800 and Lyric series parts, this unit is Alarm Grid's most popular option for home security. Get yours today and experience the most advanced security system that has ever been sold.
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The Lyric Controller is Honeywell's premier security and automation control panel in the form of a 7.0 inch graphic touchscreen keypad. Similar to other alarm systems such as Honeywell's LYNX Touch series or 2GIG's Go!Control series, the Lyric Controller is a self-contained system that integrates everything it needs into the keypad. However it is the first wireless alarm system to offer fully encrypted (128-bit AES) wireless technology between peripheral sensors. Currently, the only compatible sensors that support the encryption technology are Honeywell's new SiX series sensors. They use a 2.4GHz WIFI signal to communicate bi-directional signals to and from the Lyric Controller. The controller is able to poll for live battery and RF signal levels from any enrolled SiX sensor. These accurate readings are available locally on they keypad and even remotely on Honeywell's updated Alarmnet 360 server.

Physically, the Lyric touchscreen looks very clean and is equipped with an integrated camera for snapshots based on customizable system operations. Yes, you can trigger a photo to be taken upon disarm! These can be uploaded to Total Connect and generate email/text alerts as well. Unlike its predecessors, the Lyric Controller now has built-in WIFI and Z-Wave modules. This means that the system is capable of connecting to your WIFI network and building a local Z-Wave mesh network, right out of the box! The only communication module that requires a separate purchase is a cellular communicator.

The Lyric Controller is the first of Honeywell's alarm panels to support a CDMA radio which means it will work with Verizon. The Lyric-CDMA will be popular for those in areas where AT&T may be marginal. However the Lyric-3G cellular communicator is designed to report signals on the 3G AT&T network. Although WIFI communications can used standalone for monitoring, the cellular path is by far the most reliable since it does not rely on any local equipment or AC power. Honeywell designed a brand new way to install the cellular modules while the system is still powered without opening up the panel. There is a new side compartment designed to cut local power when you initiate the cellular install in panel programming. This makes it easier to add cellular communications after the system is already configured on WIFI.

The Lyric controller was named a "controller" since it is much more than a security panel. It is also a robust automation controller that supports up to 232 Z-Wave devices in the form of lights, locks and thermostats. For those looking to expand more into home or business automation this panel is exactly what you are looking for. There are customizable scenes, rules and schedules with triggers ranging from system operations like arming/disarming to zone faults. Another new feature that the Lyric offers on the automation side of things is the ability to integrate the Lyric Thermostat. This is the first time a WIFI thermostat can be integrated into automation scenes on a Honeywell alarm system. It is also the first WIFI thermostat to be available for remote access with the Total Connect 2.0 interactive app.

All in all, the Lyric Controller is designed for alarm owners who are looking to future-proof their alarm system and push to the very edge of alarm and automation technologies. This device is also flash-upgradeable so when new features are released your alarm company can push down the newest firmware. There are easy ways to integrate wired system infrastructures through the form of wired to wireless translators. In other words, just because you have an existing wired system that does not mean you should not upgrade to the Lyric. You can use the majority of your wired peripheral sensors (excluding life-safety devices) and simply connect them to a converter like the 5800C2W that will transmit them to the Lyric.

The Lyric comes with a transformer but no cabling included. Check out the LT-Cable for easy power cycling and installation. If you do not wish to wall mount your panel the LCP500-DK is a great desk mount option!


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We don't recommend trying to double or triple up the wires to use longer wire than what's recommend in the installation guide.
I definitely understand. And I wouldn't use the current transformer, I would replace it with the Lyric transformer. Thanks.
I understood your question, but I wanted to clarify exactly how your existing keypad gets power as most people that do this type of conversion aren't realizing that the control panel is in between the existing system transformer and the keypad. Are you confirming that you do understand this and that the existing transformer is nearby so that you could physically make the proper connection from the keypad wire, currently terminated in the Safewatch panel, to the transformer wire (also currently terminated in the Safewatch panel)?
Well 4-wire smoke detectors are pretty complicated to setup properly on a wired system as special wiring and programming (sometimes with a relay module used as well) is required so if you only have one now, I would think it would be better to just replace it with a SiXSMOKE ( ). I'm not even sure if the ESL 541CXT is listed for a VISTA-20P or 2iIP (you'd have to check with the manufacturer as they would know what panels that model is listed for) so you'd be possibly looking at replacing it with a new 2-wire or 4-wire smoke detector anyways and the SiXSMOKE isn't that much more than the wired versions.
Sorry if I wasn't clear. My question was about doubling up two higher gauge wires to emulate a lower gauge wire. I would definitely use the Lyric's transformer. But I would use 4 wires (already in the wall) from the transformer to the Lyric. 2 for positive and 2 for negative. The idea is to decrease the resistance by doubling up the wire -- and therefore accommodating a longer run (and sparing me the hassle of putting new wire in the wall). I think it would work, but I was wondering if you had ever seen it done.
Just one (or just one connected to the Alarm panel anyway).
How many existing smokes do you have?
The existing Safewatch 2000 gets power from a 2-wire connection going from a wall transformer plugged into a standard wall outlet. The existing keypad for that system, then gets power directly from the control panel itself. Therefore, you'd have to first ensure where the existing transformer that powers the Safewatch panel is in the home before even considering something like this. In nearly all cases, it's easier to just mount the Lyric in a new location that's near an outlet.
4-wire (ESL 541CXT) and connected to a Vista-20SE (Safewatch 2000).
What kind of smoke/heat detectors do you have now? Are they 2-wire or 4-wire? Are they tied into an existing alarm system?
Not what I wanted to hear, but thanks (as always) for the information. I'm trying to justify the cost of upgrading to the Lyric and having to buy new smoke/heat detectors makes the justification (from an ROI point of view) harder. I'm sure this is grasping at straws, but I recall reading that using the wired smokes with the 5800C2W is "not recommended." Does that mean it'll work, but that there is some sort of compromise? Or does it mean it doesn't work at all?
I'm in a similar situation where I may be replacing an older Vista-20SE (ADT Safewatch 2000). I want to use the wire already in the wall to go from the transformer to the Lyric. Unfortunately, the wire from the current panel (where there is a convenient outlet) to the current keypad is too light a gauge for the length of the run. However I'm pretty sure there are 6 wires available (definitely four wires). I know you can double up on wires to get the equivalent of a higher gauge. The rule I have read is that "to create the equivalent of a wire of AWG(N), you need two strands of AWG(N+3)". If that works then my four 22 gauge wires can be considered two 19 gauge (assuming I double up the wires). And I could arguably triple the wires to get the equivalent of 17 gauge. So, I'm wondering what do you think of this? Do you think this would cause any problems? [This is a repost because my earlier post was marked as spam due to an embedded link to the source of the quote above. I apologize for any potential redundancy.]
No, in fact, the panel won't let you select anything other than 'window' or 'door' for the 2 hardwired zones so you wouldn't be able to program it to act as a fire zone.
Yes, they say they are still working hard to get it released as soon as possible.
