Encore Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detector

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The DSC EC300DP Encore Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detector is designed to monitor an area of a home for motion. This hardwired sensor offers various features that are designed to prevent false alarms, while still allowing the sensor to function accurately. Purchase the EC300DP Motion Detector here.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


The DSC EC300DP is a hardwired motion sensor that is designed for residential use. The device uses a Fresnel lens and passive infrared (PIR) to detect any motion that is present in the area. Various features of this sensor help prevent false alarms, while still allowing accurate detection.

As a PIR motion sensor, the DSC EC300DP scans an area for any infrared energy. If motion occurs, there will be a change in infrared energy. The DSC EC300DP will detect this and send an alert to the system. With the device's digitally controlled fresnel lens, the sensor provides stable and accurate detection, without losing out on any performance. The advanced lens provides consistent detection across the coverage area, making it a very reliable sensor.

Multi-level signal processing allows the device to actively distinguish between human intruders and other sources of motion. The device's vertical beam shaping feature allows for pet immunity for small animals weighing up to 60 pounds. This makes the device perfect for homes with pets that move around freely. Remember, mounting height and location is very important for achieving proper pet immunity.

Another feature is the device's digital temperature compensation, which allows the device to properly detect intruders, even when the ambient temperature is identical to that of the human body. The sensor's swivel-mount bracket provides excellent flexibility in choosing a location to install the sensor. The device supports four different coverage pattens, with a maximum detection area of 50 by 60 feet. The coverage pattern can be adjusted by swapping out the device's Fresnel lens.

Brand: DSC

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