2GIG CO3 - Wireless Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector Reviews

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Submitted on 06/23/2020 Alarm Grid

The 2GIG CO3 is a wireless carbon monoxide sensor that operates at the 2GIG 345 MHz frequency. This makes it compatible with systems like the Honeywell Lyric, the 2GIG GC3, and the 2GIG Go!Control. For the most part, this is a well-built and reliable CO detector. But unfortunately, it has a major flaw. This sensor only has a 5-year product life. Limited product life is nothing new for a CO detector, and it is something you will likely need to consider no matter which model you end up going with. But you can usually do a little bit better than just five years. And it's a shame because this is otherwise a great sensor. Overall, we give the 2GIG CO3 a 4-Star rating.

It's not like the 2GIG CO3 doesn't have positive aspects. Like most 2GIG products, the 2GIG CO3 has a good build quality. There is an LED light on the sensor to provide a visual indication of current status. It also has a built-in sounder to alert building occupants upon detecting carbon monoxide. And it uses the recognizable Temporal 4 sounding pattern to indicate a carbon monoxide alarm. Since this is an electrochemical CO detector, it works very reliably. Another benefit is that the sensor is versatile, as it can interface with the wireless 2GIG Systems and the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System.

But there is an important flaw for the 2GIG CO3. Its 5-year end-of-life is pretty disappointing, even for a CO detector. One of the biggest downsides to any CO detector is that it will only have a limited product life. This is because the electrochemical detection component loses sensitivity over time and cannot last forever. But we normally expect this lifespan to be roughly 8 to 10 years. Just five years is really lackluster. And you will be spending more money over time on a sensor that, while extremely important for life-safety purposes, will probably never be used. And that is enough to knock our score down to 4 Stars.

Good: Great Build Quality, LED Light, Built-In Sounder, Temporal 4 Sounding Pattern, Versatile

Bad: Five Year Product Life

Bottom Line: 4 Stars