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Mini Window Stickers with Adhesive Back

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The Alarm Grid Outdoor Mini Security Stickers are perfect for use around the home or business. You can stick them nearly anywhere with their adhesive backing. Popular locations for stickers include windows, mailboxes, vehicles, laptops, folders and more. Buy Alarm Grid mini stickers here.
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Our outdoor mini stickers are perfect for installing anywhere around your home or business. These stickers have adhesive backings. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can install them with the expectation that they will remain up for many years. This is for one single sticker.

Each sticker has nice and clear imagery. The octagon (eight sides) stickers showcase the Alarm Grid blue design, along with our phone number and website for easy access. The stickers have adhesive backing, and the displayed logo is found on the reverse side. You can install these stickers indoors and outdoors and expect strong performance.

With their weather-resistant design, you will have no problem placing these stickers in harsh environments. They are great for placing on windows, mailboxes and vehicles that may be exposed to the elements. You can also use them inside and place them on your fridge, laptop, doors and more. This listing is for a single sticker only.

Alarm Grid also offers indoor stickers with adhesive fronts. Unlike the stickers with adhesive backing, the indoor stickers are placed inside of windows so that they are visible from these outside. We sell our stickers in packs of 1, 5 and 10. We recommend checking this page for our complete sticker listings.


  • Product Type: Adhesive Back Window Stickers
  • Size: ~2 square inches
  • Number of Stickers: One (1)
  • Shape: Octagon

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