Honeywell Lyric Controller Firmware Updates

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Honeywell regularly releases firmware updates for the Lyric Security System. These updates ensure that the panel remains current, updated, and relevant for years to come. Due to the way Honeywell handles Firmware Updates for their Lyric system we are not able to offer the firmware for download, as we do for some of our other products. However, if you are interested in a Firmware Update for a Lyric panel, it can be easily accomplished as long as the system has monitoring enabled.

Current Firmware: 01.09.07768.494

Previous Releases

Previous Revision: 01.09.07755.491 Also Known As MR9

  • With this version, the Lyric now proudly supports the LYRICLTE-V Verizon LTE Cellular Communicator. This version also carries over support for the previously released LYRICLTE-A AT&T Cellular Communicator
  • Product availability at the distributor: Check the white label on the outside of the panel box for the software revision. REV= 01.09.07755.491, the first four (4) numbers in the revision should be 01.09 or higher.

Previous Revision: 01.08.07718.491 Also Known As MR8

Release Notes

Some panel enhancements, as well as some minor field issue fixes
  • Re-association with AN360 can now be performed without the need to default the panel. The "New Panel Association" button will remain active after initial association.
  • WIFI indicator on the upper left corner of the panel will now show a Red X if Internet access is lost.
  • SiX series transmitter supervision interval has been narrowed from 12 hours for all devices to 6 hours for burglary devices (4 hours on the LCP500-LC) and 2 hours for Life Safety Devices such as the SiXSIREN, SiXSMOKE, SiXCOMBO, and LKP500 keypad.
  • New SiX Programming Mode enhancements: On the SiX Programming Mode Zone Edit Screen, the Zone Number will now be displayed in Red if the zone is Faulted, and Services---Tampered will display in Red if Tamper is tripped. On the SiX Programming Mode Home screen, all learned SiX series devices are now displayed for programming edit. Newly learned devices will show 'Newly Enrolled' in place of the Zone Number.
  • LKP500 Keypad performance enhancements: The keypad will no longer beep after performing an update. When Voice is disabled the keypad will no longer speak when armed Night Stay.
  • Added Compatibility for Eaton Cooper Z-Wave Light Switches.