Interlogix 600-9400-IMAG-KIT Product Manuals

Interlogix 319.5MHz Series - Data Sheet
The Interlogix 319.5 MHz Series Data Sheet provides helpful information for all of the Interlogix wireless security sensors and devices. This complete guide includes the standard features for these devices, along with some helpful comparison charts. Learn more about the Interlogix 319.5 MHz Sensors.

Interlogix 600-9400-IMAG - ADC-IS-200-LP Image Sensor- Installation Manual
The Interlogix 600-9400-IMAG Installation Manual provides important user information for the ADC-IS-200-LP Image Sensor. This manual shows an overview of the device, and it shows users how to install any necessary hardware in their Simon Alarm System. Learn how to get started with this Image Sensor.

Interlogix 600-9400-IMAG - ADC-IS-200-LP Image Sensor - Data Sheet
The Interlogix 600-9400-IMAG Data Sheet provides information about the ADC-IS-200-LIP Image Sensor. The data sheet features an overview of the device, lists its standard features, and it provides a full list of its specification. Learn more about this image sensor by reading this helpful data sheet.