Resideo LynxTouch-MSD L7000 Firmware Update Tool Files

Resideo has offered several updates for the Lynx Touch L7000 panels. In the past, these updates were manually requested by the customer through their alarm dealer, then initiated through AlarmNet360 by Resideo tech support. With the release of the LynxTouch-MSD, the ability to update the panel firmware is now in the hands of each individual user. With a simple download, you can update your system to add new features and resolve minor issues. Download the latest firmware here!

Current Firmware: 9.0213

Release Notes

The Following Enhancements Were Added In This Release:
  • Corrects location errors on the Insights page on AN360.

Previous Versions and Update Instructions

Release Notes

The Following Enhancements Were Added In This Release:
  • Enhanced Z-Wave Plus 500 Series lock compatibility with Kwikset, Yale, and Schlage devices.
  • Improved the response time of the LTE-L57V to sMS commands. (See Technical Notification #35).

Instructions for Updating the LynxTouch L5210 Via LynxTouch-MSD Updater Tool

  1. Insert the Micro SD card provided with the LynxTouch-MSD Tool into the computer you plan to download the update files onto. Use only the Micro SD card that came with the Updater Tool.
  2. Click the link above and download the linked file to your computer. It is recommended that you save it to your desktop. This will make it easier to find
  • The file will download as a Bin (.bin) file.
  • Once the file has been downloaded, move it to the 'Update' folder which already exists on the Micro SD card from the Updater Tool.
  • Properly remove the micro SD card from the computer.
  1. Insert the micro SD card into the appropriate slot on the LynxTouch-MSD Updater Tool.
  2. Follow the Instructions located here to complete the L7000 firmware update.