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Mini Window Stickers with Adhesive Front, Pack of 10

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This 10-pack of indoor window stickers is great for placing around the home or business. Each sticker features an octagon shape, the Alarm Grid blue and our phone number and website for easy reference. There are 10 stickers per pack. Buy the 10 pack of Alarm Grid mini window stickers here.
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Alarm Grid offers indoor mini window stickers that let you show you are monitored. Each sticker has an adhesive front and should be placed on the inside of a window so that it is visible from the outside. This special package includes ten (10) stickers that you can place inside windows.

Our stickers are of the highest-quality, and they should remain securely in-place after installation. Each sticker features clear imagery, and others should be able to easily recognize it when looking through the window. The stickers all feature an octagon design with the famous Alarm Grid blue, plus our phone number and website for easy reference.

With the adhesive front, each sticker is suitable for indoor use only. They are placed on the inside of windows. Anyone looking through the windows will then be able to see them. If you are looking for outdoor-rated stickers with adhesive backing, we have those as well. We recommend checking our sticker page for a complete listing of our security stickers.


  • Product Type: Adhesive Front Window Stickers
  • Size: ~2 square inches
  • Number of Stickers: Ten (10)
  • Shape: Octagon

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