Can you please email requesting the manual as we'd like to keep the discussion on this page relevant to the Lyric system?
So no HomeKit update yet. Honeywell has one more week to make do good on their promise!
I realize the wired smoke detectors won't work with the 5800C2W. Will they work if they are hardwired directly to the Lyric itself using the hardwire zones?
Help!!! Please. My manual disappeared out of the cabinet and I have to install some more door/window sensors. Where can I find a detailed manual to do what I need to do? It's a vista20p First Alert I do believe.
We are happy to help Bruce and thank you for confirming that it's working now.
Thanks for the speedy followup and resolution. So happy to have such great support! Camera is now working and I'm receiving pictures. Kudos to you and team for being so responsive.
We just got a reply that your camera issue should be resolved. Can you please test and report back so we can know if it's fixed or not?
We actually reported your issues to Honeywell already Bruce and we are waiting to hear back from their team. It sounds like there may be a known issue (they alluded to something with the Lyric built-in cameras but didn't give any specifics) so we'll be in touch once we hear back from them.
yes... Reboot but no change. Will followup with the team. Did eliminate the WiFi Dropping by assigning it a fixed IP, so thanks for that. Thanks for the guidance on water leak sensor.
Bruce, have you tried rebooting the panel yet? If not, please try that and see if you are still getting the error on when clicking the wrench icon on the camera. If you do still see the error, please email with your TC2 log-in credentials (feel free to set the password to something temporary before sending it to us) so that we can have Honeywell take a look at your account. As for the Lyric water leak sensor, we've been told it will eventually be able to tie in with the Lyric security system but in the mean time, you can use the 5821 ( ) with the FP280 ( ) probe as the 5821 sensor works with the system now.
Looking forward to home kit compatibility for Lyric. Strange that it doesn't seem compatible with the the Honeywell Lyric water leak sensor? Bigger issue for me now is that the built-in camera doesn't work for me on the Lyric. Anyone else having similar difficulty?
Hopefully. I'll keep checking back this week and the news sites then.
We are expecting the Homekit compatibility to be released this week but Honeywell did say that may be "subject to change". The Lyric system allows Z-Wave integration and has Smart Scene setup which is slightly different than the LYNX Touch setup. However, once you connect the Lyric to Total Connect 2.0, you need to program and manage your Z-Wave scenes through TC2's Smart Scene wizard online. The Lyric won't support more advanced conditional Z-Wave logic like a SmartThings would but it does work well for more basic security/automation integration and it does have voice command capability. Depending on the complexity of the Z-Wave setup you are looking for, you may be better off doing the automation separately through the 3rd party controller and doing just the security through the Lyric. Honeywell did say they are looking at adding more advance conditional logic so perhaps with future firmware updates, the Lyric would do more of what STs does now.
Sterling, any update on the Homekit compatibility that was announced for this controller for Q1? Also how does the z-wave programability of this compare with the older Lynx Touch? Ideally I want something to replace my Lynx that has the brains of smart things or similar, has a voice component (Siri or Alexa), but yet have 1 device to manage (and the security system is that now).
We're hoping it gets released this week but they did say that is "subject to change".
I'm just waiting for this update to drop before I make my switch to Alarmgrid and buy my hardware. I know they said they promised it by the end of March, but other companies have promised HomeKit firmware upgrade support on existing products before and did not deliver. I'm looking at you Chamberlain.
A wireless range extender would not extend the range of a Lyric system to SiX devices as there is no repeater option for those devices currently.
Yes, you can integrate TCC thermostats into a TC2 account that has the automation feature when using an iOS device.
I use the 5800 series sensors on my Vista21iP+Tuxedo Touch system through the high security 5800 transceiver connected to the panel. Yes, you can use the 5800 repeater to expand the sensor network service area, or potentially, you could purchase an amplified antenna set on the 5800 connections to reach potentially far beyond the 400' distance. Though latency overall will be the limiting factor regardless of transmission power. I would figure that this is a slim possibility for what the Honeywell trainer was referring to though as the Lyric controller does not seem to have appropriate connections for this application. The other more probable alternative to boosting range is a Wireless Range extender that is SSID independent (just repeats all wireless communications it sees).
Total Connect Comfort thermostats can already be controlled through TC2.0 on iOS. TC2.0 Beta is currently running in security phase for Android with full release expected by the end of 2017.
Yes, it's just confusing naming convention but that is the recommended method to arm to "instant" mode per the Lyric user guide.
There are wireless remote keypads for this system, just as there are for a wired system. I would suggest mounting keypads near doors, and putting the system somewhere away from the doors, if you're worried about the type of scenario you mentioned. Also, the panel has logic to help with this too, it's called Advanced Protection Logic, and we enable it on all our systems/plans where central station monitoring is enabled, and the panel supports it.
great looking system.... but am I the only one concerned that the cellular "controller" and the brains of this unit is right behind the keypad? If the keypad is a couple of feet from the door, who is to say that a burglar wont just bash the keypad with a baseball bat making it useless or just dropping it in water.... I think that security aspect of the older security systems was great- the brains of the security system is in a metal box hidden somewhere in the home and your keypad is just a keypad.
I tried that but it still calls it Arm Away. Is that just a trivial naming convention? Because it does function as stay-instant.
Okay, that all makes sense then. You can arm to a "stay-instant" mode by hitting Arm Custom, selecting all the zones you want active (excluding any motions you want off) and tapping the Arm Custom option at the bottom right of that zone selection screen and finally making sure the Entry Delay selection is not highlighted blue before you enter the arming code. Once you arm this way once, you won't have to re-select the zones next time you go through the process.
Yes they were and it was visible. I just disconnected and connected to separate zones. The only hard part was tracing the wire through the rats nest my builders left in the alarm panel. I am a little disappointed that the Lyric doesn't have a Stay-Instant option.
Were they both run in series on one zone previously? If so, is the splice for the series connection visible at the wire terminations for the old panel?
I found out the issue with a little more googling. The tamper switch on the 5800C2W wasn't installed. Once i installed that then it was good to go. Just have to figure out how to separate my front door and garage door sensors.
It may be that the system is not compatible with that device or that the system only supports from of the features of that device as Honeywell system's don't work with Z-Wave "sensors" (door/window contacts, motions, temperature sensors, etc) and only work with Z-Wave "control" device (lights, locks, thermostats, etc).
What 'Service' do you have selected on the zone programming page for the door sensor in question?
Hi, just wondering about using Smart Scene's with Zwave devices. The Lyric controller seems to be limited in what devices it can see. ie. i'm trying to use it to set a Homeseer HSM200, however all it does is see it as a on/off light in Other devices. It doesn't even show up in the list of devices in the Smart Scenes I can set an action to. any ideas?
I'm having an issue where my door is seen as tamper instead of open. Once it faults it stays faulted. I'm not sure what the issue is. Can anyone help
Yes, it's possible to have it send out email alerts but you need to be subscribed to Total Connect 2.0 service through an AlarmNet provide. We offer that service through our no-contract plans available at
Is it possible to setup the Lyric Controller to send out email alerts on status? the programming guide mentions the "Remote Access serial" and "Multi mode serial" in the programming but they are both disabled
The Lyric Controller can control Z-Wave receptacles or appliance modules. Hypothetically you can plug in LED strips to one of these. Not sure about RGB spectrum.
