DSC AC-102

Acuity® Glassbreak Detector w/ Tamper, Form C

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The DSC AC-102 is a glass break detector that features Form C wiring (normally open or normally closed) and an integrated tamper switch. The device uses an omni-directional microphone and a microprocessor to detect the sound of braking glass. Buy the DSC AC-102 Sensor from Alarm Grid.
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The DSC AC-102 Acuity Glass Break Detector with Tamper is a hardwired sensor designed to monitor windows and protective glass casings for breakages. This is accomplished using an omni-directional microphone and a a microprocessor. The device is great for use in a home or business.

The sensor works by using its omni-directional microphone to detect sound. The sound is then analyzed by the device's microprocessor, which can actively distinguish between the sound of breaking glass and other high-pitched frequencies. The AC-102 will work with plate, float, tempered, wired and laminated glass. The device will accurately detect breakages that occur from a maximum distance of up to 25 feet away. For best results, the sensor should be installed with a direct line of sight to the glass.

Please note that the AC-102 version of the Acuity Glass Break Detector is Form C (normally closed or normally open wiring), and it has a tamper switch. DSC also offers two Form A (normally closed wiring only) versions of the same sensor, one with a tamper switch (AC-101) and one without (AC-100).

Brand: DSC

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Outstanding Glass Break Sensor
Submitted on 12/05/2019 Alarm Grid

The DSC AC-102 is a Form C hardwired glass break sensor. The device is used to monitor for broken glass. This usually includes windows and protective glass casings. However, you will need to make sure that the type of glass you are using is compatible with the DSC AC-102. We find that the DSC AC-102 works quite well, and we have no trouble recommending it as a wired glass break detector. We give it a 5 Star rating.

There are many things we like about the DSC AC-102. For one, it has an advanced microprocessor that helps it properly distinguish between true glass break events and potential false alarms. This is very important for users who may have had trouble with glass break sensors causing false alarms in the past. We also appreciate the omnidirectional microphone on the sensor that allows the device to listen for broken glass from any direction. The sensor can detect broken glass sounds from up to 25 feet away, which is a pretty nice distance for a glass break sensor. We also like that this device has a built-in tamper switch to let you know if someone is trying to open up or disable the sensor. Finally, the fact that this sensor is Form C is good, as you can choose between Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) wiring.

We don't have many downsides to mention about the DSC AC-102. The device has an admittedly "dated" design, that some might even call ugly compared with more attractive glass break sensors. If that is important for you, then it may be a deal-breaker. This device also needs a direct line of sight to the glass, so make sure you position it accordingly. Overall, we really like the DSC AC-102, and we give it 5 Stars.

Good: Advanced Microprocessor, Omnidirectional Microphone, 25 Foot Detection Range, Tamper Switch, Form C

Bad: Unattractive Design, Needs Direct Line of Sight

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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