How Do I Use Resideo's New LynxTouch-MSD tool to Update my LynxTouch Panel?

To update a LynxTouch using the LynxTouch-MSD tool, power the panel down. If a WIFI card is installed, remove it. Attach the LynxTouch-MSD tool to the same edge connector normally used by the WIFI card. Power up the panel while holding the Home key. Use Panic and Home keys to navigate menus.

In the past, if a LynxTouch Panel needed a firmware update to add features or correct issues, end users would have to request the update from their alarm dealer. The alarm dealer would have to request the update from Resideo, and they would have to manually send the update to the panel over-the-air (OTA). This was an inefficient and time consuming process. To make matters worse, the OTA update would often fail, and the process would have to be repeated. Resideo now offers the LynxTouch-MSD, which uses a Micro SD card to update the L5210 and L7000 Panels locally. And as of October 2019, the LynxTouch-MSD can be used to update the L5200 Panels as well. See this blog post for more information.

Alarm Grid has discovered that updating a LynxTouch panel to firmware version 9 will prevent the LynxTouch panel from working with the Lynx Connect App. Resideo has advised that there will be no fix for this issue. If you wish to have local WIFI app control of your panel, the only option would be to upgrade to a Lyric alarm panel, and use the MyHomeController app instead.

A newly purchased LynxTouch-MSD will have the latest version of firmware for either the L5210 or L7000. As newer firmware version are released, the files will need to be downloaded to a Micro-SD card before the update can be applied. To use the LynxTouch MSD to update an L5210 or L7000 panel, follow these steps:

1. Power Down. The panel to be updated must first be powered completely down. This means opening the panel, disconnecting the backup battery and unplugging the panel transformer. The screen should be completely dark after powering down.

2. Remove WIFI Card. If a L5100-WIFI is connected to the panel, it must be removed. The LynxTouch-MSD uses the same edge connector that the L5100-WIFI uses.

3. Insert Micro-SD Card. If you have a brand new LynxTouch-MSD, it should have the latest version of the panel software available on it. However, if you needed to update the software on the SD card, you will need to remove, update, then re-insert the SD Card into the tool. To remove and re-insert the card:

Slide the metal bracket used to hold the SD Card in place to the left, toward the edge connector socket, then lift up.

Remove or Insert the Micro SD card into the holder.

Once the latest firmware has been loaded, re-insert the card, flip the Micro SD Card cover back down, and slide to the right to lock it in place.

4. Connect the MSD Tool. Attach the LynxTouch-MSD tool to the edge connecter on the right side of the board, near the panel's speaker. Make sure to snap it firmly into place.

5. Reconnect the battery. Reconnect the battery to the LynxTouch, and close the cover. The update will not proceed successfully with a cover tamper condition on the panel. The panel will not power-up during this step. This is normal.

6. Power panel up. Press and hold the Home button on the panel as you connect the transformer to power. Keep holding the Home key until you see the message "Press HOME key to return". Release the Home key, then press it again.

7. Perform the Update. A menu will appear at the top of the screen with a legend at the bottom showing that the PANIC key = Next, and the HOME key = Select.

Use the PANIC key to move the cursor to the "Update" option. Press the HOME key to select this option.

Use the PANIC key again to scroll to the option "#Filesystem". Then press "HOME" to accept.

Finally, use the PANIC key to scroll to the menu option that shows the update file. It should look something like S:\Update\S1215V900209.bin (this is the file name for the current version, later version will differ from this slightly). Once you've highlighted the proper file, press the HOME key to select.

The update will take several minutes, so please be patient. Once it has completed, a message will display "Press HOME key to return." Press the HOME key. Again, the screen will display "Press HOME key to return." Press the HOME key again.

8. Remove Update Tool. At this point, you can power down the system and remove the Update Tool. If you are using a WIFI communicator, this is the perfect time to re-install it. Make certain the battery is connected, close the cover, and re-apply the transformer. The system should boot normally and show the latest firmware version.

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The updater tool should be good for future updates, there are no additional cost.
Will you charge for future updates to be downloaded or once we purchase the MSD tool are we good for future firmware versions?
Hi Jamie, If an update is available we will post that information. As of now the latest firmware is already installed.
How do I know if an update is available/required?

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