Outdoor POE Camera with Night Vision

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The V720 is an Outdoor IP camera with night vision. This is the only cameras to support POE (power over ethernet). Ho...

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The V720 is an Outdoor IP camera with night vision. This is the only cameras to support POE (power over ethernet). However it does not support WIFI at all. If you are looking for an outdoor WIFI camera, check out the ADC-V722W Although WIFI cameras can be convenient they generally require a wired power connection from a transformer that plugs into a wall outlet. The V720 can be powered directly through a POE network switch or through the use of a POE injector purchased separately. If you use the injector it does require wall power but this can be setup peripherally, back near the non-POE router or switch. You can run a prefabricated ethernet cable with RJ-45 connections already terminated on each end or you can run your own CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable and terminate the ends yourself. In other words, this device can be powered and transmit video to on a single ethernet connection!

The V720 offers 720P HD video resolutions on live and recorded video. The end user has the ability to adjust the video compression for live and recorded video to high, medium or low in H.264 or JPEG-4. This camera is supported by's state of the art ADC-SVR100 streaming video recorder. Each SVR supports up to 4 cameras and allows end users to record up to 4 TB. The recorded video can be accessed locally or remotely through a web browser or the mobile app.

The V720 is a perfect option for those able to hardwire ethernet to the camera. The platform is a great way to integrate live streaming and recorded video with a compatible security system. The video service does require a monthly fee. It can be bundled with alarm monitoring in our Platinum service or you can setup standalone video service.


Discontinued Camera
Submitted on 05/14/2020 Alarm Grid

The ADC-V720 is an outdoor mini bullet camera that has since been discontinued. This camera uses a wired ethernet connection for communicating with, and it uses power over ethernet (PoE) technology for power. The camera is known for its extremely compact and discreet design, and it is really nice for tucking away in a convenient outdoor location. However, it is an older camera, and it doesn't quite match the specifications of newer and more capable cameras. For that reason, we only give the ADC-V720 a 4 Star rating out of a possible 5.

There are some key aspects we like about the ADC-V720. The mini bullet camera is tight and compact, so you can really be creative in where you place it. The PoE functionality is very useful, as you do not need to run a separate wire to the camera for providing power. This can really come in handy when setting up a security camera network. And we like the fact that video compression can be adjusted by the user to help ensure seamless live playback.

But the downsides for the ADC-V720 are difficult to ignore. The camera cannot connect to a WIFI network, which is somewhat disappointing. Your only option is to use an ethernet cable for network connectivity. The recording capability of the camera leaves a little to be desired. Remember, this is an older camera, and it can only record in 720P quality. There is also the fact that the camera has been discontinued, and you are unlikely to find it new. A used model should still work well though. And like any Camera you will need to pay for Video Surveillance service.

Because of its major downsides, the ADC-V720 only receives 4 Stars.

Good: Compact Design, PoE, Video Compression Adjustments

Bad: No WIFI, 720P, Discontinued, Requires ADC Video Monitoring

Bottom Line: 4 Stars

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I'm not finding any account with us under your email. Are you signed up under a different email? If not, you are most likely getting your service through another alarm company and if so, you'll need to ask them for assistance as they are the only ones that have access to check your setup. If they are being unhelpful, we'd hope you would consider switching to us as our no-contract plans ( support service.
I have ADC-V720W set up on All of a sudden, my night vision does not work -- even though the night resolution is set on HIGH on settings.
I see you were asking about an L5210 above but the L5210 doesn't support wired zones. Assuming you are now asking about a different wired system, please email with the panel model number you are using and the issue. We'd like to keep the discussion on this page relevant to the ADC-V720 camera.
Hi Sterling, can i ask one thing about zone expansion. I'm working on it for 2 days now and i can't understand what is going on with the zone expansion. there's a check 107 wire expansion always appears and i can't think of other solutions for it. I did several troubleshoot about the problem but still, it doesn't solve the problem. The wiring was fine, the tamper was fine, the program was okay. One thing i noticed that when i put the keypads that trouble shows up. I reset the panel and program the system without the keypads and it works fine. (Note: I used an alpha keypad to program the panel and hook it up directly to the panel). the main panel of the house was not connected yet, but when i started to connect the main keypad of the house, that trouble came out. I hope you could help me. thanks
It's actually an input for a phone cable used with an RJ31X jack (not an RJ45 jack).
That will only work with the ILP5 module. There is no LYNX Touch panel that has a built-in ethernet RJ45 jack. If you have any further questions regarding the Lynx Touch please email us at We prefer to keep these comments related to the product listed on this page.
What i did on L5210 was i hooked it up directly to the router and thinking that it would communicate through hard wired internet on the router. So it means, what i did will not work? My experience at the past was that i run a cat5 wite put a clip on both ends and i plug it in to router connecting to lynx.
The only built in communicator in the L5210 is the dialer (for phone line reporting). The WIFI and/or the Cellular communicator are purchased separately. You may be able to buy them all together from a dealer, in a kit (we offer some kits like this) but they don't come pre-installed from the factory. They would arrive as separate pieces which you would then have to put together.
So you mean, without this two kinds of communicator, you cant communicate the lynx 5210? So what is the purpose of RJ45 built-in in lynx touch 5210?
It is purchased separately: You can also setup WIFI using the L5100-WIFI:
Hi, julia, before i answer that, i just want to know if i buy a lynx touch 5210, does it comes always with a communicator or do i have to buy it separately?
Sylver, which communicator do you have? Is it the ILP5? Have you registered the communicator with an alarm dealer? We need some more information to be able to answer.
Hi, i have a lynx touch 5210. Just want to ask why is it that this device is not communicating even it was hard wired directly to the router. I spend so much time in doing it.
No, unfortunately, this camera is not compatible with TC2.0. Only the AlarmNet IPCAMs found at are compatible with TC2.0 and the IPCAM-PT2 ( ) is the only HD version available at this time.
HI I have currently the Honeywell outdoor cameras that are not HD- I have three of them and one is about a year old and broken and I want to replace. Was looking to see if this is compatable with the Total Connect 2.0, Can i just install this instead or what are my options. thanks
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