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Excellent SVR Device
Submitted on 08/21/2019 Alarm Grid


We strongly recommend the ADC-SVR100 Stream Video Recorder. This device is needed if you want to set up a recording schedule for your Security Cameras. As a result, using an SVR is the only way to achieve true, 24-hour continuous recording for your ADC Cameras. Although it has since been replaced by the ADC-SVR122, which offers similar functionality, the SVR100 is still an excellent device. In fact, it is even better than the newer SVR122 in certain aspects.

The ADC-SVR100 is a stream video recorder that allows you to store recorded footage for your Cameras. Although the cloud will store recorded video clips, it will not store continuous footage, unless you have a stream video recorder device set up with your account. With the ADC-SVR100, you are getting a robust and powerful device. Its ability to store up to 4TB (yes, TERABYTES) of footage through two 2TB hard drives is pretty incredible. cut back on this storage capacity, as the newer SVR122 can only store up to 1TB. But with the SVR100, you get up to 4TB of storage.

Now, there are some areas where the SVR100 is weaker than the SVR122. The SVR100 can only support up to four (4) ADC Cameras, while the SVR122 can support up to eight (8). The SVR100 lacks any HDMI port for viewing footage locally, which the SVR122 has. But you can still conveniently access stored footage for the SVR100 remotely through the Mobile App or Website. This is great if you are on the go, and you want to use your smartphone to check out stored footage on your SVR device. Another cool feature is that the SVR100 will still record and save footage to the local network if the internet is out. The footage will then be transferred to the Servers when the internet is restored. To do this, you must keep the IP router running with a backup power supply if the power is out.

Even though the SVR100 is discontinued, it is still an excellent product if you have one. It really offers some outstanding features, and it greatly improves the capabilities of your Cameras. For that reason, we give the ADC-SVR100 a 5-Star rating.