Danalock DLOV3DPADBT - Danapad V3 with Bluetooth Reviews

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Good Keypad For Z-Wave Danalock
Submitted on 12/19/2019 Alarm Grid

Danalock users who want to control their Z-Wave Danalock device with a numeric keypad can benefit from the Danalock DLOV3DPADBT, which is more commonly referred to as the Danapad. This isn't a lock itself, but rather just a keypad for controlling an existing Danalock device. As a result, the Danapad really only fulfills the needs of an extremely selective group of end users. Nonetheless, it is still a good product that performs its intended task quite well. If you want a keypad for your Z-Wave Danalock device, then the Danapad is for you. We give it 5 Stars.

There are several positive aspects to the Danalock DLOV3DPPADBT. For one, there are multiple ways to push codes to the Danapad device. Arguably the most popular method is to us the Danalock App, which will require the use of the Danabridge V3 Hub. By using the Danabridge, you can get your Danalock and Danapad devices onto a local WIFI network for seamless inter-connectivity. You can then take advantage of the convenience of the Danalock App. But using the Danabridge isn't mandatory. You can also push codes to the Danapad using a Z-Wave security system. To do this, you must pair your Danapad to your system as a Z-Wave device. Then you can push codes from certain alarm panels or using an interactive platform like Total Connect 2.0. By setting up the Danapad, you can conveniently unlock your Danalock device from a second area of the home. We also must say that we like the design of the Danapad, and it is weather-resistant so that it can be used out doors. It is also quite easy to mount. And since it uses 256-bit AES encryption, it is extremely secure.

There are some downsides to the Danapad. The biggest is that it is for the Z-Wave Danalock only. This makes it extremely limited in potential usage. It won't even work with the HomeKit version of the Danalock, which can be inconvenient. The device uses four (4) AAA batteries, and you will need to replace them periodically with regular usage. If you aren't using the Danapad and Danalock with the Danabridge, then you must rely on Bluetooth connectivity between the two devices. This is fine, but you should be aware that Bluetooth range can be fairly limited. While the Danapad isn't a perfect product, its benefits do outweigh its negatives. If you are looking for a keypad controller for a Danalock Z-Wave Door Lock, then the Danapad is far and away the best option. It gets a 5 Star rating.

Good: Multiple Ways to Push Codes, Lock & Unlock Door from 2nd On-Site Location, Weather-Resistant, Modern Design, Easy to Install, Encrypted

Bad: For Z-Wave Danalock Only, Extremely Limited Usage, Batteries Need Replacing, Limited Bluetooth Range

Bottom Line: 5 Stars