Bravo® 5, 360 Degrees Ceiling-Mount PIR Motion & Glassbreak Detector w/ Tamper

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The DSC BV-502GB is the version of the Bravo 5 sensor that is Form C (normally open or normally closed wiring) for both the PIR motion detector and glass break sensor. The device is hardwired, and it is ceiling-mounted to detect problems that occur below. Buy the DSC BV-502GB here.
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The DSC BV-502GB Bravo 5 Ceiling-Mount PIR Motion & Glass Break Detector with Tamper is used for detecting both motion and the sound of breaking glass. Not many sensors offer this type of dual-purpose functionality, and the hardwired DSC BV-502GB with 360 degree coverage pulls it off well.

The motion sensor for the device is a passive infrared (PIR) detector that actively looks for any movement that occurs below. When the device senses a change in infrared energy caused by movement, the sensor will alert the system to the situation. The quad element PIR sensor uses multi-level signal processing (MLSP) to distinguish between motion caused by humans and motion from other sources. Temperature compensation allows the sensor to function properly when the ambient temperature close to one's body.

The glass break sensor is a micro-controller that uses digital signal processing technology. The device uses Dynamic Signal Processing to detect the breaking of plate, laminated, wired or tempered glass. Sounds with similar frequencies, such as "bells" and "ringing" sounds, will be ignored by the sensor. This feature is particularly useful for preventing false alarms from occurring. And with "white noise rejection", the sensor should not be activated by any background noise that is present.

Users should consider a few details when mounting the BV-502GB. For best results, it should be mounted on the ceiling and have a direct line of sight to the glass window or casing. The motion sensor works best when the device is not facing any reflective surfaces, heavy air flow, moisture, sunlight or large obstructions. The sensor should also not be placed directly next to any devices that frequently make noise (such as a phone or doorbell), as they could prevent the glass break sensor from working properly.

Please note that the BV-502GB is the version of the Bravo 5 that uses Form C wiring (normally open or normally closed) for both the motion sensor and the glass break sensor. The BV-502GB also includes a tamper switch. There are also versions of the same sensor that use Form A (normally closed wiring only) for the motion and Form C for the glass break. One version has a tamper switch (BV-501GB), and the other does not (BV-500GB). DSC also offers versions of these same three sensors with only the PIR motion and no glass break sensor (BV-502. BV-501 and BV-502).

Brand: DSC

Nice Combination Motion & Glass Break!
Submitted on 04/22/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC BV-502GB is a hardwired glass break detector and ceiling-mount PIR motion sensor with 360-degrees of coverage. In order to get full use out of this sensor, you must wire it to two (2) separate hardwired zones on your system. One zone is for glass break detection, and the other is for motion detection. The terminals are appropriately labeled so that you can easily tell which is which. This is an example of a wired combination sensor done right, and while having two completely different functions in one is a bit unorthodox, it still works very well when set up correctly. For that reason, we give the DSC BV-502GB a 5 Star rating.

There are many things we like about the DSC BV-502GB. For one, it combines two sensors into one, which can save you from having to make an additional purchase. The two functions are wired individually and set up with different zones. If you don't want to utilize one of the functions, then you can just leave the corresponding terminal unwired, and you won't need to program for that function at the panel. In other words, you can use the device as a standalone glass break, a standalone motion, or both a glass break and motion. The device is Form C, allowing for both NC and NO wiring. The PIR sensor features multi-level signal processing, and it is quad-element. This helps ensure that the sensor responds reliably to motion, while also not prone to false alarms.

There are a few downsides regarding the DSC BV-502GB. If you really intend on using it as both a ceiling-mount motion AND as a glass break detector, you will need to choose a location very carefully. It must be able to detect the sound of glass breaking and detect movement that occurs below. Make sure to test both functions accordingly. And you will still need two (2) zones on the panel for full functionality. Make sure you have enough zones available. Also consider obstacles that can prevent the device from working properly. It should have a direct line of sight to the windows and the area below. Overall, this is a good sensor, but you need to make some key considerations when using it. We give it 5 Stars, at fulfills its role very nicely when used properly.

Good: Two Sensors In One, Wire/Program Glass Break & Motion Individually, Form C, Multi-Level Signal Processing, Quad-Element PIR, Not Prone To False Alarms When Used Correctly

Bad: Location Must Be Selected Very Carefully If Both Motion & Glass Break Are Being Used, Requires Two (2) Zones For Full Functionality, Obstacles Can Interfere w/ Device

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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