Honeywell Lyric Controller Firmware Updates

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Honeywell regularly releases firmware updates for the Lyric Security System. These updates ensure that the panel remains current, updated, and relevant for years to come. Due to the way Honeywell handles Firmware Updates for their Lyric system we are not able to offer the firmware for download, as we do for some of our other products. However, if you are interested in a Firmware Update for a Lyric panel, it can be easily accomplished as long as the system has monitoring enabled.

Current Firmware: 01.07.07648.491 also known as MR7

Release Notes

Support For a Broader Range of Ecosystem Devices
  • Support for the Honeywell T6 Z-Wave Thermostat which features both wired and battery-only options.
  • Support for the soon to be released SiXCOMBO. This device integrates Smoke, Heat, and Carbon Monoxide Detection into an easy to install unit. These units support the SiX Series "one-go-all-go" feature, where if one SiXCOMBO triggers an alarm, all SiXCOMBO devices will sound for both smoke and Carbon Monoxide.
  • Support for August Smart Lock Pro. This is a Z-Wave retrofit smart lock often used by professional installers.
  • Support for Eaton & Cooper light switches and outlets.
Quick SiX programming
  • A new "SiX Programming" option was added in the MR4 release. This feature allows for faster enrollment of SiX devices and will be particularly useful when programming the SiXCOMBO and similar multi-function devices.
  • Includes a fix for Technical Notification #26, which caused Apple HomeKit to be disabled for some customers.
    • For users whose Apple HomeKit feature was disabled when usingi the previous release, once this update has been applied the dealer will need to re-enable the Apple HomeKit feature, then it will be ready for use.
    • Eliminated beeps after firmware update completion
    • Various system performance enhancements.