Will it manage RGB spectrum on LED bulbs or strips?
We would recommend you contact the company you purchased the Lyric from for further technical support. You could, of course, also continue to use all of the free resources we have posted on our site. Also, if you sign up for one of our no-contract monitoring plans available at, we would be happy to continue to provide you free technical support.
Thank you! I switched it "none" (where it was on WiFi, as I connected it to my home WiFi I thought it needed to be set that way.) But the contacts do not sound when a door or windows is opened when the system is not armed. Any thoughts?
The comm error should not affect your ability to arm/disarm. However you can simply go into the installer programming menu and disable the communication path: Security > Tools > Installer Code > Program > Communicator > Toggle comm path to none and save. Do you possibly have any faulted zones besides the comm trouble? A zone being seen as open (aka faulted) would affect your ability to arm the system.
Sterling, watched all of your videos and installed my new Lyric system and SIX window/door sensors - thank you for the guidance! However, I am unable to arm the system and get around the "950 Comm Error" message. I do not wish to monitor the system at this time and just want to use it as a self-monitored system that chimes when the sensors are triggered. You mentioned that this is an option with the Lyric system in your video - any advice on how to get around the Comm Error and arm my system? Thank you.
The only possible hiccup would be the lack of support for wired life safety devices like wired smokes, heats and CO detectors. Beyond that you should not have any issues.
The 5800C2W does work with the Lyric. We would recommend watching the 5800C2W video series at as the process will be nearly identical on the Lyric.
I have wired door sensors and window sensors and I'm attempting to switch to a Lyric system and I'm aware I need a Honeywell 5800C2W but I wanted to see if there would be any issues I would hit with switching the system out.
No, unfortunately there's no way to control the brightness of the home and panic keys as they are designed to illuminate in the dark so you can set off a panic or wake up the panel in the event of an emergency.
is there anyway to lower the brightness for home key and panic key on the control panel. i see in your video its that bright, for me it too bright and the way panel is installed someone from outside can see if my alarm is armed or not by looking at the panel.
No, unfortunately, we don't price match. We can monitor a system you purchase elsewhere though. Just make sure that the other company doesn't activate your Lyric system or use 'Lyric Lock' on your system if you do purchase elsewhere and plan to activate with us.
Do you price match competing online stores on the lyric products?
We haven't heard more than that announcement so far so we are hoping the Homekit integration will be here by the end of March.
Here's the announement:
Any word on those in the know about Honeywell's firmware update to Lyric so it supports Apple HomeKit and Siri? I read they announced availability as 1Q 2017 at CES this year.
There is a backlight timeout setting you can set to 30 seconds. That way it will turn off after 30 seconds without any button presses. Go to Security > More > Tools > Enter Installer Code (4112 by default) > Program > System Settings.
How do I turn the screen off on the lyric controller?
You could try deleting the zone and re-enrolling but from what you've said, it sounds like you may need to just re-locate the device.
Only the round Lyric thermostats can be integrated into the Lyric system (via a Total Connect 2.0 account) at this time. We do except the square thermostats to eventually be integrated as well but we don't have an expected date for that integration.
Hi: I'm planning to upgrade an old wired Ademco Vista 4110XM to a Lyric ecosystem adding a 5800C2W to convert each wired zone to zwave, a Lyric Controller and a Lyric Thermostat. My question is....Can I integrate any of the Lyric Thermostats (T5, T6 Pro or the Round one) to the Lyric Controller? I was checking documentation but only appear that can connect to the Lyric App, but nothing about the integration with the Lyric Controller.
It's the RF Supervision error (can't remember the exact error code # the panel is throwing, and TC doesn't give me the error # to check remotely). It was in place for a month with no issues, then started giving issues every few days. I took it off the ceiling and put it next to the panel, and it worked fine, so it appears to be some sort of distance/interference issue. There isn't really a better place for it than where I had it, so I was hoping that zone order would be the solution.
We were actually told to do that when the Lyric was still in Beta but with recent firmware updates, that requirement is no longer needed. What trouble alert are you getting on the SiXSIREN?
How important is adding zones starting with the furthest away? I'm having issues with a siren that seems to be distance/interference related (only about 50ft away, on the second story of a 2 story 3000sq ft house), and the panel was not set up with the furthest zone first (actually the opposite, the furthest ones are the later zones). If it is part of my problem, what would I need to do reconcile this? Can I just swap the item at zone 3 with the one that's furthest away? or would I need to remove everything and reprogram the zones from scratch?
Okay, well the latest firmware (which should be loaded on any panel you buy from us here on out) should allow for panel and sensor firmware updates as long as you have an active WIFI connection.
i don't have the panel yet but was thinking on getting the system. i don't think i want it monitored with total connect thats why i was wondering if i ever have to upgrade the firmware or any reason.
You can upgrade the firmware without a Total Connect plan. Depending on the current panel firmware version, you may need to have an active central station account to be able to upgrade the panel firmware though. Are you monitored now and do you know the current firmware version of your Lyric system?
It sounds like there was just some mis-communication of how the SiX Series sensors work. As they do operate on the 2.4 Ghz frequency range (but on a proprietary RF technology different than regular WIFI signaling), someone must have just mis-understood how it works. At this time, there is no option to extend the range of a SiX Series device but using a 5800 Series device and a repeater ( ), you could get up to 400' away from the panel as 5800 Series devices can work up to 200' away and with the repeater, you could theoretically double that range. Anything beyond that would require another solution (wired or hybrid system instead).
can i upgrade the firmware for the panel or sensors without having to have total connect? if i am just on wifi network ? or does it require for me to have total connect account?
I do in fact have the trainers name but not sure I want to disclose it on an open forum. The question came up as a friend of mine who installs Honeywell systems, primarily pre-Lyric models, is not typically familiar with wifi systems and general networking technologies so he asked me if I would have a discussion with Honeywell regarding options for extending range. The building he is attempting to secure is very large (estimated at 8 to 10,000 sqFt) My friend initially spoke to the trainer and heard that if there was a wireless network in place that the sensor range could be increased utilizing the building network as a communication medium. My initial thought not understanding the make up of the SIX Series sensor was that they could be programmed to communicate with the wireless network to the main console via its own encryption protocol across the network. When I spoke to the trainer and asked him to elaborate he informed me that this was the case. however it was not necessary or even possible to program the sensor. I then asked how does the sensor module communicate with the encrypted wireless network and the response it just does. This didn't make sense to me so I figured I would play devils advocate and test but of course the result was not successful. We did in addition attempt to test with 5800 sensors and repeater but this provided little benefit. My suspicion was basically what you disclosed above. Are you aware if Honeywell is looking at enhancing range options in the not too distant future? I am not sure if this is the arena to ask but are you familiar with other products (wireless) that can provide a similar feature set ? Thanks for clarifying.. TT
Do you know the name of the Honeywell trainer you spoke with? What exactly did the trainer say? The SiX Series sensors do not communicate through a location's WIFI network and only communicate directly to the Lyric panel in which they are enrolled.
