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2gig co3 wireless carbon monoxide co detector

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The 2GIG CO3-345 is a wireless, fully supervised Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector. The detector is 3V battery powered (CR123A Panasonic batt...
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The 2GIG CO3-345 is a wireless, fully supervised Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector. The detector is 3V battery powered (CR123A Panasonic battery) and outfitted with an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor. Like any CO detector, there is a 5 year 'end-of-life' from the manufactured date. When the detector has reached the end of its life, the yellow LED blinks once every 23 seconds and there is a chirp from the keypad every 45 seconds. After 12 hours the panel will issue a trouble and display a loss of supervision message. This indicates that the CO sensor inside the detector has passed the end of its life and the detector must be replaced.

The CO3-345 has a speaker on-board that generates the ANSI S3.41 temporal 4 pattern in an alarm condition. It is extremely important to evacuate the premise if this noise is ever triggered. In normal circumstances, the green LED should flash every 12 seconds. This means that the unit is communicating with the alarm system and fully functional. In an alarm/test event, the red LED will flash every 12 seconds. When testing any CO detector, be sure to place the alarm system on test with the central station. Most central stations do not call to verify CO alarms since every second counts in a true CO alarm event! When there is a low battery, the yellow LED will flash every 12 seconds. Be proactive and replace the batteries the first time this occurs. Any trouble on the detector will produce a keypad alert and an audio chirp every 45 seconds.

This CO detector should be installed near every fuel burning appliance and there should be at least one per floor of the premise. Ideally, stay at least 5 feet away from cooking areas and areas that may result in the sensor collecting dust/dirt and compromising its CO detection. Every home and business should have a CO detector. Most building code now requires it. The benefit of a monitored CO detector is simple. Carbon Monoxide causes acute neurological effects to the brain which can cause individuals to pass out. Dispatching the fire department quickly can be the difference between life and death.

The Honeywell Lyric alarm system now supports this sensor with the release of the MR3 firmware update! The GC3 must have firmware revision 3.0.1 or higher to support the CO3.


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What is the date code?
No. None of the 2GIG sensors are compatible with the Lyric. We recommend swapping in a SixSmoke: https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/honeywell-sixsmoke. If you have several 2GIG sensors you may want to consider the RE524X: https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/resolution-products-re524x. This is a wireless translator that will accept 2GIG transmissions and convert them to Honeywell.
is the 2Gig CO Monitor compatible with the Lyric Controller?
The device has a 5 year life span from the date of manufacture so it does seem like they installed a unit that sat on someone's shelf for roughly 4 year. You should ask them to replace it with a newer unit. Did you notice we offer no-contract monitoring services online at https://www.alarmgrid.com/monitoring ? If you are unhappy with your current company and not under contract now, you could switch to us if you are interested.
I had one installed by a local company. Unfortunately, the expiration date was just one year into the future. Should I have received a unit with that little time left? What would be a more normal time that I should have gotten?
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