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The ADC-SVR1000 is a streaming video recorder. Similar to a NVR (network video recorder), the SVR1000 stores digital video reco...

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The ADC-SVR1000 is a streaming video recorder. Similar to a NVR (network video recorder), the SVR1000 stores digital video recordings locally in its hard drive which can be accessed remotely via the web or app. The unique value of this product is its ability to download recordings to your computer remotely. Using the web login on a computer (not available through the app currently), the camera owner is able to select a recorded video clip of anywhere between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. This selectable recording can be downloaded to the local machine accessing the website from anywhere in the world! Then you can off load this to a USB stick or email it as an attachment.

The SVR1000 supports up to 4 compatible cameras (4-Channel) and will store up to 4TB total. The recording throughput required for cameras to send video to the SVR1000 is a total of 16 Mbps (4Mbps per channel). Once the SVR is powered and connected to the same network as the cameras, it offers unlimited local and remote live and recorded video streaming. The video is stored locally on the SVR so if you lose internet the video will not be available remotely. However the recorded video will remain on the local backup and can be accessed locally.

To get an understanding of how much time this device is able to record we can look at the following example. 4 cameras recording in HD quality at 30 frames per second for 20 days will require about 1TB of disk space. This will vary depending on the recording settings but this is a good gauge for how much video the SVR100 can hold.

**Please note - This requires an video subscription which can be bundled into a security monitoring package or as a standalone video service. The SVR100 supports the following cameras: ADC-V520, ADC-V520IR, ADCV620PT, ADC-V720, ADC-V720W, ADC-V721W, ADC-VS121, ADCV820, ADC-VS120, ADC-VS420**

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720P HD Indoor Camera with Night Vision
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Stream Video Recorder
What system do you have? This is a network DVR and wouldn't typically physically connect to any system. It's just used to tie in video surveillance service to an existing system account. Do you have an system account now?
How hard is this to install on my system. Doesn't seem it would be too hard. It is wireless totally? Or does it have to be wired into the circuits?
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