I recently had the opportunity to speak to a Honeywell trainer regarding the Lyric system and was led to believe that the distance/range modules to the control panel would be increased if the main unit was attached to a wireless 2.4GHz Wifi building Network. The idea that was conveyed that the system sensors would communicate through the wifi network back to the main controller. Since being told this I did some testing and I do not believe this is true. I ran a distance test from main control panel to sensor with no connection to the building Wifi and then again connected to the building wifi. I have not seen any difference/increase in range. Even though the wifi signal encompasses the entire building. This leads me to believe that the sensors may communicate utilizing a wifi signal but only direct from the sensor to the control unit and not through the already in place wireless network. Can someone please confirm this? Thanks! TT
Have you tried moving the 5800C2W closer and testing with just a resistor strapped across the zone terminals? Removing one leg of the resistor would simulate a zone fault. I'd be curious to hear if the delays change at all.
No, the wireless sensors are perfectly fine and consistent.
We haven't heard of any delays on wired sensors going through a 5800C2W activating a Lyric system. Are you seeing any delays in activations from any of the wireless sensors that don't go through the 5800C2W?
I have completed my Lyric system install and also utilized my existing pre-wired contacts and motion sensors using a 5800C2W. While the system is operational, I do observe a variable delay (0-3s) when triggered on the zones that are connected the 5800C2W and the other wireless zones are reposting instantly and consistently. The 5800C2W unit is mounted closely to the Lyric and I don't believe it is an reception issue. Is this a common problem? Anything I can do to troubleshoot this? Thanks
Unfortunately not. You will have to replace them with the LKP500: Another option would be install the SiXSIREN: This is a wireless siren that is capable of chiming when zones are opened.
I have an existing Vista 20P with three wired keypads. I am thinking about adding a Honeywell 5800C2W to connect the wired sensors currently connected to the Vista, and then replace the Vista itself with this Lyric. My question is: can my existing wired keypads still be leveraged in this setup? I'm particularly interested in the chiming capabilities provided by the keypads. Thanks.
OK Frank, I'm checking a new transformer right now and I'll get back with you if I need to order one ..
Tony, The first thing I would check is the transformer. Do you have a meter? If not I recommend picking one up from your local hardware store. Plug in your transformer and confirm you are getting 9 volts. Be sure to have the meter set on DC. It is possible that he just cooked the transformer and not the panel depending on how he wired it. Report back after this. Otherwise you can just order a new panel from us today before 3PM and select overnight shipping.
Hey Sterling..I have an issue that I need to fix asap..We bought a new home and for efficiency sake had a guy install the the Lyric we bought from you..Order R321616154 Anyway, He did something to the controller and now it won't work at ALL! My guess is that he crossed the power wires as I thought .i smelled it..Anyway, its fried and we Ned it up and running by Friday..Is there a fuse that would have burned out if he did that? I sure hope Honeywell was smart enough to design one in so it could be repaired later. It's still under warranty but I'm guessing that's out and I need it now..I think I have two options.Buy another from you and pay for overnight shipping or take it to the local electronic repair who are great. Can it be repaired if he switch the ground and power and cooked it for a second? If not, I need to buy one and reuse my Verizon card. I also would need to add 3 glass breaks and 15 door contacts..Help! You can email me the price and info to my email on file..We are going out of town on sat am and the alarm is KEY!
Here are the compatible cameras with the Lyric Controller:
Can you tell me what cameras (indoor and outdoors) are compatible with the Honeywell Lyric Controller (LCP500-L/LCP500-LC in front of the user manual). We are currently using doors and windows Sensors only and would like to add video. Thanks
Only 4 digit codes will sync with the Lyric panel since it only supports 4 digit user codes. I believe you can still setup local 6 or 8 digit codes but they just will not sync up with the system.
I recently installed Schlage Connect Smart Locks on my exterior doors and the access codes on the locks can be up to 8 digits. WIll Lyric work with the longer lock codes and not just a 4 digit code? I'd rather have the security of at least a 6 digit code. Thanks!
You can't make 2 Lyric Controllers behave as if they are a single system, if that's what you're asking. You can get the "MyHome Controller" app and with it on your smart device, as long as you're on the same WIFI network the Lyric is connected to, you can control the system from the smart device, as if it were a 2nd touchscreen keypad. There is also the LKP500 Lyric Keypad, which you can install as a 2nd point of control, though it's not a touchscreen, in the same sense the Lyric is. If you want to control the system from anywhere, even remotely, there's always Total Connect 2.0.
Can you use (2) Lyric Controllers together?
The new SiX Series sensors operate on the 2.4Ghz frequency and tout a longer range (300' compared to 200' for the original 5800 Series sensors). With a steel/brick building of that size, you may still not get good range throughout the property though. There is a repeater (5800RP - ) available for the 5800 Series sensors but there is no repeater for the SiX Series sensors. Did you ever try a repeater when you had the L7000 installed?
I have had issues in the past in steel/brick buildings with wireless door sensors failing to communicate with the Lynx 7000 Alarm Controller. Is it expected that the new series of sensor can communicate any better? Are they going to operate like a repeater, similar to a Z-Wave device? We are building a new 8000 sq. ft. commercial facility, and I would like to stay with Honeywell security, I just need to get past that hurdle. Thanks
Hey Mike. We are going to make the Lyric Gateway available in the next few days. It will be at the URL when it is ready.
Are you going to offer the new Lyric Gateway? If so, when will it be available? Thank you.
You can use the SiXSIREN ( ) which is a wireless siren designed for the Lyric.
Is there a way to hook up a external loud siren with the Lyric. I see that the 5800rl is not compatible. Is there another relay module that is compatible.
As you can have false alarms with smoke detectors due to dust or smoke getting into the sensing chamber when it's not a real fire, the Fire with Verification option ignores the very first trip of the smoke alarm and only sends the alarm to the system if a second smoke alarm is triggered right after. As heat detectors are nearly false alarm proof, the system doesn't offer the verification option on the heat detector zone as it's not required.
The SiX series smoke detectors are finally available. Each has a smoke output and a heat output, which must be programmed as separate zones. I have the option of programming my Lyric Controller so that the smoke output is set to "Fire with Verification" or "Fire No Verification". What's the difference? The heat output only provides Fire No Verification.
Yes, the Lyric is compatible with the older 5800 Series sensors and the newer SiX Series sensors. The only devices that work with the L5210 that aren't supported on the Lyric are the wireless 5828 and 5828V keypads, the wireless 5800WAVE siren and the wireless 5800RL relay module. The Lyric does support wireless LKP500 keypads and SiXSIREN wireless sirens though. Also, depending on what alarm communicators you have installed in your L5210, you may have to upgrade those as well. The Lyric has a built-in WIFI module so that won't need replacing but if you have cellular, you will need to get a Lyric-3G or Lyric-CDMA as the existing L5210 cellular module isn't supported by the Lyric.
