ADC-V720 - Outdoor POE Camera with Night Vision Reviews

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Discontinued Camera
Submitted on 05/14/2020 Alarm Grid

The ADC-V720 is an outdoor mini bullet camera that has since been discontinued. This camera uses a wired ethernet connection for communicating with, and it uses power over ethernet (PoE) technology for power. The camera is known for its extremely compact and discreet design, and it is really nice for tucking away in a convenient outdoor location. However, it is an older camera, and it doesn't quite match the specifications of newer and more capable cameras. For that reason, we only give the ADC-V720 a 4 Star rating out of a possible 5.

There are some key aspects we like about the ADC-V720. The mini bullet camera is tight and compact, so you can really be creative in where you place it. The PoE functionality is very useful, as you do not need to run a separate wire to the camera for providing power. This can really come in handy when setting up a security camera network. And we like the fact that video compression can be adjusted by the user to help ensure seamless live playback.

But the downsides for the ADC-V720 are difficult to ignore. The camera cannot connect to a WIFI network, which is somewhat disappointing. Your only option is to use an ethernet cable for network connectivity. The recording capability of the camera leaves a little to be desired. Remember, this is an older camera, and it can only record in 720P quality. There is also the fact that the camera has been discontinued, and you are unlikely to find it new. A used model should still work well though. And like any Camera you will need to pay for Video Surveillance service.

Because of its major downsides, the ADC-V720 only receives 4 Stars.

Good: Compact Design, PoE, Video Compression Adjustments

Bad: No WIFI, 720P, Discontinued, Requires ADC Video Monitoring

Bottom Line: 4 Stars