Alarm.com Verizon Communicator for Impassa

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The DSC CD8055VZ is a cellular communicator designed for use with a DSC Impassa Alarm System. This module will allow an Impassa to receive cellular monitoring protection and connect with the Alarm.com interactive service. Buy the DSC CD8055VZ Verizon CDMA Cellular Communicator here.
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The DSC CD8055VZ Alarm.com Verizon Communicator allows a DSC Impassa Alarm System to connect with the Verizon CDMA Network. Cellular connectivity is very important for an alarm system, due to its fast speeds and great reliability. This makes adding a cell radio critical for the Impassa.

By installing a cellular module, a DSC Impassa System will be able to connect with the Alarm.com interactive service. This platform is great for end users, as it can be accessed at any time to arm and disarm the system, control Z-Wave devices, check the current status of sensors and more. The service can be accessed through a web browser or using the Alarm.com Mobile App. Please note that all Z-Wave smart home control will need to be done through Alarm.com, as local Z-Wave control is not possible with the DSC Impassa.

But cellular connectivity is good for more than just accessing Alarm.com. It is the most reliable communication path that can be used with an alarm system. This is because cellular service almost never goes down, and it is not affected by power outage. We recommend that anyone who wants dependable and consistent protection to obtain cellular monitoring for their alarm system. And it doesn't hurt that the speeds provided from a cellular connection are quite fast. But please note that an alarm monitoring plan that includes cellular service is required to use the communicator.

Brand: DSC

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