Hi, I recently installed the Lynx 5210 system. Will the new Lyric work with the old Lynx Touch sensors installed in my house? Could I simply just buy the new control center? Or will I have to replace everything to upgrade?
Generally speaking, is quicker to integrate with third party platforms such Amazon Alexa devices, Nest thermostat, Lutron Lights, MyQ garage doors. However AlarmNet (Honeywell's server that hosts TC) is opening up to third party integration with devices like the August lock, SkyBell HD Video Doorbell, and WiFi TC comfort thermostats. All in all, if you're looking to integrate other major tech devices is currently winning this battle. They both very reliable platforms.
Any difference between or Total connect in terms of a better platform? Which one is better at integrating with other major partners?
We'll be here to help if you do!
Outstanding. Thanks for all of your help. I will be a DIY so I hope I don't run into too many snags.
We're not sure why the Honeywell specs are more limited but we have been told by them to make sure not to exceed the specs. It could be the difference in voltage as the 2Gig uses a 14V transformer while the Lyric uses a 9V transformer. You could always run a new wire from the panel to an outlet within the listed distances if you want the Lyric. There some tricks you can do with snaking the wire around the side of the AC receptacle and replacing the plate with a Midway (larger plate) to hide the notch in the sheetrock. Always turn off your breaker on that circuit when working this closely with live power.
The power requirements for the Lyric are much more limited than for their competitor, the 2GIG GC3 panel. The documentation for 2GIG GC3 says 18 gauge wire can be used for up to 125 feet, while 22 gauge can be used for 50 feet. The Lyric installation guide says 18 gauge is limited to 20 feet and 22 gauge is limited to 8 feet. I wonder why such a dramatic difference. I had pre-wired for panel locations in my home during construction, but if I go with the Lyric panel, I will not be able to use that wire.
The choice of the communicator you use for your Lyric (AT&T or Verizon), has nothing to do with your personal cell phone service as the communicator has its own SIM card and the company you sign up with will activate and pay for the SIM. You just have to choose the one that has good reception in your area. If you have both services now and they both work in the home, either communicator should work for you.
Thanks for the information. I have one last question, we have 2 different cell phone providers, Verizon & AT&T. If we select the Verizon, does this mean we can't access the camera or other features from our AT&T cell phone? Our home service is AT&T DSL. Just needing to know about compatibility.
Thanks for the information. I have one last question, we have 2 different cell phone providers, Verizon & AT&T. If we select the Verizon, does this mean we can't access the camera or other features from our AT&T cell phone? Our home service is AT&T DSL. Just needing to know about compatibility.
The Lyric has encrypted wireless sensors (the new Honeywell SiX Series sensors) that are available now and has a built-in WIFI module. The 2Gig GC3 is expected to have the encrypted sensors at some point but so far we have no word on when that will be from 2Gig. Also, the GC3's WIFI board is in the panel but the firmware that would make it usable hasn't been released yet. Another big difference is that the Lyric uses Total Connect 2.0 service for remote arming/disarming and alerts while the 2Gig systems use service instead.
If you enter programming and disable the 'Communication Path' setting on the 'Communicator' page of programming, it should get rid of the communication failure trouble.
Yes, we offer shipping to Canada.
What are the pros & cons for the Lyric & for the Go Control? I am down to one of these security systems. Thanks
If you are using this system without monitoring, how can you get the comm failure message to go away?
Do you guys ship to Canada?
The 5800C2W ( ) module allows you to connect wired zones and have them become wireless zones that can be programmed to the Lyric. Each 5800C2W supports up to 9 wired zones and you can use more than one module. We have a nice video series at that shows how the module works. It's a video with the LYNX Touch panel but it's the same process on the Lyric.
I'm moving into a new house that has pre-wired for sensors (all wiring goes to basement panel. What is required to use the Lyric controller (located on main floor) with wired sensors?
The panel does have a feature that can make the touchscreen go dark after 30 seconds of inactivity. It's the Backlight Timeout feature in the System Settings section of the panel programming. Underneath the touchscreen, the Home icon does also change from green to red when armed. This would still be visible even when the touchscreen times out.
Does the display stay on at all times or can it be turned off manually or after some inactivity? The location in my install would be visible through a window. I don't want it to be obvious when the system is not armed. Are there any LEDs that indicate armed state aside from the display?
Per Honeywell, 5 years with typical use on both. They will give you a low battery warning, usually about a month before they go dead, to give you time to replace them.
Approximately how long does the battery last in a Lyric SiXCT door sensor or SiXPIR motion sensor? Do they give you an alert through the Lyric when they are getting low?
Good plan - thank you very much.
The LYNX and Lyric are both all-in-one wireless systems that woudl require the 5800C2W module to convert the existing wired zones into wireless zones. It sounds like you prefer to just put in a new green circuit board (the VISTA-20P or VISTA-21iP) to replace your existing older model VISTA panel. I would suggest you email with your wants/needs as this is now getting off topic from the Lyric panel on this page.
That requires also an adapter for all the wireless zones, correct? And in that case I also need two new panels (which I might need anyway), correct? If I upgrade my current panels I think the 6160 appears to be a nice solution; what panel would be needed for the LYNX? Did I read correctly that I also need an adapter to drive the internal siren but not the external bell? (That seems odd.....) Essentially I'm asking for a list of items that need to be ordered if I upgrade. (I'll then look up individual prices to see what the cost of the upgrade is.) I do appreciate the guidance.....
I wasn't suggesting adding wireless zones. I was suggesting using your existing wiring and wired devices with a new easier to use interface (the LYNX Touch or Lyric).
I have no desired to add wireless. All current sensor are fully hidden as we installed the current system as the house was built. I see no need to start adding visible elements. So I need to see what keypad model I have to ensure they are still compatible. Once I get that info I'll want to know if there are any limitations.
You could swap out to a VISTA-20P (or a VISTA-21iP which is a 20P with a built-in IP communicator) and you'd just have to map the wires over terminal-by-terminal any then program the new system (using an alphanumeric keypad) to match the existing zone list. Another option is to upgrade to a LYNX Touch L7000 using the 5800C2W to convert your existing wired zones into wireless zones supported by the L7000. Our LYNX-EXT kit would allow you to integrate in your wired sirens (not available with the Lyric).
The current system is 20 years old. It indicates that it was made by ADEMCO and is model VISTA-20HW. There are currently 8 zones and the outside bell has served well for informal monitoring. We do not plan to pay for remote monitoring by a service at this time - but that could change. (When the alarm sounds we always hear from neighbors, checking on us.) I have wondered about a few more zones - there are a couple of zones that include more items than I prefer.
Are you planning to have the system monitored? How many current zones are programmed to the current system and what is the model number of the current system?
I used the chat feature on the Alarm Grid site earlier. We’ve an existing system but the controller is showing its age. The house is fully wired – 17 wired sensors. We’ve a siren inside the house and an alarm bell outside the house. I do not know their current loading. We do not connect to fire or other detectors – just intrusion. Seems the 20P plus two 6160 pads would work well depending on bell current draw. What I don’t know is what I don’t know to ask, or what information I might be missing.
