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The DSC AMP-700 is an addressable door and window contact that is used with an addressable wiring setup. The device functions using an internal reed switch and a corresponding magnet. The device is designed to work the the DSC AMP-701 Input Module. Buy the DSC AMP-700 from Alarm Grid.
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The DSC AMP-700 Addressable Door and Window Contact is a hardwired sensor that is designed to be integrated with an addressable wiring setup. The device should be use in conjunction with a DSC AMP-701 Contact Input and connect directly with that device. This reduces any needed wiring.

By using addressable wiring, multiple AMP-700 Contacts can be wired in with a single AMP-701. The AMP-700 itself functions like virtually any other door and window contact. The device is a sensor that uses a magnet to operate. The actual AMP-700 itself is installed on the door or window frame, and the magnet is installed on the door or window itself.

For best results, the magnet should be within a half-inch of the sensor when the door or window is closed. When the door or window is opened, the magnet will separate from the sensor and activate the device's internal reed switch. The sensor will recognize this and send an alert to the alarm system to let it know about the situation. The alarm system will then respond based on its programming settings.

Brand: DSC

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