Security Stickers

Security stickers act as a great first line of defense against thieves looking for an easy score. Get your Alarm Grid Security stickers today!
Window Stickers with Adhesive Front
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Our Price: $0.99
Window Stickers with Adhesive Back
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Our Price: $0.99

Alarm Grid's security stickers are some of the best looking stickers you'll find anywhere. If you are looking to protect your home and property, the best place to start is by displaying one of these small, beautiful, Alarm Grid Blue, stickers in your front window. Thieves will run for the hills, telling other thieves that your home is not worth breaking in to. And for those burglars that dare to venture past the sign, surprise them with Alarm Grid's monitored security systems.

Our stickers are high quality, and use industrial strength glue to adhere to surfaces. If you want a good looking home security sticker that will never come unstuck, then these are the stickers you've been looking for. Just think about where you want to put them. Our indoor stickers go inside the home and face out, the outdoor stickers adhere to the outside of a door or window or whatever else you want to stick it to (your child's forehead perhaps). In either case, both kinds of stickers are weather resistant and will stand up well to the elements, whether it be heavy sun, rain, snow, sleet or hail. We've never tested them, but these are so durable, we wouldn't be surprised if a direct lightning strike didn't destroy them.

Whether your alarm system is monitored by Alarm Grid or someone else, or if you don't have a system at all, these stickers will make a great addition to your home and will act as a great first line of defense against thieves looking for an easy score.

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