We do sell the VISTA-20P. Do you have an existing alarm system now or just pre-wiring in the home?
I likely misread the original post. In reviewing the options it looks like the Honeywell Vista-20P would be a good fit for us. We see no need for wireless.......
No, the Lyric is an "all-in-one" system meaning the touchscreen unit is the keypad and control panel in one device. You can't interface two different alarm systems in one so you can't use the Lyric system with a VISTA-20P system.
Does Lyric works with vista 20p (with software version 9.18)?
Yes, that does refer to power as that was what Channing Manica was asking about. Did you have a separate question about what sensors work with the Lyric?
That seems to refer only to the power, not the sensors.
The Lyric has the Advanced Protection Logic (APL) feature that protects from an intrusion where the intruder would destroy the panel during the entry delay so that an alarm would still be sent to the central station so you don't need to "hide" the panel away from the main entry points but you can certainly choose to put the main panel in the bedroom if you'd like.
in a two floor house with bedrooms on the second floor, does it make more sense to install the LCP500 on the second floor outside the bedrooms and a secondary LKP500 on the first floor where we enter? or vice versa?
The 5800MICRA are more popular for windows due to their slim depth. Generally windows do not have the depth required for the 5818MNL since the drillable, non-glass area is not as deep as the magnet. If you do use the MICRA you will need to use a Forstner bit to drill out the wider area with a flat bottom. If you are OK with surface motion options the 5820L is the best option for windows. The skinny width allows them to fit just about any window, including double hung...
ben, thanks for the suggestion. i see 5818MNL is for door OR window. are they suitable for recessed install on a vinyl double hung window in your experience? do you have any experience installing the 5800MICRA by comparison in a vinyl window application?
It depends on the gauge of wire and length of your run. See the details on page 10 of the install guide.
If i were to replace an existing security system that was pre-wired when the house was built, Could I use wire that was powering the old system to power the Lyric?
If you are looking for window coverage without the surface mount sensors, you might look at a glassbreak sensor. These either go on the wall opposite the windows, or on the ceiling in the middle of the room. these cover a SINGLE room, so don't expect to put it in the hallway and pick up your bedrooms... this is a sensor that listens to the sound of breaking glass, and it's active for both arm stay and away... this is a "perimeter" style sensor, so if it goes off, the alarm goes off. for your exterior doors, get something like these are my favorite door sensor, and runs on a AAA battery :D sincerely, ex-Honeywell system installer
It's true that Encryption is a selling point of the Lyric, but the 2GIG GC3 doesn't offer any encrypted sensors at this point, and we have no idea when it will. It also doesn't support WIFI communication to central station at this point. With the Lyric, you can use the Encrypted sensors that you find aesthetically pleasing, and use the older style 5800 series devices in areas where the SIX series are not. The SIXGB is actually nicer looking than the older style 5800 series glass break, in my opinion, and the SIXSmokes, though, they're a little late to the party and are due out in the very near future, are far superior to the 5808W3's in that they can be interconnected so that if one sounds, they all sound.
Yes, if you are using a cellular communicator and want central station service with Total Connect 2.0 service, the Gold plan would be the right choice. It does include the ability to have the system send you a picture from the built-in camera when the system is disarmed. That feature does require an active WIFI connection at the panel though.
So the Gold Level monitoring would work with the Lyric and send the arm/disarm pictures taken from the panel to our cell phones?
Thanks Frank and Sterling for the suggestions. Seems one of the selling points of Lyric is encryption and bidirectional communication with the panel, so not using a six series sensor doesn't feel like it makes a whole lot of sense - with this panel anyway. Unless I'm misunderstanding? I suppose I could eventually swap them out (throwing away some $) if/when they come out. Or does 2gig have a better solution?
I recommend checking out the 5820L as well. The 5811 is the slimmest in depth but the 5820L is the slimmest in width. This makes it great for windows where you may not have much room to play with for surface mounting.
At this time there is no SiX Series recessed sensor or smaller SiX Series surface mount sensor but you can use any of the 5800 Series wireless Honeywell sensors with the Lyric as well. The 5811 is a smaller nicer looking surface mount sensor and the 5800MICRA is a recessed sensor for a window.
I am working on spec'ing a new security / automation system for our new home. My first time doing so. So trying to wrap my head around the myriad options in terms of control panel options, sensors etc. Our system will be centrally monitored. It seems like this panel and the 2gig gc3 are two options. One thing we noticed straight away is the surface mount contact sensors appear to very clunky looking. And with many many windows on our first floor are concerned the install would look ridiculous with the window contacts everywhere. We'll have motion as well but want the contacts for when we're home. Is there a six series wireless recessed window sensor? Recommendations along these lines?
Yes. Any 5800 series sensor will communicate with the Lyric.
Does the 5818MNL in door sensor communicate with this panel? If not do they make a door sensor that fit inside door? Thanks!
Thanks! I don't have any older keypads or sirens.
Okay, then you should be good with just the new Lyric controller. All of your wireless sensors will enroll to the Lyric and it has a built-in WIFI and ZWAVE module. If you have any wireless keypads or sirens not, they will need to be replaced with SiX versions instead.
It looks like it must be pretty short, as the transformer is directly adjacent to the panel.
Depending on how far the wire run is between your LYNX-R and the outlet for the power supply, you may need to run a new wire as the Lyric has strict length/gauge limits. How far is your current run?
Do I need anything else to install this, if I am replacing an existing older LYNXR panel?
Yes, the Lyric is compatible with the 5800C2W module.
Will this work with wired sensors connected through the Honeywell 5800C2W converter? Thanks
You could get the Gold plan for central station and Total Connect 2.0 service using the cellular module. The Platinum plan would only be needed if you want to access Honeywell IPCAMs from your TC2 account.
thanks. does it mean I have to get a platinum service (that includes Total Connect 2.0) to get it working (i.e. with cellular and a central station monitoring)?
No, it works with Honeywell's Total Connect 2.0 service.
is it supported by if no, what is the backing service provider?
Thanks. The app info is important because it looks like, at least at this point, that the Total Connect 2 is more stable and better designed.
Well the Lyric Controller is firmware upgradeable so yes there are firmware updates available, fairly regularly. With that said, the cellular communicator is a module that slides into the side of the panel. Right now, there is just a Verizon CDMA and AT&T 3G. I imagine they will release an LTE version at some point which can be swapped in. So the Lyric runs on the same TC 2.0 app for remote access and alerts. There is a unique local app (when on local WIFI network) called "my home controller." This is designed for tablets used as keypads for the most part. However you will be using Total Connect 2.0 most of the time with your iOS an droid phones.
Two quick questions, will it be possible to upgrade the Lyric when 3g fades away and LTE is the norm? And do the Lyric iOS and Android apps offer the same alarm system control as the Total Connect app? Thanks
No, the Lyric doesn't work with a wired siren. You'd have to use the wireless SiXSIREN if you want extra sirens for the system.
Can the Lyric use a WAVE2 wired siren, or just wireless?
