DSC BV-501 - Bravo® 5 360 Degrees Ceiling-Mount PIR Motion Detector w/ Tamper Reviews

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Nice Ceiling-Mount Motion Sensor
Submitted on 04/23/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC BV-501 is a hardwired ceiling-mount PIR motion sensor. This type of motion sensor has a 360-degree coverage area, and it is designed to look down directly below. The DSC BV-501 is a reliable and dependable hardwired motion sensor for virtually any hardwired system. It is certainly an option for anyone who needs a wired ceiling-mount motion sensor. For that reason, we give the DSC BV-501 Hardwired Ceiling-Mount Motion Sensor a 5 Star rating.

There are many things we like about the DSC BV-501. As a 360-degree ceiling-mount motion sensor it will detect movement in a very specific spot, while ignoring movement that occurs elsewhere in the area. This makes it a good option if you want your system to be alerted to very specific activity, such as someone entering or exiting a room, but not respond to activity in the non-immediate area. The sensor is extremely versatile, and it will work nicely with most wired systems and wired to wireless converter modules. We also like the fact that this sensor uses multi-level signal processing to prevent false alarms from occurring.

But there are some minor downsides to the DSC BV-501 that should be considered as well. Since this is a ceiling-mount motion sensor, you will be restricted based on how high the ceiling is. The mounting height for a ceiling-mount motion sensor determines its coverage diameter, with a taller height resulting in a larger coverage area. But if you mount it too high, then it won't properly detect activity below. Check your ceiling-height and make sure the sensor is suitable. Also, the sensor is Form A meaning that NO wiring cannot be used. Fortunately, these downsides are fairly minor, and they do not stop us from giving the DSC BV-501 a 5 Star score.

Good: Detects Movement in Specific Spot, Versatile, Multi-Level Signal Processing

Bad: Install is Restricted by Ceiling Height, Form A

Bottom Line: 5 Stars