Arlo VMA4410

Rechargeable Battery for Arlo Go

Arlo vma4410 rechargeable battery for arlo go

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The Arlo Go Camera is easily powered with its rechargeable battery. This convenient power source will keep the Arlo Go running reliably for many months depending on usage. It can be easily charged using the included AC adapter and cable. Buy the Arlo Go VMA4410 Rechargeable Battery here.
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The Arlo VMA4410 Rechargeable Battery is a necessary accessory for keeping the Arlo Go Camera powered and running reliably. Although the Arlo Go already comes with this battery, you might want a second one as a backup or to replace the original. To recharge, simply connect the power cable.

Alternatively to using a power cable, the battery can also be recharged using an optional Arlo Charging Station. The Arlo Go Camera can remain powered for months on end with a single charge depending on its usage. Additionally, keeping the camera plugged into its AC adapter and a wall outlet will keep it powered on at all times.

Brand: Arlo

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