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Simple, Effective Z-Wave Thermostat
Submitted on 04/22/2020 Alarm Grid

The ADC-T2000 Z-Wave Thermostat was once the flagship smart thermostat for use with the Platform. It has since been replaced by the ADC-T3000 Thermostat, which is a bit sleeker, more advanced, and utilizes the more reliable Z-Wave Plus technology. That's not to say that the ADC-T2000 Thermostat isn't a great product. These devices have worked reliably for years, and they continue to be purchased and added to security systems as of mid-2020. In fact, we still regularly recommend the ADC-T2000 Thermostat to customers looking for a no-frills Z-Wave thermostat option. Whether you are using the device with or a different interactive service platform like Samsung SmartThings or Total Connect 2.0, the ADC-T2000 should not let you down. We give it a 5 Star rating.

While there are more advanced thermostat options available, there are still a lot of things we appreciate about the ADC-T2000. The thermostat offers customized scheduling and temperature presets. This is important, as it helps the user save money, while also keeping their home or business comfortable. Like all Z-Wave devices, you can integrate the ADC-T2000 in with your smart scenes for automatic operation and control. You can have smart scenes trigger based upon a schedule, with certain system events, or both. The ADC-T2000 also integrates nicely with the ADC-S2000 Temperature Sensor if you need to detect temperature across a larger building.

As we said earlier, the ADC-T2000 is an older model, and you should get the ADC-T3000 if you want the latest Z-Wave thermostat from The ADC-T2000 is a standard Z-Wave thermostat, meaning that you may get better results with a Z-Wave Plus model if you have a certified Z-Wave Plus controller or hub. Some users do find the ADC-T2000 to be "too simple" of a device. But if you are just looking for a basic no-frills thermostat, then the ADC-T2000 is still a great option. It gets 5 Stars from us.

Good: Customized Scheduling, Temperature Presets, Easily Integrates w/ Z-Wave Network, Pair w/ ADC-S2000 Temperature Sensor

Bad: Not Z-Wave Plus, Very Basic

Bottom Line: 5 Stars