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Document Transcript

Voice Command Supplement

Voice Command offers control of Smart Scenes and Video by
speaking in plain language. User-selected trigger phrases
spoken near the Controller alert the system to listen for further
Five command phrases can be assigned to trigger Smart
Scenes. The command phrase “Cameras” is dedicated
exclusively to the Video function.
See the Lyric Controller’s User Reference Guide for more about
Smart Scenes and other features mentioned in this publication.
• Voice Command is not to be confused with voice
annunciations of system status (Home > Settings).
• Verbal responses are available in English only.
• We suggest enabling Trigger Feedback until you are familiar
with Voice Command. However, Voice Command can be
used without Trigger Feedback.
• The Controller is designed to hear commands spoken in a
normal voice from about 10 feet away. Background noise
may affect Lyric’s ability to recognize commands. You may
need to speak louder or move closer when there is a lot of
background noise.
Adjust the system’s responsiveness using the Command
Sensitivity and Trigger Sensitivity sliders along with
settings on the Counter menu.
• To test voice recognition without setting up Smart Scenes,
go to the Home screen and say your trigger phrase.

Getting Started
Before working with Voice Command, make sure the system is

Press Security on the Home screen.

2. Select Tools.

3. Enter the Master User code and select Voice Command.
The setup screen appears.











A. Familiarize yourself with using Voice Command.
B. Assign Smart Scenes to command phrases.
C. View a record of Voice Command events.
D. View and adjust sensitivity settings. See the Counter
(Sensitivity Settings) section.
E. Turn Voice Command on and off.
F. Turn verbal confirmation of trigger phrases on and off.
G. Adjust sensitivity to command phrases to compensate
for varying noise conditions.
H. Adjust sensitivity to trigger phrases to compensate for
varying noise conditions.
I. Select one of the three available trigger phrases.
J. Set volume of trigger feedback (verbal responses to


Voice Command Assignment
Command phrases must be assigned to existing Smart Scenes.

Only the “Cameras” command is active without setup. It
is not included in the assignable commands listed below.

Only one Smart Scene can be associated with a given
command phrase.


On the setup screen, select Voice Control. The
assignable command phrases are displayed:

Evening Time
Returning Home
Wake Up


Leaving the House

2. Touch a command phrase in the list and press Select.
A list of Smart Scenes appears.
3. Select the Smart Scene to trigger with the command
phrase and press Save.
4. The list of command phrases appears, showing the
associated Smart Scene.
Returning Home
Foyer Lts ON

5. Press  to return to the previous screen.
6. Press  to return to the Tools menu OR press the
button below the touch screen to return to the Home


Clearing or Changing a Voice Command

Select a command phrase with an assigned Smart Scene.

2. Smart Scenes are listed.
3. Press Clear.
4. Select a different Smart Scene.
5. Press Save.

Using Voice Command

After initial setup, speak the selected trigger phrase
(“Hello Lyric”, “Hello Lyric Home” or “Okay Lyric”).

2. Lyric confirms “Hello, please say your command” (if
trigger feedback is enabled) and awaits a command
3. Speak a command phrase. If Trigger Feedback is enabled,
Lyric confirms that it is processing the command.
4. Lyric runs the assigned Smart Scene or opens the Video


Counter (Sensitivity Settings)

on the Setup menu.

This screen summarizes the interpretation of trigger and
command phrases heard by the system.


Displays the currently selected trigger phrase
and all command phrases.


Displays the number of times a trigger or
command has been heard by the controller.


The user-set level of sensitivity to spoken trigger
and command phrases.

Last 10

Represents the accuracy with which Lyric has
interpreted the last 10 voice commands. These
figures are based on internal diagnostics.
Accuracy values range from 1-2000.


Resets the Count and Last 10 Accuracy values
for a single trigger or command phrase.

Clear All

Resets the Count and Last 10 Accuracy values
for all trigger and command phrases.


Adjusting Sensitivity
If you need to repeat commands or speak abnormally loudly,
Lyric’s responsiveness can be improved by changing the
Accuracy value.

Select a command phrase in the Assigned column on the
Counter screen.

2. Find the phrase’s lowest Last 10 Accuracy number.
3. In the Accuracy column, press the displayed number. A
keypad appears.
4. Enter a number moderately higher than the number cited
in step #2. For example, if the lowest Last 10 Accuracy
number is 599, set the counter for 800.
5. Press Done.
If the results are unsatisfactory, try entering a higher or lower
number. Experiment with these settings and the Command and
Trigger Sensitivity sliders for best performance.


You might want to jot down the trigger and command phrases
that you use, along with the Smart Scenes associated with your
Trigger Phrase

Smart Scene name

Command Phrase

Ref: LCP500-L

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