The Lyric has a built-in Z-Wave controller making it compatible with nearly any Z-Wave thermostats but as far as we know, there are no plans to unlock support for other brands WIFI thermostats.
Thanks for the reply. Do you have any insight as to what system restricts the Ecobee from being compatible? Being that the Lyric wifi thermostat will work, are there any future plans to unlock outside brands?
The Lyric won't integrate with the Ecboee3 thermostat unfortunately. It only works with Z-Wave thermostats and the WIFI Lyric thermostat. You could of course, continue to use the Ecobee3 app for the thermostat and still install a Lyric security system though.
I am interested in purchasing a Lyric Controller panel along with numerous home security sensors, keypads and pretty much all I need for a complete home security system. The only concern I have keeping me from pulling the trigger is my Ecobee3 thermostat. With that said, can the Lyric Control panel connect via Wifi with my Ecobee3 thermostat and incorporate it with Total Connect 2? Thanks!
We actually just added that to our site recently. Feel free to order online at
Any update on when the desk stand might be available? Loving our Lyric, but it is still sitting on our desk :-)
Yes the Lyric Controller is compatible with any 5800 series sensor.
Can I use the sensors from my L7000 with the new panel?
The unit is supervised every 24 hours if you have a central station plan with us so if someone did disable the WIFI and cellular communications before breaking in, the local alarm would sound and we wouldn't receive anything potentially. We are talking about a pretty sophisticated intruder if they have the equipment to jam WIFI and cellular connectivity though. Also, he would have to know that you don't have a phone line as well if he was jamming WIFI and GSM, otherwise your system could have a phone connection to send the signals out. As we like to say "alarm systems aren't meant to keep James Bond out".
Then if the intruder jams both the WiFi and cellular signals in the house, all I will get is the alarm from the central office that the Lyric panel is offline. Should that be a concern?
No, the Lyric doesn't support a wired Ethernet connection.
Is it possible to hardwire the Lyric controller to the ethernet?
Thanks a lot for keeping me updated, Frank - I've just ordered it! I look forward to speaking with you later on as well :)
We now have the LCP500-DK: Sorry for the wait!
Hi Travis, We finally have the LCP500-DK desk mount for the Lyric Controller live on our site: Look forward to activating your account later this evening!
The Lyric supports 2.4GHz WIFI and Z-wave. There are no modules required. This hardware is integrated into the Lyric itself.
The Honeywell Lyric site ( says the Lyric includes on-board Wi-Fi or Z-Wave. Is it one or the other? Can the Lyric support both?
The picture of the LT-CABLE is out of date. It now consists of two pieces and the cabling is white. One piece has the two spade connectors for the transformer and on the other end has a female barrel plug connector. The other piece is a short wire with a red and black pig tail with soldered wire to connect to the internal screw terminals of a panel and the other end has the male barrel plug connector so that it works with nearly any system.
I kind of figured after the fact that Honeywell is expecting it to be professionally installed. Thanks for the rapid response! I'm going to head out to Lowe's to pick up wire but just for my future reference, I see the LT-CABLE is intended for the LYNX - would we just cut off the adapter end and install into the Lyric panel? Thanks again for all your help you provide us!
Unfortunately, Honeywell expects the panel to be installed by an installer who would have their own wire so it doesn't come with a wire. We offer the LT-CABLE ( ) which you could use but you can certainly supply your own 2-conductor wire as well. Home Depot or Lowe's typically sells wire that you can have them cut to length. Make sure you don't exceed the wire length/gauge requirements spelled out in the installation guide.
I just received my Lyric and noticed it doesn't come with a wire between the Controller and transformer. Am I supposed to provide that myself or is my kit missing something?
We expect the LKP500 to be available very soon but haven't heard about the desk stand yet.
Yes, we do use Criticom as our central station partner. You can manage your billing through our account portal but contact/address updates must be provided via email or phone call at this time.
Hi Sterling, any update on the desk stand or auxiliary keypads (LKP500)? I'm going to need to buy those all as well.
You can use the AlarmNet IPCAMs available at and they would integrate into Total Connect 2.0 and you'd be able to view them from the Lyric panel as well.
So if Id like to add video that would be Platinum? Id like to have a few cameras that I can access via the app
We can ship you a Lyric and provide you with Total Connect 2.0 service with one of our self monitoring plans available online at but we wouldn't be able to provide central station service or cellular monitoring in Europe.
Is this bad boy availible in the EU?
The easy way to know if it's compatible or not is whether or not it's listed as a Honeywell AlarmNet camera with a part number starting with 'IPCAM'. They have special firmware on those cameras that make them work with the panel. No other cameras will work.
I'm trying to get clarity on what it considers compatible; from a technical perspective. For example; vendors have mac addresses that start with a certain sequence that identifies them as a vendor. Is that what its looking for? Does it expect a certain port to be open for the video stream? If so, what port is it? I have cameras from ubiquiti that themselves aren't standards based but the controller allows you to re-stream feeds. I hope to perhaps present a different mac address or use an alternate port to trick the lyric panel into recognizing them. I am reluctant to invest in honeywell ip cameras as the value just isn't there.
Per Honewell's site, it seems that the weather won't work on the Lyric unless you have the panel active with a monitoring company. "The panel can provide either a one day or a five day local weather forecast in the U.S. and Canada as soon as the AlarmNet Communicator is active. One day forecast The one day forecast is an automatic feature available at no additional cost when an AlarmNet Communicator is actively communicating with AlarmNet’s servers. The panel fetches the forecast immediately upon boot up (if the location has been previously entered) or as soon as the Zip Code is entered/updated on the Location Screen. From there it follows a normal schedule as follows: WiFi or IP communicator - the weather updates every 4 hours during the 3, 7, 11 am/pm hours (local time) with the minutes randomized. If Wifi fails with Cellular as backup the panel continues its 4 hour weather update schedule. Cellular communication only - weather updates twice a day at 12 am/pm local time. Five day forecast The five day weather forecast is available on the panel when Information Service (Basic or Enhanced) is added to the TotalConnect 2.0 account (additional charges may apply). The location must be input into the panel by performing a TC2 Panel Sync after the location information is entered into the “location” module on the TotalConnect website or tablet app. The panel fetches the forecast immediately upon boot up (if the location has been previously configured as described above). From there it follows a normal schedule as follows: WiFi or IP communicator - the weather updates every 4 hours during the 3, 7, 11 am/pm hours (local time) with the minutes randomized. If IP fails with Cellular as backup the panel continues its 4 hour weather update schedule. Cellular communication only - weather updates twice a day according to the local times established in TotalConnect 2.0 website/app “Configure Information Services” screen (default is 8AM and Noon)."
Yes, we hope Honeywell updates their IPCAM offerings as well. During the scan, it's looking for MACs on the network of compatible IPCAMs that are connected to the same network as the panel.
No its not being monitored at this time. I found a post, i thought by you, that covered how to get the weather to display when you don't have service. It talked about how the state and country needed to be entered in a particular way. It was for an older security panel though but the steps appeared to sync with lyrics. I'll try to track down that post.
