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The ADC-T2000 Z-Wave Smart Thermostat provides users complete control over their home's heating and cooling system. The device can be operated remotely using the Mobile App, and it is fully compatible with smart scenes for Z-Wave devices. Buy the ADC-T2000 here.
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The ADC-T2000 is a smart Z-Wave thermostat designed for use with the platform. The thermostat should be used with an security system, like the 2GIG GC3 or Qolsys IQ Panel 2. It will replace the user's existing thermostat and provide great function.

Once the ADC-T2000 has been integrated with, the device can be controlled in a number of different ways. The module has buttons on its front for adjusting the temperature and for configuring settings. But what really makes the ADC-T2000 exciting is that the user can control the thermostat from their panel or remotely using the Mobile App.

As a thermostat, the ADC-T2000 boasts several great features. It allows for customized scheduling and temperature presets. This helps users stay comfortable, while also maximizing convenience and saving energy. The presets are great for daily situations like leaving the home or going to sleep, so that the house is always set to the ideal temperature. Users can even receive alerts from if someone adjusts the ADC-T2000 Smart Thermostat while they are away.

And as a Z-Wave device, the ADC-T2000 can be integrated into smart scenes with other Z-Wave devices. These scenes can all be set up through A user might have a scene to activate their ADC-T2000 Thermostat automatically and have their Z-Wave lights turn on when they return home and disarm their system. The possibilities for creating unique Z-Wave scenes involving the T2000 is truly endless.

The ADC-T2000 can also be used with the ADC-S2000 Temperature Sensor for accurately reading the temperature across a larger building.

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Simple, Effective Z-Wave Thermostat
Submitted on 04/22/2020 Alarm Grid

The ADC-T2000 Z-Wave Thermostat was once the flagship smart thermostat for use with the Platform. It has since been replaced by the ADC-T3000 Thermostat, which is a bit sleeker, more advanced, and utilizes the more reliable Z-Wave Plus technology. That's not to say that the ADC-T2000 Thermostat isn't a great product. These devices have worked reliably for years, and they continue to be purchased and added to security systems as of mid-2020. In fact, we still regularly recommend the ADC-T2000 Thermostat to customers looking for a no-frills Z-Wave thermostat option. Whether you are using the device with or a different interactive service platform like Samsung SmartThings or Total Connect 2.0, the ADC-T2000 should not let you down. We give it a 5 Star rating.

While there are more advanced thermostat options available, there are still a lot of things we appreciate about the ADC-T2000. The thermostat offers customized scheduling and temperature presets. This is important, as it helps the user save money, while also keeping their home or business comfortable. Like all Z-Wave devices, you can integrate the ADC-T2000 in with your smart scenes for automatic operation and control. You can have smart scenes trigger based upon a schedule, with certain system events, or both. The ADC-T2000 also integrates nicely with the ADC-S2000 Temperature Sensor if you need to detect temperature across a larger building.

As we said earlier, the ADC-T2000 is an older model, and you should get the ADC-T3000 if you want the latest Z-Wave thermostat from The ADC-T2000 is a standard Z-Wave thermostat, meaning that you may get better results with a Z-Wave Plus model if you have a certified Z-Wave Plus controller or hub. Some users do find the ADC-T2000 to be "too simple" of a device. But if you are just looking for a basic no-frills thermostat, then the ADC-T2000 is still a great option. It gets 5 Stars from us.

Good: Customized Scheduling, Temperature Presets, Easily Integrates w/ Z-Wave Network, Pair w/ ADC-S2000 Temperature Sensor

Bad: Not Z-Wave Plus, Very Basic

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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It looks like it may support a 2 wire setup. It mentions it can be powered by batteries or a wall transformer. Unfortunately we are not HVAC specialists and cannot say for sure. I would check with a professional and/or refer to the installation guide here:
I have a hot water baseboard heating system that operates with a 2 wire thermostat. the two wires have 24V AC across them. Can I use a ADCT2000 thermostat to replace the two wire thermostat? What terminals on the ADC2000 do I connect the two wire from the water heating unit?
Are you using the ADC-T2000 as a standalone thermostat system or do you have it tied into an alarm system? If you do have it tied into an alarm. which once are you using? Were you on with your alarm company or directly?
Just spent over an hour with them to try and bypass anything to get my fan blowing and nothing... It's the dumbest system!
This functionality is available on the T2000
We appreciate the feedback R.L. and we'll be sure to pass this along to, the manufacturer's of this device. They are actually working on a new version now and maybe they can incorporate your feedback into the updated thermostat or add the functionality to your existing thermostat. Also, as you have an thermostat, i imagine you also have an security system. Did you notice we offer low-cost, no-contract alarm monitoring services online at We're experts on and would love to help you out if you're interested.
All the smart guys have outsmarted us again and FAILED to give us ''Fan'' only operation! Why must techies feel that everything has to be connected to a device in every mode? I wish to restore common sense so that normal is not in danger of extinction. Aren't people supposed to be smarter first or later, after the brainwash! thermostat appears to be incomplete and that is a failure. I know because i live with one and FAN mode is sorely missed.
Hi Brett, This will work with the 2GIG panels and IQ panels. The thermostat will work with alarm dot com oppose to total connect.
Will this thermostat work with Honeywell Lynx Touch, Lyric system, or Honeywell Total Connect?
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