That's disappointing as honeywell IP cameras are just bad. Really bad. Any idea what its looking for during its scan? A particular mac address prefix? TCP ports? Protocols?
I'm not sure which post you are referring to, do you have a link?. Is your system being monitored currently?
Sterling I saw a previous post about getting the weather to display w/o having total connect. I followed those instructions, and oddly, now not only is the weather not being displayed but the location "button" disappeared from the home screen altogether. Any ideas whats wrong? Thnx
The Lyric only works with AlarmNet IPCAMs and you need to have the IPCAMs connected to the same network as the Lyric to view them from the Lyric touchscreen. If you are using IPCAMs, you just have to scan and the MAC of the IPCAM will be displayed if it is the proper camera on the same network as the system.
The tuxedo touch has an option to manually add camera details if not found during a scan. Is this possible on the lyric?
Yes, it's called My Home Controller.
I see that there is an android app for controlling the l5200,l5210, and l7000 directly (not totalconnet). Is there an app for Lyric Controlller
Basically, all the IP-CAM's made by Honeywell (IPCAM-PT, IPCAM-WO, IPCAM-WI, IPCAM-WI2, IPCAM-WL, and presumably the ACU) are compatible for viewing via the Lyric display.
Any of the Honeywell IPCAMs listed at are compatible.
Which wireless cameras are compatible with the Lyric systems?
Yes, the Lyric system supports Honeywell's Advanced Protection Logic (APL) which ensures an alarm is still delivered to the central station if the system is destroyed during the entry delay period. We include APL with all four of our central station plans available at the top of our sign up page -
Can this controller prevent a crash and smash attack?
No, the Lyric doesn't support partitions currently but we have heard that it may become available in future firmware updates. We have no ETA on that functionality though.
Thank you for all of the answers! Does the Lyric controller support multiple partitions? I'd like to be able to keep the guest house armed even though our main partition may not be. Thanks!!!!
Check out page 23 of the Lyric User Guide: This may help with configuring the Lyric as a secondary controller.
The Lyric does support the secondary controller feature like the Tuxedo Touch does so if that's the feature you are using to integrate with Vera on your VISTA panel, I'd imagine you could do all of what you are doing now with the Lyric.
We use motion detectors to trigger scenes. We also have all of our downstairs lights and home theater gear turn off when we put the alarm in Night-Stay mode. We enjoy the versatility of using Vera as our primary controller and its open architecture to integrate with a lot of third party systems (our security NVR, irrigation systems, blinds, etc). Do you know if the Lyric will function as a secondary controller?
We've inquired with Honeywell about when the peripheral items like the desk mount will be available and as soon as we hear back, we'll let you know.
We haven't heard of any API integration from a Lyric into another 3rd party system. How are you integrated into the Vera now?
Is there/will there be an API or any other methods of integration with other home automation products? I'm currently using Vera (zwave) for my automation controller. I currently have tight integration with Vera and my Vista 21IP. Thank you!
When will you be carrying the LCP500-DK desk stand for the Lyric Controller? I just ordered a Lyric and didn't realize that it didn't come with the stand.
There is a built in WIFI communicator that supports most 2.4GHz WIFI routers. You can also use cellular communications to avoid any interruptions with your monitoring service in the even of WIFI failures. You can choose between the Lyric-3G ( AT&T - ) and the Lyric-CDMA ( Verizon - ). There is no phone line option on the Lyric.
Does the Lyric come with the capability for VOIP monitoring? Or do you have to use a cellular module for monitoring?
No, the Lyric is not compatible with the bi-directional 5800 devices so it won't work with your 5828V. The LKP500 is the Lyric keypad option.
No, we still don't yet offer two-way voice. I have flagged your account so that once we do, we can let you know though.
We've fond Yale locks work better then Schlage with the LYNX Touch systems. We haven't experimented with locks enough on the Lyric to know if it will be any different. We also haven't used the August locks but you can certainly setup a Z-Wave lock to disarm the system once a valid code is entered to unlock the lock.
Is there a benefit to use one vs the other Z-wave Schlage or Yale door lock? Also with the August smart lock & keypad is there a way to disarm the system by entering the door unlock code via the keypad?
Also, will it work with my 5828V remote keypad? Thanks!
With the new Lyric controller, is your monitoring center now able to conduct two way voice monitoring like my old monitoring company?
We do have kits available now online at
Are we safe to assume that we've got an official release? Will there be a package similar to the L7000 (motion sensor + 3 door contacts, etc.)?
No, it only supports Honeywell 5800 Series and SiX Series wireless sensors.
We haven't heard full details on HomeKit integration yet but we do expect it to be able to be used with a HomeKit controller.
Does the Lyric support the GE/Interlogix Crystal Wireless sensors?
So no to HomeKit?
Yes, they are very similar systems. One difference is with the Honeywell Lyric, you have the option to do your monitoring through the WIFI connection with no cellular for a reduced rate. We do always encourage cellular for anyone getting monitoring but some people like the less expensive option of doing IP only monitoring and that's not available with 2Gig/ Also, it's hard to argue with Honeywell's track record of reliable manufacturing but so far 2Gig has done a great job as well.
Thanks, Sterling - in terms of product features, these two systems seem to be pretty much like-for-like. My main concern is one manufacturer has years of experience with the other being fairly new to the game. Based your knowledge, what is your experience with satisfaction and longevity of reliability and support?
We expect to have it available sometime this month or next. The Lyric encrypted sensors will be released when the system is launched while the GC3 encrypted sensors aren't expected out until Q3 or Q4 of this year.
Any release date from Honeywell? Making a comparison between the 2GIG GC3 and the Lyric system and would really like to see the options available when Honeywell shows what will be included in the package
If you don't add cellular to the system, you can choose the Bronze or Silver plans. Gold or higher would be needed if you choose to add the cellular back up. We don't yet have any information on pricing for Lyric products but we'll post it online as soon as we know.
In order to use this panel and do monitoring it would have to Gold Plan or Higher? is that correct? Also do you have an estimate on the cost of the cell cards for this Panel?
We expect it to be released sometime next month.
Any updates on when this controller will be released?
The Lyric will be backward compatible with the Honeywell 5800C2W ( ). This is a 9 wired zone translator module. Backup battery is not included. We recommend the Ultratech 1240 or 1270.
What device will allow you to connect existing wired sensors to the lyric system?
The Lyric would replace the LYNXR-1 since they are both self-contained wireless alarm systems.
Work on a LYNXR-l system?
Yes, the Lyric will work with any 5800 Series devices, including the 5818MNL ( ) but any 5800 Series devices would not be encrypted to the Lyric.
Would this unit work with Honeywell's recessed wireless door and window transmitters, such as this the 5818MNL?
We expect it to be available by the end of March or beginning of April.
Dang...I looking to upgrade my Vista to wireless. I didn't want to pull the trigger on a L7000 kit with the Lyric so close to being released.
Because it's not available for sale yet. We're hoping it will be available by the end of March or beginning of April and then we'll remove the "discontinued" label.
Way does this show add discontinued?
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